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Provided by Career Services, Tarleton State University PowerPoint Presentation
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Provided by Career Services, Tarleton State University

Provided by Career Services, Tarleton State University

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Provided by Career Services, Tarleton State University

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  1. Provided by Career Services, Tarleton State University

  2. Your application will remain pending until you complete the following: • Review this slide show presentation, • Receive at least a 80% or higher on the quiz after viewing the presentation, and • Meet (briefly) face-to-face with career services staff to clarify details of your application. • Many quiz questions come from the videos inserted in this presentation. Make sure to watch all videos before taking the quiz! YOU WILL NEED SOUND!

  3. You will receive a student packet that includes information from the employer regarding dress code, parking, etc. • At least one week prior to your Shadow, confirm with the employer that everything is correct in your Texan Shadow packet, specifically: • Date and time • Address (clarify any driving directions you need) • Parking (is it a garage? is there a fee? etc) Many times, a third party at your mentor’s workplace provided the information in your Texan Shadow packet. Therefore, it is always best to review all information provided from the company with your mentor before the event.

  4. Confirm with your mentor that the appropriate attire listed in your Texan Shadow packet is accurate. • Pre-Plan what you will wear based on the info in your packet, and describe your attire to your mentor: “My paperwork said to wear business casual clothing. I’m planning to wear black slacks and a long-sleeved, button-down shirt; is that acceptable?” • Some companies have strict policies on tattoos, jewelry, piercings and attire. Clarify these with your mentor before the Shadow. Video: Office Attire: The Do Not Wear List

  5. Arrange for your own transportation to the Shadow. • TSU cannot provide transportation to your Shadow. • Make certain that you have all necessary and required auto insurance, drivers license, and a dependable vehicle for the day.

  6. Plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early the day of the Shadow. • If you are not familiar with the area you are traveling to, print driving directions (Yahoo, Google, Mapquest, etc) • Be mindful that online driving instructions (as listed above) do not take into consideration any construction, detours, and traffic that may slow your time.

  7. Review the “Potential Texan Shadow Mentor Questions” sent to you via email and available on the Texan Shadow website. • Plan on using this opportunity to learn about the job(s) you are shadowing!! Be prepared to ask some questions. • Please do not just follow your mentor around closed-mouthed! Show interest in what is going on!! • Video: Check out Diana’s story on asking questions for future goals.

  8. The employer may ask for your contact information prior to the shadow so they will be prepared for you. The following is the only type of information we share with employers: • Name • Classification • Major/Minor • Phone Number • Email

  9. By choosing to participate in Texan Shadow – a voluntary program – you are assuming any risks and / or liabilities associated with your shadow experience. • Some placements carry greater risks than others, including those that regularly work with large pieces of equipment, machinery, animals, etc. If your chosen field involves such things, you may have opportunities to interact with these same pieces of equipment, machinery, animals, etc. • It is your choice whether or not to assume this risk!! • If you are uncomfortable performing a task requested by your mentor, communicate this to your mentor and DO NOT do something for which you are not prepared! Tarleton State University and Career Services are not responsible for any accidents or liabilities that may occur during your Texan Shadow.

  10. The Shadow Day • Introduce yourself to your mentor and shake her or his hand. • Video: Learn how! • Ask your mentor for a business card (you will need this contact information later for a thank you letter). • Video: Business cards

  11. The Shadow Day • Pay attention to things about the job that you like and dislike. • Act interested (even if you’re really not!) *Please remember your mentor is volunteering to host you. DO NOT embarrass yourself or TSU by acting bored or ungrateful, even if you realize this job is not for you! Learn what you can, and use the information in making your career choices! Making a positive impression may allow you to build a relationship with your mentor, who can potentially be a contact in the company for information about internships, employment, possibly a reference, etc. Quick Tip for your career development:

  12. The Shadow Day • Don’t forget to smile, relax, and ask questions…refer to the “Potential Texan Shadow Mentor Questions” in your packet or online. Feel free to take it with you. • TIP: Pay attention to what your mentor talks about…sometimes they may answer your questions before you ask them. Use that information to ask deeper, more technical questions. • Employers provide Career Services feedback on their experience with Texan Shadow. Do you know what a large portion of employers wish students would do more of?

  13. The Shadow Day • Leave your cell phone hidden in your vehicle. • If you are waiting for an urgent phone call and you must take your phone with you, place your phone on vibrate or silent and EXPLAIN to your mentor why you have it with you. • Absolutely no texting or phone calls while on the shadow (believe us – we will hear about it!) • Video: Cell phones

  14. The Shadow Day • Not Showing Up is NOTan option. • Only in drastic circumstances should you cancel the day of the Shadow. • If there is an emergency / illness and you and absolutely cannot make it, that is a part of life and is understandable. Here is what you need to do: • First Contact your mentor immediately. If you want to reschedule, you may do so at that time. • Second Contact Career Services • If you “No Show”, you will notbe allowed to participate in the Texan Shadow program again.

  15. After the Shadow • Send a Thank You note within 24 hours. • Do this regardless of whether or not you enjoyed your shadow! • Please remember – again – your mentor gave his or her time to host you with no compensation for that time. It is highly inappropriate NOT to say thank you for this gesture. • Review samples provided by by Yahoo Sample Thank You Note • Do not copy word for word. Make it personal to your shadow experience as you want to leave a lasting positive impression.

  16. After the Shadow • Complete the Texan Shadow survey emailed to you a few days after your scheduled Shadow event. • Whether you had a fabulous experience or a horrible experience, Career Services values your feedback about your Texan Shadow and we need to know what parts were positive and negative for future considerations.

  17. Career Services is NOT obligated to place you for a shadow. • Your “fit” with the program is being evaluated from the moment you submit your application. • CS will not risk damaging a relationship with an employer (which, in turn, negatively impacts your fellow students) by placing a student whose behavior causes concern. • If you are placed but behave inappropriately, you will not be allowed to participate in the future. Unacceptable behavior includes (but is not limited to):

  18. Enjoy yourself! You will make a better impression and learn more if you relax and enjoy the opportunity. (We have yet to hear of a mean mentor!) Learn everything you can, from everyone you can. This is a rare opportunity to see things “in action” in your field, so soak it up! You can take a notebook and jot things down as you go. Make connections. Some students have obtained volunteer opportunities, internships, and even employment through their Shadow experience. It is up to you to put your best foot forward and connect in a positive way with people! Be pleasant. Ask for business cards and remember names. Plan to keep in touch after the shadow (you can do this through email,, etc. Ask us if you have questions about doing this). Keep these things in mind:

  19. Test Time • You must receive at least an 80% or higher on this quiz BEFORE your application will be processed. • You will check your score before submitting, and you have the option to re-take the quiz if you are unsatisfied with your score. • Once you submit your quiz, we will verify the score and then contact you to arrange a face-to-face meeting (if you attend a campus other than Stephenville, we can make alternate arrangements). • After the meeting, we will begin working on your application. • Take the Quiz