developing your brand building successful careers in dietetics l.
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Developing Your Brand: Building Successful Careers in Dietetics PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Your Brand: Building Successful Careers in Dietetics

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Developing Your Brand: Building Successful Careers in Dietetics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing Your Brand: Building Successful Careers in Dietetics Susan Laramee, MS, RD, LDN, FADA, CIR, CDR Sponsored by Sodexo USA Objectives Utilize social networking and social media to identify career opportunities in dietetics.

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developing your brand building successful careers in dietetics

Developing Your Brand: Building Successful Careers in Dietetics

Susan Laramee, MS, RD, LDN, FADA, CIR, CDR

Sponsored by Sodexo USA

  • Utilize social networking and social media to identify career opportunities in dietetics.
  • Create integrated professional online branding using various social networking sites.
  • Enable Registered Dietitians to creatively and professionally market themselves and their skills.
how we market ourselves to others
How We Market Ourselves To Others
  • Personal branding: the process by which individuals differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition and then leverage it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal.
  • First used in 1997 (Fast Company Magazine) by Tom Peters:

“We are CEOs of our own companies; Me, Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You”

invent the future
Invent the Future

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. This suggests that the best way to know what is coming is to put yourself in charge of creating the situation you want.

Source: The Employee Handbook for Oragnizational Change – P. Pritchett and R. Pound

do you know your brand
Do You Know Your Brand?
  • What happens when you Google your name?
  • Does it best represent your brand?
  • Brand equity is the sum total and composition of your search results.
brand identity and perception development
Brand Identity and Perception Development
  • What are people going to rely on you for? (Value proposition)
  • What is your unique selling point?
  • Develop your voice.
developing your reputation strategy
Developing Your Reputation Strategy
  • What value do you consistently offer in your area of expertise? High quality care in efficient manner?
  • Defining your value proposition is important in understanding how to position your brand.
  • Determine what makes coming to you a better experience or what makes you an industry leader.
  • Are you an innovative alternative in your organization?
does online branding matter
Does Online Branding Matter?
  • one-in-five employers use social networking sites to research job candidates
  • 77% of executive recruiters use search engines to research applicants
  • 59% of hiring managers are influenced by your online reputation
  • 53% of American adults use search engines to find information about each other
where do you begin
Where Do You Begin?
  • Google
  • Develop your “kudo’s” file
  • Portfolio --- yes, your PDP
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • What do you want to achieve?
building your career
Building Your Career
  • Making transitions: Dietetic foundation + added skills (training) = career alternatives and growth
  • Wellness
  • School nutrition
  • Informatics
  • Business
  • Spokesperson
what platforms do you use
What Platforms Do You Use?
  • LinkedIn profile?
  • Facebook profile?
  • Your own website?
  • Twitter account?
  • Blog?
  • Newsletter?
your personal brand product you
Your Personal Brand: Product YOU
  • Skill sets that are clear and improve with time
    • Thinking, problem solving, ability to see details and/or the bigger picture, clear communications, ability to adapt new ideas and technology advances
    • Practical work experience and transferable skills
  • Education – formal or informal
  • Ability to the job well
  • Desire to advance
your personal brand product you21
Your Personal Brand: Product YOU
  • You must be productive and help change an employing company:
    • Increase business income
    • Serve internal or external clients
    • Act in a positive manner
    • Develop products or services
  • Proactive personal behaviors, character and consistency in all environments.
  • You have to have thoughts on things that matter and the ability to share those thoughts with others.
why build a personal brand
Why Build a Personal Brand?
  • Puts you in charge of your digital footprint.
  • Establishing credibility and visibility – essential to building meaningful relationships.
  • Competitive edge.
  • Allows you to differentiate and position yourself from the competition and reinforce your job.
  • To meet people.
tools to build your brand
Tools to Build Your Brand
  • Create a blog.
  • Create a website and submit to major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Lycos).
  • Create a newsletter (Constant Contact).
  • Set up branded profiles LI, FB and Twitter.
  • Create a branded VisualCV to build relevant search results – will lead them to compelling information you want them to know.
ultimate branding in person networking
Ultimate Branding: In-Person Networking
  • Get outside your comfort zone to develop professional contacts.
  • Reach out to former bosses, co-workers, and individuals you have met in your industry –dietetic associations, conferences.
  • Set up and host your own event – promote through social media.
track your presence online
Track Your Presence Online
  • Google. – latest relevant Google results through e-mail.
  • Blog Search or
  • Twitter. build brand recognition and your audience.
  • Real-time search engine to find user generated media including weblogs by tag or keyword.
online brand reputation management
Online Brand & Reputation Management
  •, Sign up or invite people to write reviews about you and your work.
  • Look up your reputation, rate others and they will be invited to rate you in return.
  • Reference and reputation management combined.
  •, Service that attempts to help you getting things online said about your removed.
  • Best for online brand management.
  • Import Linkedn profile data to your Naymez profile.
create a blog
Create a Blog
  • Blogs done well and often should allow you to rank #1 in searches for your name.
  • Provide value, acceptance (especially by mainstream media).
  • Provide the ability to form a community to connect to others.
  •, free, easy to use, ranks high in Google and you get your own URL.
    • HTML skills – W3 Schools for tutorial
  • Blogger ( free hosting service and run by Google.
create a blog30
Create a Blog
  • Your “About” page should be about YOU and your professional expertise.
  • Use easy to read fonts and colors.
  • Make sure it is connected to your website.
  • Make sure it is easy for people to subscribe to your site’s content.
  • Test your blog when you make changes and ensure your load times are reasonable.
  • Register your site with all top search engines.
  • Claim your site on
  • Use to make sure site is well build in Google’s eyes.
blog that increases your value
Blog That Increases Your Value
  • Title is attractive and relates to content.
  • Content is worthy of notice and makes people want to hire you.
  • Provides ideas, thoughts, original research and topics and tools.
  • Shows you are a true expert or thought leader.
  • Differentiates your level of specialization.
  • Displays integrity, values, humor and wisdom.
  • Attracts media and trade-related attention.
  • Is quote-worthy and you are sought out.
create your own website
Create Your Own Website
  • Website says who you are – testimonials, awards, accolades and professional bio.
  • – different tools to get you started.
  • Tools: or (fee) to host and build. Microsoft Expression Web is also easy to use.
  • URL is extremely important – easy to remember. Best is “”.
  • Use URL on all your social networks or marketing materials.
strategy segmentation
Strategy Segmentation
  • Advertising Channels: Indeed, SimplyHIred, CareerBuilder, Monster, Google, Yahoo, Live Search
  • Social Networks and Contacts: FaceBook, LinkedIn,Jigsaw,PLaxo,ZoomInfo, MySpace
  • Thought Sharing: Twitter, YouTube, Job in Pods, StumbleUpon, ITunes,Bebo
  • Targeted Push/Pull: My Yahoo, Ning, GBlogger, iGoogle, TypePad
shifting gears in job hunting
Shifting Gears in Job Hunting
  • Pre-Web: Newspapers
  • Web 1.0: CareerBuilder, Monster, HotJobs, JobsintheMoney, Absolutely Health Care
  • Web 2.0: Twitter,LinkedIn,Yahoo, Google,MySpace, Craigslist, FaceBook, FriendFeed, ZoomInfo, Indeed
  • Job search website
  • Provides daily e-mail of available jobs
visualcv com
  • Online version of your resume
  • Like a portfolio
  • Much more – images, videos and links to your accomplishments
  • Free
  • Showcase skills and present personal brand
build accounts on other sites to extend your brand account – reader, calendar, docs


