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Making Research Easier: PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Research Easier:

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Making Research Easier:
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Making Research Easier:

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    1. Making Research Easier: A Guide for Your 8th Grade Research Project Miss Stumpf Language Arts

    2. FAQs About the Research Project How do I start? Where do I find information? How do I decide if the information is good?

    3. Start Here Decide on a historical topic that you have an interest in i.e. the Kennedy assassination or the Holocaust Narrow your topic

    5. Finding Information Once you have a narrow topic, begin searching for information in books, periodicals, and online sources For online sources, use these techniques for good searching: Boolean Logic Key words Truncation Quotations

    6. Keywords Formulate your topic into a question. Ex: What forms of torture were used in Auschwitz? Decide on the important words in the question. Enter those words into the search box and GO!

    7. Boolean Logic Basically, its using three specific words to search: AND, OR, NOT Use them in conjunction with keywords They can widen or narrow a search Example: torture AND Auschwitz

    8. Quotations Add quotes around your keywords & the search tool knows EXACTLY what youre looking for and searches for only those words! Example: torture AND Auschwitz Use them on word phrases to get EXACTLY those phrases! Example: torture methods and Auschwitz death camp

    9. Truncation Truncation allows you to search for variations of words Use an asterix on the end of a word to find articles with various forms of the word Ex: Holocaust victim* (will find victim and victims) Think of truncation as a game of Scrabble youre trying to make as many words as possible from a certain set of letters

    10. Web Resources Search general and meta-search engines Search online databases Search online encyclopedias

    11. General and Meta-Search Engines General search engines look for information only within their own specific site Exs: Google, Yahoo Meta-search engines look through several different search engines at once Exs: Mamma or Dogpile

    12. Online Databases A compilation of full-text articles, abstracts, book reviews, and research reports at your fingertips Various databases are aimed at specifc subject areas Check these out: ERIC & EBSCO

    13. Online Encyclopedias All the benefits of an encyclopedia online Find research articles and up-to-date information

    14. Making Sure the Info is Good Always make sure that your information is valid Check out the URL is it .edu, .com, or .gov? Look for an authors name, credentials, and experience Check out the publication/update date Examine the website for active links, effectiveness, and ease of use Look at the organization that sponsors the site

    15. GOOD LUCK 8TH GRADE!!!

    16. Works Cited Schlein, Alan M. Find It Online. 4th ed. Tempe: Facts on Demand, 2006. Online Images. 5 December 2006