types of degrees options for students in the usa n.
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Types of Degrees Options for Students In the USA - Kanan International PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Degrees Options for Students In the USA - Kanan International

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Types of Degrees Options for Students In the USA - Kanan International - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning to study in USA take a look at the various options you have when it comes to degree courses. We can help you plan your study in USA better we also offer all the coaching options, student visa help and more when it comes to TOEFL. Call for more information: 91-7575806496

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types of degrees options for students in the usa

Types of

Degrees Options


Students In the USA



1. Why Study in the USA ?

2. The Degree Options

3. How to apply to study in USA

4. Getting a Student Visa for USA

5. How can Kanan International Help

why usa

Why USA?

• USA is home to most of the

world’s top ranking colleges

• Exceptional educational


• Leading edge technology

• Extensive options of educational

programs with flexible curriculum

• Pervasive support for

international students

the degree options in usa

The Degree Options

in USA

1. Study Abroad

2. Undergraduate

3. Post Graduate


Degree Courses You Can

Pursue in USA

1 study abroad

1. Study Abroad

Here you take a few free-standing classes, and study at a

school for one or two semesters.

Not all universities in the US have this kind of opportunity; it

is best to contact the school to get more information.

At some universities, you apply to the classes when you apply

to the school, but for most universities, you choose your

classes when you arrive to start your education.

Read more:

Kanan International Provides Students All

The Support They Need To Study Abroad

2 undergraduate

2. Undergraduate

You study for a complete education which is normally

three to four years long.

Most undergraduate, or Bachelor's degrees in the US

require completion of 120 credits, amounting to 15

hours of credit each term for full-time students.

Upon graduation from an undergraduate education

program in the United States, students earn a

Bachelors Degree.

Read more:

Studying Abroad Right After 12th Is A Good Idea

post graduate

Post Graduate

This type of degree is aimed at students who have

already earned a Bachelors Degree.

A postgraduate degree is either a Master's degree or

PhD which allow you to pursue an in-depth study of a

specific topic of your choice.

Students who complete the postgraduate education

earn a Masters Degree, which usually takes three to

four semesters to finish.

how to apply to study in usa

How To Apply To

Study In USA

Do your Research Well and Get to

Know your Options

Come Up with the Resources to

Finance your Education

See that You Complete General

Application Requirements

Don’t Forget to Apply for your

Student Visa

Prepare Adequately and Carefully

for your Departure

getting a student visa for usa

Getting a Student Visa

for USA

Prepare for the US Student Visa

Interview Well

Adapt to the Interviewer

A Few Common Questions Asked in

the Interview

Causes that lead to Visa Application


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why kanan international

Why Kanan International

• Highest success ratio in Student Visas for Canada

• Knowledgeable and involved key senior counsellor

• Works with over 200 Universities/Colleges

• We offer special SPP(Student Partner Program)

• Direct tie-ups with former Sr. Visa Officers, Top Immigration Officers.

• Vital infrastructure with facilities to take computer based tests

• Kanan International directly represent 200+ government

colleges/universities of Canada/USA

• In-house R&D to ensure up-to-date information on courses and


contact us

Contact Us




91 265-2361120