the human body system l.
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The Human Body System

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The Human Body System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Human Body System. By: Brody Disbennett. Analyze Learners~. This lesson is designed for students in 3 rd Grade At this age level students should have a background of bones in general. There are no special skills or needs required for this unit. State Objectives -WV CSO’s.

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The Human Body System

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the human body system

The Human Body System

By: Brody Disbennett

analyze learners
Analyze Learners~
  • This lesson is designed for students in 3rd Grade
  • At this age level students should have a background of bones in general.
  • There are no special skills or needs required for this unit.
state objectives wv cso s
State Objectives-WV CSO’s
  • SC 3.2.3 Support statements with facts found through research in reference books, science related magazines, and the internet.
  • SC. 3.2.7 Interpret data presented in a table, graph, map, or diagram and use it to answer questions and make predictions and inferences based on evidence.
  • SC 3.3.1 Identify that systems are made of parts that interact with one another.
  • SC 3.3.2 Use models of representations of real things.
selected methods media and materials
Selected Methods, Media, and materials
  • Skeletal Model
  • Heart Model
  • Pencils
  • Computer
  • Poster Board
  • Butcher paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers
wesites used
Wesites Used
  • Http://
utilize media and materials
Utilize Media and Materials

Day One

-I will introduce the Human Body System

-I will ask questions such as “Have you ever broken a bone?” and, “Do you know what the name of that bone is?”

-I will become specific with the Skeletal System

day 2
Day 2
  • I will show students a website that shows the skeletal system
  • I will give them a worksheet to color the bones and give them a word bank to label the bones listed. (only a few)
  • If time, I will give them a health Trivia worksheet to introduce the muscular system.
day 3
Day 3
  • Quizzing the students on the first half of the bones
  • Pair up with a partner, and trace their partner’s body on a piece of butcher paper.
  • The students will label and draw as many bones as they can.
day 4
Day 4
  • Begin by giving students a 2nd quiz on the rest of the bones.
  • Introduce the Heart and how it works the cardiovascular system.
  • I will have them run in place to see how fast they can get their heart to beat.
  • The students will write down what else they can do to keep their body healthy.
day 5
Day 5
  • Review of the cardiovascular System
  • Work on worksheet that combines muscular and cardiovascular systems
  • Introducing of the Nervous System
  • Watch a movie on the Brain
  • Ask students questions that happened a week ago to show that the brain is responsible for remembering.
day 6
Day 6
  • Worksheet on the brain
  • Arrange students into groups and ask each group to create a diagram of a major body system that we have talked about.
  • I will combine their drawings in a book and call it “The Human Body System”
day 7
Day 7
  • I will have them look over the book that they have designed
  • Reviewing of the systems and book.
  • Ask them which one fascinated them the most.
require learner participation
Require Learner Participation
  • My Interaction Websites keep them interested
  • Exploring the systems on their own
  • Creating diagrams of their friends
  • Running in place and walking around the room for cardiovascular
  • Group activities by making the book.
evaluate and revise
Evaluate and Revise
  • Students learning and achievement will be evaluated by their quizzes as well as their partner work and their daily assignments and worksheets.
  • They will be evaluated on their overall Human Body System book that they work on as a class that will be done at the end of the unit.