parent s course in career planning l.
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Parent’s Course in Career Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Parent’s Course in Career Planning

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Parent’s Course in Career Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parent’s Course in Career Planning. Presented by Center for Career Development Biola University. Overview of Seminar. Mission Statements Developmental Stages Career Planning Model Career Development Resources Pitfalls to Avoid - Tips to Follow Questions and Discussion.

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Parent’s Course in Career Planning

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    1. Parent’s Course inCareer Planning Presented by Center for Career Development Biola University

    2. Overview of Seminar • Mission Statements • Developmental Stages • Career Planning Model • Career Development Resources • Pitfalls to Avoid - Tips to Follow • Questions and Discussion

    3. The Mission of Biola University Biblically-Centered Education, Scholarship and ServiceEquipping men and women in Mind and Character to Impact the World for The Lord Jesus Christ.

    4. The mission of the Center for Career Development is to assist students in discerningtheir callings in life and in transitioning into meaningful work.

    5. Chickering’s 7 VectorsDevelopmental Stages • Developing Competence • Managing Emotions • Moving through Autonomy toward Interdependence

    6. Chickering’s 7 Vectors 4. Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships 5. Establishing Identity 6. Developing Purpose 7. Developing Integrity

    7. Career Planning Model

    8. Engage - Year One Goal: Know Yourself • Focus on academic success, getting settled into college life and spiritual growth. • Gain self-understanding of personality, interests, skills and values. • Make connections and develop leadership skills through campus and/or ministry organizations.

    9. Explore - Year Two Goal: Explore Options • Focus on choosing a major and exploring career options. • Utilize available resources to talk to people and research current, realistic information about occupations. • Identify and articulate skills. • Apply for a professional summer internship.

    10. ~~~Interlude~~~ Time to Make a Decision Decide on Initial Career Interests Decide on Type of Internship to pursue Decide on Professional Association to Join Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…. Decision-making is a KEY skill to learn in college.

    11. Experience - Year Three Goal: Get an Internship • Use internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities to develop and improve skills. • Write a resume, practice interviewing. • Begin to establish relationships in career field. • Solidify initial career direction.

    12. Embark - Year Four Goal: Transition for World of Work • Prepare for the transition to life after Biola. • Hone practical skills: job search strategies interviewing, networking, resume writing. • Attend professional functions, career fairs, and related networking opportunities • Actively begin job search or preparation for graduate school.

    13. Job Search Timeline • Sophomore & Junior summers have an internship in related field • Begin job research 4 months prior • Average of 9 months to secure a full-time job • Recruiters prefer to give job offers in the Fall • Graduate school is better after receiving work experience

    14. Why Career Development Now? 2 Years Related Experience Freshman: assess self, major, career directionSophomore: jobs/internships (8 months)Junior: jobs/internships (8 months)Senior: jobs/internships (8 months)24months

    15. How Can Parents Help?

    16. Knowledge and Awareness about themselves • Offer feedback related to interests, key personality traits, skills they most like using. • Hint: Your observations. What do they really enjoy? Care about? • Take initiative to bring up subject, ask questions and assist with resources and connections.

    17. Knowledge and Experience with World of Work • Sectors • Private sector: provide a product or service which produces profit. Divided into Industries/Fields., • Government sector: provide oversight, safety and services to national, state and local community. • Nonprofit sector: provide services to community related to an issue or need: healthcare, education, hunger, world relief, public policy, violence… • Functions • Accountant, Human Resources, Educator/Trainer, Consultant, Counselor, Computer Specialist, Minister, Analyst, Writer/Editor, Management

    18. Support Students through Career Planning • Familiarize yourself with career planning process • Discuss process and practical steps with them • Expose them to professionals, various work settings • Plan ahead! Check out special study programs, internships & summer opportunities. • Challenge your students. Raise the bar on your expectations.

    19. Programs  Services  Resources Career Development

    20. Programs and Services

    21. Career Development Website • • Key source of information • Check regularly

    22. Keeping Options open too long Avoiding practical experience Sophomore Drift Not utilizing resources Be Proactive to move toward a decision Plan on multiple internships Sophomore Shift explore and experience One contact each semester/as needed Common Pitfalls……and How to Avoid Them

    23. Changing Parent Roles • Changing from supervisor to advisor • Students need your support and involvement, but in a different way • Tricky transition • Ask students about life planning issues - majors, exploration of options, internships • Give them space to make mistakes • Prayer – join “Parents in Prayer”

    24. Questions? Center for Career 562 903-4875