troop 11549 s cookie pin show l.
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Troop 11549’s Cookie Pin Show. A Poem of Our Journey. This is the story of our cookie sale, The journey in which we nearly prevailed. If you sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, About our desperate battle you will know. Goals. We chose to become a super troop,

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troop 11549 s cookie pin show

Troop 11549’s Cookie Pin Show

A Poem of Our Journey


This is the story of our cookie sale,

The journey in which we nearly prevailed.

If you sit back, relax, and enjoy the show,

About our desperate battle you will know.


We chose to become a super troop,

That which was hard, and left us pooped.

We brainstormed people to whom we could sell,

But many of them had Girl Scouts as well.

Christie and Nicole demonstrating cookie sales.

cookie kick off
Cookie Kick-Off

A kick-off of cookies, oh my! how fun,

Sell those cookies till there are none.

Eat a Cinnaspin if you please,

To your tongue they taunt and tease.

These younger girls make thank you cards while waiting on their Cinnaspins.

project linus
Project Linus

Remember Linus, friend of our dear Charlie Brown?

Carrying around that blanket, he seems like a clown.

Our service project was to give a sense of security,

To those who needed the feel of serenity.

Project Linus gives blankets to kids who need them.

what could be better
What Could Be Better

Next year, we’ll try harder than ever,

What this year, we could have done better.

We’ll remember our goals, that we had forgot,

Because in Girl Scouts they’re all we’ve got.

Younger girls learning to count money.

cookie kick off demos
Cookie Kick-Off Demos

Sabrina and Katie wait for their turn for cookie booth demonstrations at our service unit wide kick-off.

project linus blankets
Project Linus Blankets

We made 29 fleece blankets in all with the help of two other troops for our service project.

cookie booths
Cookie Booths!

Nicole and Christie sell together at a booth to go towards our troop goal of 1784 boxes. If we sell enough, we can spend the night on the Elyssa.

cookie booths10
Cookie Booths!

Ashley sells as a Peanut Butter Sandwich. We hope that the costumes will help improve our sales.

cookie booths11
Cookie Booths!

Melody’s a Shortbread cookie! We use the level display to make our cookies visible.


We fell short of our goal, due to lack of help on our last booth. We had to shut down early and transfer the remainder of our cookies to another troop. Next year, we will make our parents aware of our goals, and we will become more aware of how close we were to super troop.

thank you
Thank you!

We thank you for watching our presentation.

We hope you enjoyed it.

One last thing…

The next time that you buy a box,