francisco vasquez de coronado
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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. By Lucas Oldman. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. Born:1510 Died:1554. Who He Was.

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who he was
Who He Was

Francisco de Coronado was a Spanish nobleman born into a rich family, the second son of Juan Vasquez de Coronado y Sosa de Ulloa. Since he was a second son, he didn’t get much of the family money, so he moved to what is now Mexico City and became a conquistador.

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Francisco Coronado traveled far and wide across southwest North America.

the purpose of his journey
The Purpose of His Journey
  • Francisco de Coronado went on his journey to find one of the seven cities of gold.
  • When he failed to find the city he went looking for he looked for another one.
meeting the priest
Meeting the Priest
  • When Francisco met a priest, it was just a normal day. Then the priest mentioned he had found one of the seven cities of gold. Coronado and Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza of Mexico City, both invested large amounts of money into the expedition, based on the words of the priest.
  • The priest’s name is Marcos de Niza, and he claimed to have seen the golden city of Cibola among the Zuni Indians land.
the first journey
The First Journey
  • Coronado traveled up along the western side of Mexico, back then called New Spain, passed the Grand Canyon and Rio Grande to what is now New Mexico looking for the golden city. He couldn’t find the golden city. He returned home in shame.
the second journey
The Second Journey
  • He was about to leave when an Indian told him about a land that had golden bells strung up on every porch and golden eagles soared through the skies. Then he checked the area of what is now Kansas. When he only found barren landscape he had the Indian strangled. He returned home with shame.
the outcome
The Outcome
  • He claimed much land for Spain and convinced many Indians to become Christians.
  • Coronado returned to New Spain and remained the Governor of New Galicia until 1544.
  • In 1545 he was taken out of office because of his mistreatment of the Indians and because he did not colonize the lands he claimed.
  • In 1546 he was cleared of all charges.