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Save your time with Virtual Personal Assistant PowerPoint Presentation
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Save your time with Virtual Personal Assistant

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Save your time with Virtual Personal Assistant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Follow your passion and outsource the time consuming work to your virtual personal assistant in GetFriday,India.We offer virtual assistance 24/7 and take care of almost all task including personal,administrative and business tasks for clients across the globe.Sign up and understand our work with 7 days trial period.

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Save your time with Virtual Personal Assistant

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    1. The Magic of Virtual Assistant

    2. Like, React, Comment & Share! Voila! The Magic of Virtual Assistant On the social media platforms, you really do not have much to choose on what you do; rather, the game is about how well you do it! Heard about this quirky quote by none other than Erik Qualman? If not, then now that you have heard it, how about revamping your social media marketing game plan a notch higher, that too with the help of a virtual assistant?

    3. Like, React, Comment & Share! Voila! The Magic of Virtual Assistant Encompassing every aspect of the social networking world is one hectic task that often makes a professional lag behind in both his personal and work life. With the huge upsurge in today’s online world where everyone wants to rule the virtual realm, having an online personal assistantto sort out your networking issues might be a jackpot! So, what are the social media tasks you can outsource to an adroit virtual personal assistant?

    4. Let’s dig in! • Update your profile to latest shenanigans There is a whole wide range of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and recently, Instagram and Pinterest. The VA will keep on updating your business information on every platform, thus, making your brand name a known one amongst your customers.

    5. Also, he will continue posting relevant brand contents as videos or images and posts, helping you gain a huge follower base on the social networking world. Upgrading social media profiles will also let your brand rank higher on search engines, thanks to the virtual assistant.

    6. 2. Grabbing target audience Apart from posting fresh innovative contents regularly, an online personal assistant also will look after your target group. Hooking your clients via social media platforms is the best possible way for generating future leads for your business.

    7. Monitoring their comments, replying to them, looking for more followers, running social media contests like Flash Quizzes are some of the virtual assistant services you can surely outsource. Moreover, understanding potential competitors of the market via the social networks also gets easier for you to know now, as a VA keeps in touch with them.

    8. 3.Social media planner Planning, be it on any media, becomes a foremost endeavor to delve in for a businessman. The VA will keep a standard social media planner ensuring that everything gets posted on time and with consistency. The virtual personal assistantwill keep on updating and upgrading your social media calendar jotted with contents needed to be posted.

    9. What type of tools can a VA use? You can get lost in the overwhelming tides of likes and shares if you are not equipped with the appropriate tools. For that, you need – • Buffer • Hootsuite • Canva • Bitly

    10. What type of tools can a VA use? All these help you work your way through the tangle easily and maintain your follower base effortlessly. Setting up smart success goals can become a lot less hassling when you have a virtual assistantat your service.

    11. What type of tools can a VA use? Protruding a transparent service facility, a VA provides you with real-time feedbacks from the social media analytics, maximizing your brand productivity online. Outsource these tasks to a VA today only to GROW tomorrow!