Diabetes Geelong
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Community Care Chemist supports diabetes patients throughout Geelong. Our diabetes educatorscan help you to make positive lifestyle changes.

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Diabetes geelong

Diabetes Geelong

Diabetes condition which ca distress the entire body. It is a chronic but

manageable condition that effects over two million Australians. If not

taken seriously and treated regularly it can pose a risk to life.

There are health care professionals in Geelong who have experience in

diabetes education and management. They are able to assist people in

better understanding the disease, as well as provide customers with ways

to control the illness and make positive lifestyle changes in order to

effectively manage diabetes.

Diabetes geelong

Health care proffesionals in Geelong assist and suppport diabetes

patients through a whole health approach. They provide advice on

medication, nutrition and lifestyle factors such as pregnancy and

travelling with insulin. The proffesionals also provide advice and

support online, in person and over the phone.

Three things need to know about diabetes:

It is not one condition- there are three main types of diabetes: type 1,

type 2 and gestational diabetes.

All types of diabetes are complex and require daily care and


Diabetes does not discriminate; anyone can develop diabetes.

Diabetes geelong

Tips to Live Well with Diabetes: diabetes

30 minutes of exercise, at least 5 days a week.

Have a healthy balanced diet including 2 serves of fruit and 3 serves

of veggies every day.

Make sure any carbs in your diet are low GI.

Know your numbers when testing your blood glucose levels.

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