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ERDT/SHARE! Student Safety: Sexual Abuse Prevention Program PowerPoint Presentation
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ERDT/SHARE! Student Safety: Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

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ERDT/SHARE! Student Safety: Sexual Abuse Prevention Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ERDT/SHARE! Student Safety: Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. What?. Stewards of Children Adults Resolving Child Sexual Abuse in Community

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Stewards of Children

Adults Resolving Child Sexual Abuse in Community

Darkness to Light’s® Stewards of Children is a revolutionary sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program believes and teaches that child safety is an adult's job.Stewards of Childrenis designed for organizations that serve children and youth.


At ERDT we believe:

  • Student safety is OUR responsibility.
  • Staff training is OUR responsibility.
  • Darkness to Light is a prevention and awareness program that addresses the needs of our industry.
  • Sexual abuse prevention is a subject that must be confronted with courage in our organizations and communities.

ERDTis a pioneer in the Youth Exchange Program industry by having adopted and developed the first Student Safety Program, specifically aimed at awareness and prevention of sexual abuse.


  • Identified and encouraged individuals in our organization to become authorized facilitators for Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children Program:

- Roxana O’Harra, Special Programs Division Director

- Mari Karlsson, Central States Director

- Yvette Coffman, Regional Administrator, Southwest States

- Lauren Evans, Authorized Facilitator

  • Developed a training program for our organization, staff, host families and students.
  • Facilitate consistent training for new members of our organization.
our program
Our Program
  • Developed with the assistance of a Forensic Interviewer from the Children’s Advocacy Center and Law Enforcement Personnel specializing in the investigation of child sexual abuse and criminal interviews.
  • Developed with the assistance of a sexual abuse survivor, addressing this issue with sensitivity.
  • Aimed to equip EPCs, host families and students to identify “red-flags” and/or know the procedure to follow in the event of disclosure.
  • Advertises to the community at large, schools and possible predators that ERDT has the courage to confront the subject, and sexual abuse is a topic brought to “light” within our organization.
  • Because of this, our communities benefit as we raise the awareness of child sexual abuse, and as Authorized Facilitators of Darkness to Light we are able to provide further training to other organizations in our own communities.
profiling an offender
Profiling An Offender

What Does A Sexual Predator Look Like?


A. Matthew Ranzie, Offender

B. Mark Thompson, Offender

C. Randy Kraft, Offender

D. Mary Prichard, Offender

E. Debra LaFave, Offender

F. Pamela Turner, Offender

the unfortunate truth is

The Unfortunate Truth Is…

There is no such a thing

as a “Profile”…

You can’t tell by just “looking”

basic outline of erdt s program
Basic Outline of ERDT’s Program
  • Pre-D2L Video module “Listening With Our Eyes”:
    • Statistics
    • Typology of Sex Offenders
    • ERDT HF Screening Procedure
    • CBCs
    • DOS/CSIET requirements for placements
    • Sex Offender Registries Information
    • Video Content awareness
  • Darkness to Light Workshop
basic outline of erdt s program1
Basic Outline of ERDT’s Program
  • Post-D2L Video module “Hearing With Our Heart”:
    • How does this applies to you as an EPC?
    • How and when we share this knowledge with HF and students
    • Online safety
    • Predator’s Grooming Techniques
    • Recognizing possible “signs” or “red flags” in students
    • Psychology of abuse
    • Types of disclosure
    • Procedure after disclosure
  • Staff:
    • Additional Filters
    • Effective and less traumatizing reactions to disclosure
    • Improve quality of training, thus quality of program
    • Resource to the community and schools
    • Personal healing
    • Empowering staff to bring sexual abuse from the darkness into the light
  • Student:
    • Quality trained coordinator
    • Greater Awareness = Greater Safety
    • Personal healing

“Life affords no greater responsibility,no greater privilege,than raising the next generation.”~C. Everett Koop~ Former U.S. Surgeon General


ERDT/SHARE!Student Safety: Sexual Abuse Prevention ProgramRoxana O’Harra, DirectorSpecial Programs DivisionERDT/SHARE!RoxOHarra@aol.com951.922.0467