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Leadership Ideas. A Teacher Education Project Based on State Standards With Ashland University. Leadership Ideas. A company providing custom-built leadership models designed to meet The Needs of the Heart , provide Appropriate Conditions , and achieve Successful Outcomes through :

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leadership ideas

Leadership Ideas

A Teacher Education Project Based on State Standards

With Ashland University

leadership ideas2
Leadership Ideas

A company providing custom-built leadership models designed to meet The Needs of the Heart, provide Appropriate Conditions, and achieve Successful Outcomes through:

Leadership and Organizational Consulting

Motivational Presentations

Staff Training

A Teacher Education Curriculum Based on State Standards

a collaboration with ashland university
A Collaboration with Ashland University

The goal is to help young teachers apply a “backward design process” to planning their lessons, allowing them to unpack state standards and provide their students the opportunity to learn what is essential. (McTighe and Wiggins, Marzano)

purpose statement

To introduce and provide teachers with a new curriculum in collaboration with Ashland University. The core curriculum will include courses that focus on course content, teacher-student relationships, student motivation, teacher morale, and lesson design based on state standards.

leading in a culture of change michael fullan
Leading in a Culture of Change- Michael Fullan

Change is a double-edged sword. Its relentless pace these days runs us off our feet. Yet when things are unsettled, we can find new ways to move ahead and to create breakthroughs not possible in stagnant societies. If you ask people to brainstorm words to describe change, they come up with a mixture of negative and positive terms. On the one side, fear, anxiety, loss, danger, panic; on the other, exhilaration, risk-taking, excitement, improvements, energizing. For better or for worse, change arouses emotions, and when emotions intensify, leadership is key.

Meeting the needs of the heart…

As one high school student, Reginald, said to me recently: “I’d rather be defiant and stupid in school than let the teacher call me a failure. My friends know I’m not dumb, and we laugh at the teacher together.”

“Stupidity and Tears,” Herbert Kohl 2003

the bargain students make with teachers
The Bargain Students make with Teachers

If you will…Than we will…

Show you care about the Believe the

material material can be important for us

Model how to act when Learn how to take

you or we make mistakes intellectual risks

Keep private anything Trust you with

Personal information that

could help you better teach us

“Fires in the Bathroom,” Kathleen Cushman

how can we produce more leaders of leaders
How can we produce more “leaders of leaders?”

Universities do a great job teaching pre-service teaching instructional strategies. Today’s young teachers enter the classroom better prepared with instructional strategies then ever before. What young teachers need most is to learn how to design lessons based on concepts drawn from state standards.

lesson and curriculum design
Lesson and Curriculum Design

Ohio state standards have over 90 thousand words of discrete bench marks that often lead teachers to the notion that they are in a time crunch to cover material. “Coverage” leads to lots of classroom activities and discrete lessons but little understanding. We need to teach teachers a curriculum design process that focuses on what is essential and builds conceptual understanding.


Content is the key to curiosity in the classroom and the textbook approach to learning is not only expensive; it is uninteresting to students, boring and often not accurate. Creating essential questions increases the likely hood students will remember content.

teacher student relationships
Teacher-Student Relationships

Teacher-student relationships are often mired by bureaucratic roles that lead to a lack of empathy and sensitivity to student needs.

teacher morale
Teacher Morale

Teacher morale in many schools is low. They are being asked to do things they know are not sound educational practices, teach to tests, and cover knowledge in lock-step, thoughtless ways.

meeting the needs
Meeting the Needs…

The needs of the heart, both for adults and kids, must be fostered, respected and explored. Emotionally intelligent schools are successful schools. Much of what we do in schools is based on what teachers think is important for future development. Seldom do students see the need to learn for today and immediately see a present use for what has happened in the classroom. Teachers ought to ask this important question: What do I want students to remember about my class five years from now?

ideas for implementation
Ideas for Implementation…


Undergrad Students

Graduate Students

Young Teachers

Veteran Teachers


Possible Format…

Elective Coursework

Required Coursework


Continuing Education Seminars

Administrative Supplement

Leadership Coursework

LPDC Requirements