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tips to reduce risks of workout injuries

Tips to Reduce Risks of Workout Injuries (905) 276-0040

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Achieving your fitness goals can become a challenge if you injure yourself. Wynn Fitness wants to help you prevent injuries and enjoy your workouts to their fullest. We are pleased to offer the following tips and suggestions you can use to help reduce the likelihood of injury. (905) 276-0040

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Warm up before you start exercising or lifting weights-Your body needs to be prepared for the workout ahead. If you simply hop on a machine and start working out, your body has not been given the proper adjustment period. Make sure to do stretches and other activities pre-workout every time, even when you are trying to fit a workout into your busy schedule. (905) 276-0040

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Consult with a personal trainer-Wynn Fitness provides access to experienced personal trainers. If you are not sure you are using the proper form or how to operate a piece of equipment, it is better to get advice from one of our personal trainers to avoid injuring yourself. (905) 276-0040

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Vary your workout routines- Take the time to develop a workout plan that switches up your routines. Not only does this allow you to target specific areas and muscle groups, but also allows the ones you worked out the previous day a chance to rest. In addition, cross training can help jump-start your metabolism. (905) 276-0040

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Hydrate your body before, during, and after workouts- Your body and its cells requires sufficient hydration to remain healthy. Remember to drink plenty of fluids to replace water and nutrients lost through sweat. (905) 276-0040

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Wear the right shoes and workout apparel-You would be surprised by how many injuries are the result of improper apparel or the wrong shoes. Your workout attire should allow for free and unencumbered movement, while your shoes need to provide the proper support. (905) 276-0040

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Get plenty of rest before working out-A lack of sleep can result in reduced focus and an increase in injuries. If you are tired or feel sleepy, it is best to skip working out that day, get a decent night’s rest, and workout the following day when you are more refreshed and alert. (905) 276-0040

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Don’t forget to eat foods to energize and repair muscles-A well-balanced diet and eating certain foods at specific times can help prevent injuries. Your body needs carbohydrates before workouts to give it extra energy and protein afterwards to help repair worn out muscles. If you are not sure what you should be eating or the amounts, consult with a personal trainer or a qualified nutritionist. (905) 276-0040

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Don’t rush the results-If it has been some time since you were active or you are just starting on your fitness goals, take your time and learn the proper techniques, forms, and operation of equipment. In addition, slowly increase the intensity and duration of workouts. (905) 276-0040


Cool down after your workouts-Your body needs to cool down after an intense workout, much like the warmup it needs before you started. (905) 276-0040

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For more tips on how to work out safely and reduce the risks of injury, or to get advice from a personal trainer, or to get started on your fitness goals, please feel free to stop by your nearest Wynn Fitness location or contact us at (905) 276-0040 today!Source:- (905) 276-0040