YouTube for video uploads account to promote events for social book marking for photo sharing


Build Accounts on Other Sites to Extend Your Brand
tools to promote your brand
Tools to Promote Your Brand
  • Create a Google Profile.
  • Create a Wikipedia profile – create targeted links to your website.
  • Set up a profile on directories: Ziggs, ZoomInfo, Jigsaw, ClaimID.
  • Get published on a topic – submit articles for publication or post to industry blog.
  • Teach classes or hold free talks.
create a google profile
Create A Google Profile
  • Create a personal page
  • Help people find the right information when they search your name
  • Vertical search engine focused on people, companies and relationships among them
  • Allows users to collaborate in the construction of content by contributing to their own summaries.
what does success look like
What Does Success Look Like?
  • Number of fans, followers, or subscribers.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Traffic from channel to site – many web statistical tools are incorporating social media into offerings.
  • Stronger brand image and/or customer relationships.
  • Google page rank.
  • Measuring ROI.
important tips
Create a strategy

Plan goals and work backwards

Build your network before you need it

Quality over quantity – it is not a numbers game

Keep content fresh

Be respectful

Be patient

Keep it neat

Keep it real

Focus – be where it matters

One size does not fit all

Important Tips
during a job search
During a Job Search
  • Keep your online brand consistent.
    • Use the same picture and name in each of your online profiles.
    • Keep your online profile up-to-date.
  • Twitter
    • Keep updates professional.
    • Use tweets to share knowledge about your industry, comments about other postings.
    • Link Twitter to other online accounts.
more information
More Information
  • U R A Brand! How Smart People Brand Themselves for Success – Catherine Kaputa
  • Stand Out! Branding Strategies for Business Professionals - Simon Vetter
  • Blogging For Dummies – Susannah Gardner
  • RecruitaStar.Com – Toby Nathan
final thought
Final Thought

“The trouble with the future is that it usually arrives before we’re ready for it.”

--Arnold H. Glasow


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