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The Car Number 1 for a College Student. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Car Number 1 for a College Student.

The Car Number 1 for a College Student.

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The Car Number 1 for a College Student.

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  1. Study FAQ - Online Tutoring and Homework Help Platform • The Car Number 1 for a College Student.

  2. You are a young college post-graduate student and while you are at university, life is getting extremely busy for you, from the rising of the sun till the going down of the same. The million things that you need to do and accomplish, in your day, probably demand that you somehow possess the ability to be present multiple places at one time. Welcome to the ground reality, in the life of a busy university student. We have prepared A list of the best cars for college students for you.

  3. Imagine a Typical Day Let us imagine a typical day in your life as a student. You wake up early in the morning to start the day strong, with probably some form of physical exercise in the gym. You then have a quick shower and grab some oats or your favorite cereal and are just in time to attend your first lecture at University. Once you have attended your classes you are then scheduled for lab sessions for practical research experiments relevant to your major at university. Time to grab a quick lunch. You then need to attend your teaching classes and tutor junior students; as a part-time teaching assistant awardee, for your post-graduate studies. There are also the corrections for test material from your junior students that you probably need to correct and return within the next 24 hours. You will then be spinning like a top form these classes to catch up on your loved-one in the evening to have dinner and get back to your accommodation to repeat a similar cycle of activity the next day.

  4. Need for a Car The question is, will a car help you at this stage? The resounding answer is yes! Going a little deeper into this discussion, can you get a new car in the market that is affordable by a college student? Affordable New Car To help you in your search, let’s look at some relevant information. Some of the important things you will look for, when buying your car: - Price – all inclusive- Mileage per gallon of gas- Insurance payable- Emission inspections - Regular preventive Maintenance - Parking charges and slots available- Periodic warranty of fitness or safety inspections and associated costs- Applicable taxes on the purchase

  5. Let’s look at 2 cars that fall within affordable range for a university student: - Nissan Versao Fitted with a 1.6 litre engine and 14” wheels, this car does not have great amenities but is the economical choice of most college students in this day. o Limited warranty offered in the price is very good at 5 year / 60000 miles for this model.o Sale price is an affordable $10,710 and the car is fuel efficient 29 miles to a gallon. Great buy!- Hyundai Accento This car is a cost-conscious delight for the college student who is concerned most about price. The car costs less than $11,000 and comes with an optional 10 year / 100,000 miles limited warranty.o The biggest advantage with this car is the 10-year warranty limited warranty on the drivetrain.

  6. Conclusion • We have seen how busy the life of a college student is and a car can help him / or her get from point A to point B to alleviate some of the stress of meeting their commitments. • We can conclude that either one of the 2 cars described above could be the car number 1, for a college student, who is always number 1.