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NIH Research Training Grants (T32 Type Grant) PowerPoint Presentation
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NIH Research Training Grants (T32 Type Grant)

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NIH Research Training Grants (T32 Type Grant) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NIH Research Training Grants (T32 Type Grant). June 26,2003 3:00 p.m-5:00p.m. Schleman B-38. Becky White Assistant Director 494-1052 Leslie Vogel Account Manager 494-1066. Selena McNeal Administrative Assistant 494-1069.

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NIH Research Training Grants (T32 Type Grant)

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nih research training grants t32 type grant

NIH Research Training Grants(T32 Type Grant)

June 26,2003

3:00 p.m-5:00p.m.

Schleman B-38

nih research training grants t32 type grant2
Becky White

Assistant Director


Leslie Vogel

Account Manager


Selena McNeal

Administrative Assistant


NIH Research Training Grants (T32 Type Grant)
today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Overview of type T32 training grants
  • SPS best practices
  • Business Office round table discussion
  • Questions
information sites
Information Sites
  • NIH Grants Policy Statement
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Training Grant and Fellowship Guidelines
  • Administrative Information
  • NRSA Program Announcements
information sites5
Information Sites
  • NRSA Stipend Increases & Other Policy Announcements
  • NRSA T32 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
  • Name change
    • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards
  • Awarding Agencies
    • Supported by 22 of the 24 awarding NIH Institutes
  • The NIH Budget for Training Grants
    • Currently $750,000
institutional nrsa training grants
Institutional NRSA Training Grants
  • Purpose:
    • To develop or enhance research training opportunities for individuals, selected by the institution who are training for careers in specified areas
    • Trainees must have opportunity to carry out supervised biomedical or behavioral research with the goal of developing or extending their research skills and knowledge
  • Application submitted by an Institution (not an individual)
  • Domestic, non-profit public or private institutions
  • Research training must fall within the mission of the NIH awarding components
  • Applicants must have
    • Strong research program in the proposed area(s)
    • Requisite staff & facilities to carry out the proposed program
  • Program Director (PI) will be responsible for
    • Overall Direction of the training
    • Selection and appointment of NRSA eligible trainees
  • Citizenship Requirements
    • Must have been admitted as a permanent resident at the time of appointment
  • Degree Requirements
    • Predoc: Must have a baccalaureate degree & be enrolled in a doctoral program leading to a Ph.D., comparable research doctoral degree, or dual research/clinical doctorate like the MD/Ph.D
    • Postdoc: Must have a Ph.D. or M.D. or comparable doctoral degree from an accredited domestic or foreign institution
nrsa limitations
NRSA Limitations
  • Duration of Support
    • Predoc: 5 year limitation
    • Postdoc: 3 year limitation
      • Waiver request requires the NIH prior approval
period of support appointments
Period of Support/Appointments
  • Trainees are considered full-time participants in the training program
  • 9-12 month appointments
  • Less than 9 months are not allowed unless completing a planned training program
  • Appointment may begin anytime during the budget period
overlapping appointment
“Overlapping” Appointment
  • An appointment period may overlap budget periods

Year 9 Year 10

7/1/02-6/30/03 7/1/03-6/30/04

Appointment Period


*Stipend & Tuition $$ come out of year 9 (6-months reported as unliquitated obligation)

