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Tarleton State University

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Time Traq. Tarleton State University. OVERVIEW. Web-based: Created by TAMU Business Computing Services Group (BCS) On-line timesheets can be completed from anywhere with a computer Support Screen allows you to email support staff questions Help Screen is available at the “?” button.

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tarleton state university

Time Traq

Tarleton State University

  • Web-based:
  • Created by TAMU Business Computing Services Group (BCS)
  • On-line timesheets can be completed from anywhere with a computer
  • Support Screen allows you to email support staff questions
  • Help Screen is available at the “?” button
1st It is my assumption that you currently have a system in place to verify the validity and accuracy of time reported to payroll.

2nd It is my expectation that you will continue to maintain a system that verifies the validity and accuracy of time reported.

  • Employee
  • Manager
  • Department Approver
  • Departmental Admin
  • Central Administrator
  • Payroll Administrator
payroll process overview
Payroll Process Overview
  • Employee fills out on-line timesheet & submits to Manager
  • Manager or Dept Admin (usually Dept Approver) allocates accounts
  • Manager approves or rejects the timesheet
  • Dept. Approver reviews & submits timesheets for the entire adloc to Payroll
the employee8
The Employee

From the employee's perspective, TimeTraq is a simple application.  

employee s role
Employee’s Role
  • Access TimeTraq thru SSO
  • Enter hours worked on a daily, weekly, biweekly period
  • Submit to Manager
getting started
Getting Started
  • Log in to SSO and select the TimeTraq link
  • TimeTraq will display the Employee Timesheets screen on startup
    • TimeTraq automatically creates timesheets for employees
    • Employees with multiple jobs can work with timesheets from either job
  • Select a timesheet by clicking the gray select button or its ID number
    • Each TimeTraq timesheet is assigned a unique ID; refer to this number if you need help with a timesheet.
entering time
Entering Time
  • Employees normally only have to enter the Regular Work hours
  • Select the correct work week by clicking on the tab with the date range you want to enter
  • Enter your regular work hours each day
  • Click the green Save button to save your changes. Select the next work week and enter that week’s time
  • When you’ve entered all of your time and want to exit this screen, click the Save/Exit button
  • If ready to submit, click Submit Timesheet button
submitting a timesheet
Submitting a Timesheet
  • “Sign” your timesheet by certifying that the time entered is true and correct (this is done by checking the box at the bottom of the screen)
  • Press the Submit Timesheet button to send the timesheet to your manager
  • TimeTraq will display the Timesheet Review screen showing that your timesheet was submitted
  • In TimeTraq, the manager's primary responsibilities are to:
    • Ensure that their employees submit true and accurate Timesheets in a timely manner; and,
    • Approve submitted Timesheets as quickly as possible.
    • In TimeTraq, documents that require a manager's approval show up in his/her Manager Inbox screen.  
    • Managers can configure their own Preferences so that he/she receives an email when Timesheets need to be approved.
manager con t
Manager (con’t)
  • Set up a delegate to approve timesheets in your absence
  • To add a delegate, search by last name or enter the other manager’s UIN, then click the green Add Delegate button
  • To suspend another manager’s ability to act as your delegate, click the red Deactivate button. To re-activate a manager’s delegate authority, click the blue Reactivate button
  • Managers work primarily with the Manager Inbox and Timesheet Overview screens.  Managers can return a timesheet to an employee for correction.
  • If a Timesheet needs further review, it can be selected from the inbox and displayed on the Timesheet Overview screen.  This screen displays detailed information about the Timesheet, including hours worked by day adjustments, approvals, etc.
  • If an employee has not completed his/her timesheet and are not reachable, the manager has 2 options:
    • Complete the timesheet for the employee
    • Cancel the timesheet
  • If an employee didn’t work any hours during that pay period the manager must cancel the timesheet
timesheet overview screen
Timesheet Overview Screen
  • Approve a timesheet submitted by an employee
  • Edit a timesheet for an employee
  • Cancel a timesheet that is not needed
  • Reopen a timesheet that has been canceled
  • Reject a timesheet with errors back to an employee
  • Recall a timesheet you’ve approved
    • Timesheets approved by another approver or that have been paid cannot be recalled
manager s outbox
Manager’s Outbox
  • The Manager’s Outbox screen allows you to see timesheets you’ve taken action on, including approvals, rejections, etc.
  • Timesheets that you’ve approved can be recalled from this screen – if they haven’t been approved by another manager or sent to payroll
  • This screen also allows you to review the outboxes of other managers for whom you are a delegate
departmental administrator
Departmental Administrator
  • Assign Managers to Employees
  • Allocate accounts
  • Prepare Adjustments
account allocation
Account Allocation
  • Time Traq automatically allocates the time worked to all “lines” on the budget screen
  • The dept admin needs to go in and reallocate
  • Use an adjustment to add hours worked previous to the current time period.
  • Time Traq will look up the correct rate based on the Adjustment date
  • Adjustment must be marked as “Done”
  • Put in a lump sum of the hours
  • Describe what days this if for in the Comments
departmental approver
Departmental Approver
  • DESIGNATION OF DEPARTMANTAL APPROVAL letter is required to be signed by Department Head giving authority for this role. (Only if you are notthe Department Head)
  • The Departmental Approver is the “official” signature.
  • Once your department is on Time Traq you can not go back to HPPR’s.
departmental approver43
Departmental Approver
  • Ensure employees/managers submit/approve timesheets in a timely manner
  • Submit Adloc to payroll to be processed.
rp reporting period review screen
RP (reporting period) Review Screen
  • Timesheet Status Column can show various stages:
    • New-timesheet, has not been started
    • Open-timesheet has some time entered
    • Submitted-timesheet sent to manager
    • Approved-timesheet sent to Dept. Approver
    • Cancelled-manager deleted timesheet
    • Payroll-Dept. Approver sent to BPP
departmental approver45
Departmental Approver
  • To review the timesheets for an adloc, click the RP Review tab to display the adloc’s Reporting Period Review screen
    • If the pay period you wish to review isn’t selected by default, you can switch to it using the Pay Period dropdown
    • You can also limit your view to timesheets in a specified status using the Status and Match dropdowns
departmental approver47
Departmental Approver
  • To review a timesheet, click the gray “>” button or the ID number. This will display the Timesheet Review screen from which you can:
    • View summary information about the timesheet
    • View detailed work events
    • View any adjustments that may exist
    • View the approval log
    • View the account information
  • If there is a problem with a particular timesheet, work with the manager to get it resolved
  • To continue your review, click the RP Review tab again
departmental approver48
Departmental Approver
  • When all timesheets are complete the Adloc-Rpt Period Summary screen will display a green Submit to Payroll button. When your review is complete, click this button to approve the payroll
    • The submission process is done “off-line” and you will be sent an email when the process is complete
departmental approver51
Departmental Approver
  • When a timesheet is submitted in TimeTraq, a detailed breakdown of its hours by account and object class is created
  • The Approver can use TimeTraq reports to obtain a summary of the payroll and the accounts to be charged:
    • Adloc Payroll Detail by Name
    • Adloc Payroll Detail by Account
  • TimeTraq reports are delivered in PDF format to your computer; therefore, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view them
  • To run a report, choose it from the list and fill in the selected report’s additional criteria
    • Note that dates should be entered in “mm/dd/yyyy” format
    • Commonly run reports:
  • Adloc Payroll Detail, by name or account
    • Lists the hours worked by employees in an adloc

