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Case studies

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Case studies. Gary Wilson. Ceramic crown for a fractured canine in a show dog. History . 6 year old female show dog got into fight with kennel mate fractured both upper canine teeth owner opted no treatment 6 months later owner decided to seek restorations [crowns]. Clinical exam.

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case studies

Case studies

Gary Wilson

  • 6 year old female show dog got into fight with kennel mate
  • fractured both upper canine teeth
  • owner opted no treatment
  • 6 months later owner decided to seek restorations [crowns]
clinical exam
Clinical exam
  • healthy but aggressive bitch
  • upper right canine fractured in distal 3rd of crown
  • upper left canine fractured 5mm coronal to gingival margin
  • both had necrotic pulps
  • both canines were treated endodontically to be re-assessed in 3 months – upper right was recontoured to approach a normal shape
  • 3 month recheck – both good periapically & owner opted for ceramic crown restoration of upper left canine
crown prep
Crown prep
  • under general anaesthesia the left canine was reduced with a round-end taper diamond bur in a high speed handpiece
crown prep7
Crown prep
  • an attempt was made to produce an axial wall taper as close to parallel as possible
  • the apical margin was made approximately 0.5 – 1 mm above the gingival margin
  • an external bevel shoulder was produced at the margin
crown prep8
Crown prep
  • mouth & dental impressions weremade with alginate for production of stone models
  • vinyl polysiloxane impressions of the crown prep were made for accurate crown production
crown manufacture
Crown manufacture
  • instructions were given to the technician for a colour matched ceramic crown to be produced that matched the size & shape of the upper right canine
crown placement
Crown placement
  • 2 weeks later the dog was re-anaesthetised and the crown “trial fitted”
  • the tooth surface & inside of the crown were acid etched, rinsed, dried & 3M single bond applied, dried & cured
  • dual cure resin cement [3M RelyX] was mixed & crown cemented in place & the margin light cured
  • excess cement was trimmed off
  • 8 month old Staffordshire bull terrier bitch presented with an apparently missing permanent upper right canine
  • all other permanent teeth had fully erupted
  • a fractured upper right deciduous canine was present
  • the dog was anaesthetised & the deciduous tooth remnants extracted
  • an intraoral radiograph was taken
  • a probe was passed through the alveolus of the extracted deciduous tooth to attempt to pinpoint the structure & re-x-rayed
  • a buccal approach was made over the tooth & it was located & removed
  • the site was closed in a single layer with 4/0 monosyn & the dog made an uneventful recovery