  • Stipend level will stay at the year 9 level
  • Subsistence allowance to help defray living expenses during the period of training
  • Not a salary, not considered employees of either the Government or the Institution
  • NIH publishes the stipend levels in the NIH Guide when increases are approved
  • NRSA Stipends – FY 2003
    • PREDOC
      • One stipend level for all individuals, regardless of years of experience
        • $19,968
      • Dependent on # of years of relevant experience (0-7)
      • Once level is set at the time of appointment, no change in level can occur mid-year
      • Subsequent year based on initial level + 1
  • Years of Relevant Experience/FY03 Level
    • 0 = $34,200
    • 1 = $36,108
    • 2 = $40,920
    • 3 = $42,648
    • 4 = $44,364
    • 5 = $46,404
    • 6 = $48,444
    • 7 = $50,808
stipend supplementation
Stipend Supplementation
  • Grantees may supplement stipends
    • Amount determined according to formally established policies applied to all in similar training status
  • Non-Federal Funds
  • Without additional effort or obligation to the trainee
  • Trainees may receive compensation for services associated with employment
    • Examples: Teaching assistant, Lab assistant
      • In these cases, the individual receives a salary, and it is not considered stipend supplementation
  • Can compensation be provided from a NIH research grant?
    • YES, on a limited and part-time basis
      • It is up to the grantee institution to set reasonableness
      • May not be the same research that is part of the training experience (The PI approves this, NOT the NIH)
      • May not interfere with, detract from, nor prolong the approved the NRSA training.
employee benefits
Employee Benefits
  • Since stipends are not provided as a condition of employment, it is inappropriate and unallowable to charge the NRSA grants for employee benefits
      • FICA
      • Workman’s compensation
      • Unemployment Insurance
      • Etc…
  • Vacations and Holidays
    • Both Predoc and Postdoc trainees may receive same vacations and holidays available to individuals in comparable training positions at the grantee or sponsoring institution. The individual will continue to receive stipends.
  • Sick Leave
    • Paid according to University Policy
      • May continue to receive stipends up to 10 calendar days of sick leave
  • Leave of Absence
    • Approval for the leave of absence must be requested in advance from the awarding agency
      • Trainees must be terminated and reappointed once they return from the leave of absence
      • Stipends may not be reimbursed during the leave of absence
part time training
Part-time Training
  • Allowed in unusual and pressing personal circumstances
    • Medical conditions
    • Disablility
    • Child or Elder Care
    • Not just part time so he/she can work at another job
  • Must receive NIH prior approval
part time training23
Part-time Training
  • The Program Director (PI) must submit a written request, countersigned by the trainee & the authorized institutional official
  • The trainee must continue to be at lease 50% effort on the grant. Less than 50% would require a leave-of-absence from the NRSA grant.
costs stipends tuition fees and health insurance
Costs: Stipends, Tuition, Fees and Health Insurance
  • Stipends at rates previously discussed
  • Grantees request full amount for tuition, fees and health insurance
    • Health Insurance OK if applied consistently (Family Health Insurance is allowable)
  • Formula is applied to the combined cost of tuition, fees and health insurance and used for award calculation only
  • Per trainee basis: 100% of first $3K, 60% of costs > $3K.
  • No escalation in future years
  • Grantees are reimbursed as needed
costs trainee travel
Costs: Trainee Travel
  • Usually per/trainee formula based for award calculation
  • Varies greatly among Institutes
    • Check with grant management specialist at the awarding institute for guidelines
  • Scientific meetings – OK
  • Travel from residence to institution –Not allowable
  • Training experiences away from institution – OK, but requires the NIH approval
costs training related expenses tre
Costs: Training Related Expenses (TRE)
  • Formula based:
    • $2,200/Predoc
    • $3,850/Postdoc
  • Formula is Per Trainee
costs training related expenses tre27
Costs: Training Related Expenses (TRE)
  • Training Related Expenses can be used for the following:
    • Staff Salaries
    • Consultant Costs
    • Equipment
    • Research Supplies
    • Staff Travel
    • Other expenses directly related to the training program
costs f a
Costs: F&A
  • 8% Rate
  • Base = TDC less tuition & fees
    • Health insurance is also excluded from the base since it is considered a fee
      • This requires a manual adjustment performed in SPS every six months (June and December)
  • No prior approval (unless other wise restricted) for:
    • Stipends: Into Tuition & Fees only
    • Tuition: Into Stipends only
    • Trainee travel: any category
    • Training Related Expenses: any category
  • Prior approval required to rebudget stipends and/or tuition into travel or training related expenses
statement of appointment form phs 2271
Statement of Appointment Form (PHS 2271)
  • Revised version available since 4/2002
  • Available in PDF-fillable format on web:
  • Includes new ethnicity/race breakouts & Field of Training codes
  • Mandatory use of new form as of appointments beginning on/after 6/1/02
statement of appointment form phs 227131
Statement of Appointment Form (PHS 2271)
  • Due on or before the start of the appointment period
  • No stipend or other allowace may be paid until submitted
  • Delinquent forms (> 30 days) may result in disallowance
electronic 2271 now x train
Electronic 2271Now “X-Train”
  • Electronic submission of 2271 data is available through “X-Train”, and application in the NIH eRA Commons
  • “X-Train” remains in limited deployment
  • Will eventually be open to all Commons-registered institutions
    • May open up in the next year
termination notice phs 416 7
Termination Notice (PHS 416-7)
  • Required at time an appointment is ending
  • Reflects total period of support & NIH stipend only (do not include any supplementation)
  • If there was a hiatus of support, report only current period
  • Do not include support already reported on a prior Term Notice
  • Available in PDF format on web:
financial status report sf 269
Financial Status Report (SF 269)
  • Required annually within 90 days of budget end date
  • Unliquidated obligations can be used to report any stipends and tuition charges for “overlapping” appointments
  • Automatic Carryover of unobligated balance is not generally allowed but awards are footnoted either way
progress reports
Progress Reports
  • Progress Reports:
    • Progress reports must be submitted with the noncompeting continuation applications. For individual awards, a final progress report is required as part of the Termination Notice. A separate final progress report is not required.
changes in project
Changes in Project
  • A transfer of the award to another institution or a change in Sponsors requires the approval of the NIH awarding component. Should consult with the NIH ASAP.
  • Any proposed change in the individual’s area of research training must be approved by the awarding component.