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Lesotho Meteorological Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesotho Meteorological Services

Lesotho Meteorological Services

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Lesotho Meteorological Services

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  1. Renewable Energy and Climate Change Workshop Way Forward for Lesotho on Climate Change Issues NUL, Roma 07 January 2010 Lesotho Meteorological Services

  2. Climate Change Activities in Lesotho • First National Communication to the Conference of the Parties to UNFCCC (2000) • National circumstances • Inventories of greenhouse gas emissions • Vulnerability Assessment • Adaptation /Mitigation Policies and Measures • National Adaptation Programme of Action on Climate Change () • Identify urgent and immediate needs to address climate change (short term) • 3 Second National Communication to the Conference of the Parties to UNFCCC Lesotho Meteorological Services

  3. Summary of Lesotho Climate Change Scenarios • Warmer and dryer summers and spring • Late onset of summer rains, wetter winters • → even more drier springs also • With the projected prolonged droughts and high temperatures, Lesotho should exploit the opportunities offered by the increased amount of radiation • GCM simulations up to 2100 for water indicate decreased surface runoff Lesotho Meteorological Services

  4. National Adaptation Programme of Action • Report Completed in 2007 • Aimed at implementing immediate needs of adaptation of LDCs • Was a very robust exercise • Identified eleven priority projects Lesotho Meteorological Services

  5. The NAPA process identified eleven adaptation options outlined below in their order of priority: Option 1: Improve Resilience of Livestock Production Systems Under Extreme Climatic Conditions in Various Livelihood Zones in Lesotho Option 2: Promoting Sustainable Crop Based Livelihood Systems in Foothills, Lowlands and Senqu River Valley Option 3: Capacity Building and Policy Reform to Integrate Climate Change in Sectoral Development Plans. Option 4: Improvement of an Early Warning System Against Climate Induced Disasters and Hazards. Option 5: Securing Village Water Supply for Communities in the Southern Lowlands. Option 6: Management and Reclamation of Degraded and Eroded Land in the Flood Prone Areas (Pilot Project for Western Lowlands). Option 7: Conservation and Rehabilitation of Degraded Wetlands in the Mountain Areas of Lesotho. Option 8: Improvement of Community Food Security Through the Promotion of Food Processing and Preservation Technologies. Option 9: Strengthening and stabilizing eco-tourism based rural livelihoods. Option 10: Promote Wind, Solar and Biogas Energy Use as a Supplement to Hydropower Energy. Option 11: Stabilizing Community Livelihoods which are Adversely Affected by Climate Change Through Improvement of Small Scale Industries. Lesotho Meteorological Services

  6. On going Activities in Lesotho Improvement of Early Warning Systems Africa Adaptation Programme (climate change) Lesotho Meteorological Services

  7. Improvement of National Early Warning System • Objective • To build institutional capacity for monitoring and predicting climate change impacts and vulnerability and for improved planning for adaptation to climate change throughout the country. • This will be done by increasing the capacity for early warnings, response systems and national planning. Lesotho Meteorological Services

  8. Contd… • The project will help improve capacity of LMS and national early warning system with more emphasis on • National climate change policy • LMS Station network • Food security • Reducing disasters and/or their impacts Lesotho Meteorological Services

  9. Africa Adaptation Programme • Objective • By the end of the project, participating individuals, institutions and communities will have the technical knowledge, skills, information and resources to plan for and implement effective and timely climate change responses. • Proposal is focused on developing the necessary information base in energy & health sectors • - Lesotho Meteorological Services

  10. Use of Renewable Energy as an Adaptation measure • Estimated that 60% of HH in Lesotho use biomass for cooking, • 95% use paraffin or candle for lighting • Biomass accounts for 72% of the national energy balance • Dire economic conditions of the rural population have contributed to over harvesting of fuelwood resources • High climate variability has also contributed to large land degradation in the country • The impact of biomass harvesting on the environment can be reduced by introducing RE sources

  11. Use of Renewable Energy as an Adaptation measure Contd… With the projected prolonged droughts and high temperatures, Lesotho should exploit the opportunities offered by the increased amount of radiation A map of solar radiation intensity and solar energy potential for Lesotho would aid accelerating investments in solar energy Therefore NAPA priority 10 should be explored Promote use of wind, solar and biogas as a supplement to hydropower energy, And local direct research is a necessity

  12. A WAY FORWARD????? • Mainstreaming of climate change • Utilization of available resources • Research Lesotho Meteorological Services

  13. Lesotho Meteorological Services