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Personal virtual assistant | GetFriday PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal virtual assistant | GetFriday

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Personal virtual assistant | GetFriday
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Personal virtual assistant | GetFriday

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  1. Doubts about Virtual Assistant answered

  2. Virtual Assistant

  3. Doubts about VA answered It is fact that having a virtual assistant helps your business in the long run. However, people who still have not made up their mind regarding an assistant may be finding this article of some help. The article looks at the primary objections which people have when hiring an virtual assistant and the answers to each one of them.

  4. Not sure about the virtual thing? At work you must have only had interactions with people face-to-face, so it is rather strange to hire a VA. But you will find that increasingly your interactions have become virtual via phone, Skype and email. So suddenly when you disregard physical proximity, several possibilities open up. At once, you can source world class talent from anywhere in the world.

  5. Not sure what I want them to do The important thing to remember is that you would be quite good at 3-4 things at work if you are running your business or as an executive. The rest can be assigned to VA through delegation and this will help you focus on things you are good at. It is generally seen that this kind of delegation is the key to leadership effectiveness and helps you make more profit on your capital invested.

  6. VA might be disconnected to business • This is a genuine fear expressed by business owners. But, if you look closely you begin to realize much of businesses today are run virtually. • Be in touch with VA as often as possible and help them get aboard and understand your business. • Once the trust has been established, you will begin to understand the psychological nature of your weariness.

  7. Don’t Know How I Will Monitor Work: • The issue need to be looked at here is that, it is not the time the assistant spends but the results achieved on your behalf. • It has to do with how you  evaluate your other employees, similarly you need have a keen eye on your assistant as well. • You can do status calls or reports or use project software like Basecamp or Asana. The main thing is about achieving things the way you want them to be.

  8. Don’t Want to Commit to Anything Before Trying This comes out as a beginner’s reaction to something new, which is totally understandable. To overcome this some Personal virtual Assistant companies offers a trial period for new clients. During the trial period you can look for the quality of work, range of work and other aspects to test your satisfaction levels. So even before committing you will have a fair idea of it working.

  9. Not Sure if it will improve my Bottom line: Can be a concern, but looking at the other side – would you like yourself to completely caught up in administrative tasks? Do you not want to free up time to focus on things that will help business grow? What could you create that would truly advance your business if you didn’t feel so overwhelmed? If answer to all these questions is positive, then hire a Personal virtual assistant for your own benefit. A company such as GetFriday which has experience of serving more than 14,000 clients in its decade long existence.