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ONE Programme. Group Introduction to ONE Programme. Why ONE Programme?. Since the formation of Scouting Ireland all programme materials needed to be reviewed One Programme provides a single progressive programme for all age ranges, meeting the needs of young people in the modern world

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one programme

ONE Programme

Group Introduction

to ONE Programme

why one programme
Why ONE Programme?
  • Since the formation of Scouting Ireland all programme materials needed to be reviewed
  • One Programme provides a single progressive programme for all age ranges, meeting the needs of young people in the modern world
  • It is purposely driven by the young person and facilitated by Adult Scouters
our aim as a group
Our Aim as a Group

The aim of Scouting Ireland is to encourage thePhysical,Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Characterand Spiritualdevelopment of young people so that they may achieve their full potential and as responsible citizens, to improve society

If we take the first letter of each of the area of personal Growth, we can then form a 6 letter acronym ‘SPICES’ to help us remember

Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character,Emotional and Spiritual

  • We have a method to help us achieve our Aim, it is broken into 8 parts and we apply all parts of the method equally – it is called The Scout Method

Activities Outdoors & Indoors

Promise & Law

The Scout


Small Group System

Young People & Adults working together

Personal Progression

Learning by Doing

Symbolic Framework

Leadership & Responsibility

benefits of one programme
Benefits of ONE Programme
  • Youth focused movement
  • Equipping young people with life skills towards leadership and responsibility
  • Allowing young people take control of their own progression
  • Achieving our Aim
  • Creating a more relevant and dynamic Scouting Ireland
programme cycle
Programme Cycle

ONE Programme is organised into Programme Cycles

  • A Programme Cycle is a block of time during which the youth members work towards a programme activity or event
  • Each Programme Cycle is driven by the young person and facilitated by adults
    • Young people plan it, prepare for it, carry it out and review how it went, we refer to this as


personal progression scheme
Personal Progression Scheme
  • To achieve the Aim of Scouting Ireland, we encourage each young person to develop in each of the SPICES
  • Each young person is expected to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes in each of the SPICES
  • We recognise the skills, knowledge and attitudes gained during a young person’s time in scouting as their own personal progression
one programme9
ONE Programme
  • The Personal Progression Scheme is supported by:
    • Special Interest Badges – 5 areas
    • Chief Scout Award – in all sections
    • Adventure Skills – 9 skills
    • Activities & Events
what s supports are available
What’s supports are available?
  • Section Handbook for each young person
  • Scouters Handbook for every scouter
  • Adventure Skills Requirements Book
  • Website
  • Other Scouting publications
  • Group Changeover Resource Pack
  • Each section has its own identity
  • Each section has its own storyline
  • Each section has its own ‘learning objectives’, a way to challenge each young person to help them gain their skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Each section has its own set of ‘personal progression’ badges
  • Lets have a look at some of the badges..
beaver scout badges
Beaver Scout Badges

Investiture Badge

Bree [Bard]

Ruarc [Druid]

Conn [Chieftain]

cub scout badges
Cub Scout Badges

Investiture Badge – Turas [Journey]

Taisteal [Travel] – Tagann [Arrive]

scout badges
Scout Badges



Terra Nova



venture scout badges
Venture Scout Badges

Fiontar [Venture/Adventure]

Investiture – Suas [Up] – Trasna [Across]

rover scout badges pins
Rover Scout Badges/Pins

The Rover Challenge

adventure skills badges
9 Adventure Skills










Adventure Skills Badges
chief scout award
Chief Scout Award

Chief Scout Award for each Section

where do we go now
Where do we go now?
  • Our group will have a dedicated training day to help us understand how the ONE programme will work in our group.
  • This training will be organised by the group changeover coordinator and the county mentor.
  • In preparation for our group training day there are some things our group need to look at…..
key things we need to look at
Key things we need to look at ..

Age Ranges

Section Scouters

Youth Involvement

Youth Leadership

Application of the Scout Method across all sections

Skills & Equipment Audit

(see the group changeover resource pack

for full details on the headings above)

group training planning day
Group Training & Planning Day
  • Full days training (9.30am - 5.30pm)
  • All Scouters & youth leaders in the Group must attend, cub scouts to join at lunchtime
  • Interactive and enables the participants to work through all of the major programme concepts
  • Allows each section to plan the next few programme cycles
some questions
Some questions?
  • Does everyone need to be re-trained? Everyone must attend the group training day, but if someone feels they would like more training there will be training available to support ONE programme from Sept 2010.
  • When do we need to complete this?We have 3 years to complete the transition, but we anticipate it could be done in less than that.
  • How do we get the new handbooks? Each group will be entitled to purchase their books once they have completed their training day.
  • How do we get young people to be interested? By changing the style of how we approach our scouting and encouraging young people to take charge of their own progression.
  • Any other questions? . . . Contact your county mentor or