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all about ORCA. in numbers. ORCA’s MISSION is to provide acceptance of animal protection as significant social question, to promote respect, care and responsible relation toward animals and nature itself . all about ORCA. Where’s ORCA now?. Where's ORCA now?. ORCA’s values. 6.

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all about ORCA

in numbers


is to provide acceptance of animal protection as significant social question, to promote respect, care and responsible relation toward animals and nature itself

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all about ORCA

Where’s ORCA


Where's ORCA now?

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ORCA’s values


  • Humanity

  • Responsibility

  • Stableness

  • Universality

  • Cooperation

  • Creativity

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  • 1. Research and analytics

  • 2. Cooperation with the state

  • management, organizations and

  • institutions

  • 3. Education

  • 4. Animation and sentisizement of

  • public

  • 5. Information and advices for citizens

  • 6. Services for citizens (adoption and

  • lost-and-found)

  • 7. Animal abuse reports

  • 8. Guidance council for organizations

  • for animal protection

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  • Law against chaos!

  • Meet them, protect them

  • I am not a stray, I am

  • abandoned

  • 4. mouse or Mouse?

  • 5. Don’t FURnis them!

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  • - 450abandoned animals adopted

  • - 276 dogs and 70 cats sterilized

  • - 10does and bucks rescued

  • 500gathered members- volunteers and co-operators

  • - near 50 000signatures for implementation of animal rights in Constitution collected

  • - over 150reports against animal abuse inspected

  • - dozens of meetings with politicians and domestic and foreign government and non-government organizations

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- over 100organized stands- information, education, adoption

- 74organized platforms all around Serbia

- 63workshops that took place in preparatory and elementary schools

- 11organized open competitions- photo, art, literary, in making bird and dog houses

- 12organized exhibitions- of photos, children drawings, mongrel dogs, bird and dog houses

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Mongrel dogs competition, Tasmajdan park, 2004.

Collection of signatures for implementation of animal rights in Constitution

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Saving Srecko from shaft

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important documents


  • Animal protection law draft

  • Plan proposal for control of population of straying dogs and cats

  • Plan proposal for educational programs of preparatory, primary and secondary schools

  • Plan proposal for the work of ‘Green patrols’

  • Proposal to include animal abuse as a part of start-up frame of national strategy against violence

  • The first resolution for animal protection in Serbia and Montenegro

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advantages and possibilities

  • Successful history (name)

  • Publicity- affection of media

  • International membership

  • Cooperation with the state

  • Significant number of different activities

  • Modern and analytic approach

  • Enthusiasm

  • Actual work

  • Interest of society

  • Well informed


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weaknesses and threats


1. Small means and weak

financial surrounding

2. Work based entirely on

voluntary bases

3. No recognition of desired

image and prejudice of society

4. No understanding for role of

ORCA in society

5. Bad communication among societies for animal protection

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all about ORCA

Where are we


Where are we going?

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long-term goals


1. Status of consultant of legal authorities (2007-2008)

2. Fully implemented animal welfare protection in system

and plan of education (2007-2008)

3. Shelter for abandoned

animals (2009-2010)

4. Civil control - inspection

(2007- 2008)

5. Rescue team (2008-2009)

6. Diffusion of influence

7. Institute for animal

protection (2011)

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medium-term goals


  • To provide regular financial source

  • 2. To expand work of consultancy = ORCA Info center

  • 3. Campaign ‘Stop the violence’

  • 4. Work with children- little ORCA

  • 5. Education of teachers, journalists

  • and veterinarians

  • 6. To establish educational center

  • 7. To found animal protection league

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short-term goals


Strengthening and

positioning of ORCA

1. Positioning of ORCA

a) work on strategic plan of ORCA 2006-2011

b) development of wanted image

c) setting up target group + (individuals and institutions)

2. Improvement of fundraising program whose goal is to cover

basic expenses, technical equipment, paid functions, work on

promotion and presentation

3. Improvement of interior organization and work coordination

4. Public relations improvement

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short-term goals


To respond on

public needs

1. To provide different information

2. To give advices for citizens

3. To improve service for adoption of abandoned animals and to

promote responsible relation of owner toward pet

4. To improve service for ‘lost and found’

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short-term goals


Global step forward in animal protection field

1. To promote The First resolution for animal protectionin

Serbia and Montenegro

2. To lobby political factors in order to improve legal animal

protection and improve public awareness to improve legal

animal protection

3. To lobby local managements and to present to the public

possibility to control -in human and efficient way –

population of straying dogs and cats

4. To assure Ministry of education that there is a need to

include matter of animal welfare in educational program

of preparatory, elementary and secondary schools

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all about ORCA

How to get


How to get there?

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image that we want

  • Prosperous

  • Independent

  • Non-selective

  • Responsible

  • Analytical

  • Rational

  • Determined

  • Efficient

  • Flexible

  • Creative

  • Moderate

  • Restrained

  • Dedicated

  • Empathic

  • Successful

  • Well-known

  • Influential

  • Relevant

  • In attendance

  • Modern

The goal of this image of ORCA

is prosperous and relevant civilian organization that has the leading role in animal protection area

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how to get there?

  • Working on marketing plan (part I)

  • To situate ORCA

  • 2. To build visual identity

  • 3. To get information

  • 4. To make connections with one marketing agency,

  • printing office and video production

  • 5. To manufacture general promo materials

  • 6. To improve the look of our stands

  • 7. To provide continual presents in media

  • 8. To increase the number of texts/ reports on

  • animal protection- education of journalists

  • 9. To raise popularity of the official site

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how to get there?

Working on marketing plan (part II)

10. To make and keep quality relations with

donors, media, experts, celebrities

11. To make both horizontal and vertical net of co-workers

12. To launch ‘products’ of high quality

13. To solve individual, ‘small’ problems

and promote the solutions

14. To establish annual prizes (acknowledgments)

for protectors of animals ( for animal rescue)

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Little ORCA – “ORkiCA” is a part of ORCA itself, but it has its own little story ...