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S. B. Corporate & Financial Services P. Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation
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S. B. Corporate & Financial Services P. Ltd.

S. B. Corporate & Financial Services P. Ltd.

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S. B. Corporate & Financial Services P. Ltd.

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  1. S. B. Corporate & Financial Services P. Ltd. “We are well equipped to make an impression in India As a Debt Resolution and Distressed Assets Identification and Management Company”

  2. SBSCF is the result of years of untiring efforts of seasoned professionals in the fields of banking, accountancy and law. These professionals have worked together to evolve back-office products for commercial banks & corporates with the objective of – - Pre-sanction scrutiny of loans, - Documentation, in right perspective - Pre-sanction risk controls, - Post disbursement monitoring/ collections, - Quicker legal solutions to debt recovery processes etc. SBSCF endeavors working towards development/improvement of system and practices to assist banks and non – banking institutions and for enhancing the quality of their known portfolio. Profile

  3. DEBT & NPA MANAGEMENT (Post-sanction) * Investigations of individuals & their assets * Soft Recoveries & Hard bucked Recoveries * Enforcement under the Securitisation Act RISK CONTROL (Pre-sanction) *Individual Profile Verifications * Business Loan Investigations * Verifications of title deeds,ownership of assets Services

  4. FRAUD CONTROL MANAGEMENT (Pre-sanction) * Cross Investigations * Title Verification/ Document Checks * Market Investigations * Individual Credit Surveillance * Corporate Credit Surveillance * Advisory Services to lenders

  5. Our Vision • The Company steers to win trust of its clients by fulfilling its commitment of ensuring highest quality standards by offering skills and legal expertise through commitment, performance and innovation. The recipe for success is not just the cost but quality, value and satisfaction.

  6. Investigations of individuals & assets We have a fully trained team for investigations of individuals and properties/assets of all kinds. Soft Collections It involves collection of any type of overdues. Our staff is duly trained to do the very important job of keeping in constant touch with the clients to gather risk signals if any. Recoveries We have been doing this activity for the last thirteen years and are one of the first companies in this industry and in the field of soft collections/ recoveries of various buckets. We have successfully made huge recoveries for multinationals including leading NBFCs and banks. Post decree assets investigations By the time the decrees are awarded to the lenders, the status of assets attachable under the decree is usually unclear or not known at all. We track the assets of the delinquent borrowers so that the lender may have effective recovery. Enforcement under the Securitisation Act The leading agency in Delhi for enforcement under Securitisation Act. The Company has developed systems to tackle the inherent delays in the process and has achieved optimum results for various lenders. DEBT & NPA MANAGEMENT (Post-sanction)

  7. Individual Profile Verifications – Personal Loan Segment In the case of personal loans, pre-sanction verification is carried out of the addresses/ telephone nos. of the applicants/ guarantors/ references. Pre-sanction Business Loan Investigations Business Loans are investigated before sanction in terms of field discreet checks, vendor checks, creditor checks, market checks etc. Pre-sanction verifications of title deeds, assets & individuals In the case of business loans, the declared assets are verified as regards their existence and legal title. In addition, credit track record of individuals is ascertained. RISK CONTROL (Pre-sanction)

  8. Access and reach to identify the distressed assets across industry, and arrange sale / assignment thereof, with in the legal framework, Providing solutions to the complicated situations where recovery is sticky and difficult from the borrower Established in house knowledge and expertise in Civil, Criminal Law and Recoveries. A panel of experts including Lawyers, Valuers, Detectives on financial fraud, and financial consultants. Immaculate and successful track record. Systematic analysis of each individual case in hand. Restructuring of Debt Company Dependable services in the area of any assistance required by lender under SARFAESI Act, including repossession and Auction of Secured Assets (Movable & immovable) Infrastructure to represent before local police, economic offences wing and CBI and / or any investigation agency on matters of economic offences or financial fraud including representing lenders to initiate action against delinquent companies and individuals who have defrauded and have indulged in economic offence. Acting as arbitrators for banks and NBFCs having arbitration clause in the contractual documents and carrying our arbitration proceedings in the legal framework. Our Core Strength

  9. SBSCF has a successfully represented several multi nationals, banks and NBFSc and other organizations for last over a decade in the areas of debt management, recoveries, financial frauds etc and list of the clients who have been represented in the past can be shared on request. Track Record

  10. Fully trained and operate within the precincts of law. Commit considerable resources to further develop and expand the expertise of our team. Specialize in locating these assets based on synergies developed over the years. Separate cell with skilled man-power and substantial data-base to track the history of habitual defaulters. Offer structured advisory services in this behalf to banks and other financial intermediaries and corporate. Regularly advice and update our clients on the MIS relating to pending cases. News or information regarding potential defaulters. Work Practice

  11. S. B. Corporate & Financial Services P. Ltd. A-17, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-1100 016 Tel: 26514268/4274/9548, 26562955 Mobile: +91-9811101476, Fax; 26568541 Email:,  Contact Person- Mr. Shailendra Bhatnagar Mobile No. +91-9811101476 Contact Us