metaversatility services for ms l l.
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Metaversatility Services for MS&L

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Metaversatility Services for MS&L. Second Life scenarios for Philips. Concert Sponsorship.

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metaversatility services for ms l

Metaversatility Services for MS&L

Second Life scenarios for Philips

concert sponsorship
Concert Sponsorship
  • Typically the concerts that will gain press are those that host multiple performers, typically such a format would include 3 performers for one hour each, twice in one day (one at UK friendly time, one at US friendly time).
  • Suggested sponsorship:
    • Musicians : $1,000
    • Concert organization, stage setup: $2,000
    • Concert advertising: $2,000
    • Total sponsorship: $5,000
  • Timeline: 2 weeks
philips showcase machinima movie theatre and commercials
Philips Showcase, Machinima Movie Theatre, and Commercials
  • 3D TV Machinima Commercial: 3D-TV is one future technology that philips is investing a large stake in. Creating a virtual ‘set’ in second life that featured a futuristic living room, and a television-style box that contains actual 3D characters and environment within it, viewable through a window ‘screen.’ Filming a group of avatars watching the 3D entertainment ensue within the ‘television’ as a commercial, and then giving directions within the video telling the viewer how to visit the actual set in Second Life that contains the Philips 3D-TV home theatre mockup.
  • Philips Compound (Theatre of the Future & House of the Future): This would be an ideal avenue to establish a persistent Philips virtual-world presence. The 3DTV set/demo room would be located at the Philips complex in Second Life. Once teleported there, the user could explore other rooms in the building, interacting with demos of other future Philips products in different rooms (these other rooms could also be used as ‘sets’ for a series of short machinima commercials). Finally, a machinima movie theatre would be integrated here (see next slide).
philips theater commercial and machinima festival
Philips Theater, Commercial and Machinima Festival
  • Machinima is quickly becoming the next bridge between traditional and new media, as seen in ads for Two and a Half Men, and Coca-Cola during the Super Bowl.
  • Metaversatility would create a machinima commercial for Philips to kick off a machinima festival in Second Life (perhaps aired on traditional media and YouTube as well).
  • Machinima festival would take submissions from the community, would be judged by known experts in the field, and prizes (Philips products) would be awarded for the winning entries. In addition to a cash prize, entries could be displayed on, driving traffic to the site and showing that Philips is “with it”.
philips theater commercial and machinima festival cont
Philips Theater, Commercial and Machinima Festival (cont.)
  • Machinima Movie Theatre: Located as well in the Philips Second-Life compound, the movie theatre would have a regular run of the Philips Machinima festival winners, as well as other submitted films. The ‘theatre runs’ of each short machinima would last a couple weeks, then would be replaced by other films. This opens up opportunity to make the machinima contest a periodic event, and would be another attracting mechanism to bring users back to the Philips compound to watch films, socialize, and interact with the Philips products in a game-like setting.
philips theater commercial and machinima festival cont6
Philips Theater, Commercial and Machinima Festival (cont.)
  • Machinima Commercial ($5,000)
  • Festival island rental and build ($20,000)
  • Festival organization ($5,000)
  • Festival promotion ($5,000)
  • Cash prizes ($1,000)
  • Total ($36,000)
  • Timeline: 6 weeks
philips house of the future
Philips House of the Future
  • Second Life allows people to create their own living spaces, which can defy physics and can certainly be attained by the user at a budget they wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford in their physical surroundings.
  • Metaversatility would create the ideal home of the future based on Philips products, each product linking to the Philips online store where people can purchase the product immediately.
philips house of the future cont
Philips House of the Future (cont.)

We could put up entire rooms for purchase….

  • The kitchen of the future, the living room of the future (3D TV room/set, connected displays are Philips’ number one investment).
  • The computer room of the future (Voiceover IP tech is Philips’ 3rd most invested technology, along with in IPTV (Internet Protocol television)).
  • The multimedia room of the future (Philips’ 2nd most invested technology category is entertainment solution (mp3 players/home video, etc….)
    • integrating here, or even an itunes integrated client, would be great, and while out of scope, this kind of synergy should be considered for the future, a perfect partnership.
philips house of the future cont9
Philips House of the Future (cont.)
  • Planning and design ($5,000)
  • House Structure ($2,500)
  • Product Development ($5,000)
  • Interior Design ($1,500)
  • Land ($1,000/year)
  • Second Life Philips Product Catalog ($2,500)
  • Total: $17,500
  • Timeline: 4 weeks
virtual product line
Virtual Product Line
  • Products in Second Life could be created to represent the actual products, with extended information for each product.
  • Each product would have a model in Second Life.
  • Each product would pull the current price and product specs from a Philips Database (which could integrate with existing software).
  • A Philips branded store would be created, and the virtual products sold for virtual home décor.
  • (Just as integratable into the Philips Compound idea)
virtual product line cont
Virtual Product Line (cont.)
  • Product Modeling/Scripting ($500/product)
  • Store design/build ($5,000)
  • Land ($1,000/year)
  • Database integration design ($5,000)
  • Database integration development ($20,000)
  • Total: $36,000 (with 10 products)
  • Timeline: 2 months
science city
Science City
  • Featuring the Philips Compound, this would be, as Aaron suggested, a sort of worlds fair scenario, with far out tech and inventions, some of which would be submitted by users (like the mad scientist who created the twisty house build, etc.)