and the account(s) the time will be charged to

  • Adloc Payroll Detail, by name or account, from P2Pay
    • Lists the hours/amounts in BPP’s P2Pay database for an adloc
  • Overtime Payments
    • Lists overtime charges for an adloc
  • Timesheet Adjustments
    • Lists adjustments made to timesheets in a given

pay period

  • Commonly run reports, cont.:
    • Approval Exceptions
      • Lists timesheets entered/submitted by manager/administrators
    • On Call/Callback
      • Lists costs associated with on call work
    • Employees w/o Managers
      • Lists employees whose job does not have an approver in TimeTraq
  • Do not share your SSO password with anyone
  • TimeTraq will automatically log you out after 17 minutes of inactivity
  • You can manually log out of SSO by clicking the SSO Logout button on any TimeTraq screen or by closing your browser window
  • Always close your browser window(s) after using any confidential web site like TimeTraq
help screen
  • https://sago-apps.tamu.edu/timetraq/Help/EN/Default.htm
  •  TimeTraq Help and Documentation
  •  TimeTraq Tutorials
  •  Release Notes
  •  Key Concepts
  •  Roles
  •  Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Error Codes
  •  Screen-by-screen Help
  •  Data Object Properties
  •  Data Object Statuses
putting employees on time traq
Putting Employees on Time Traq
  • If you don’t see an employee

1st) Make sure you have your blue copy back from HR

2nd) Have the Dept admin look under RP Review– you may need to setup a manager

3rd) Call the Payroll Office

taking an employee off of time traq
Taking an Employee off of Time Traq
  • Once an employee is out of the budget file, Time Traq will quit generating timesheet.
  • Normal Cycle
    • The adloc is due when the HPPRs are due. (The day after the reporting period ends at noon)
    • Importance of a designee for Manager
    • If the adloc approver is out…
  • Off Cycle
    • Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break etc.
    • Adjustments
tarleton state university payroll department x 9608
Tarleton State University Payroll Department x 9608
  • Connally Miller, Manager
  • Rebecca Sikes
  • Marissa Thackerson