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Tru Face Essence Ultra

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Tru Face Essence Ultra - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tru Face Essence Ultra. Dual Attack on Aging Get your Bounce Back – Firmer skin than ever before. 1. Boost Elastin Production Patented Ethocyn ® returns firmness! 2. Prevent Elastin Breakdown Exclusive antioxidant network protects and prevents!. 25% more. Inventor of Ethocyn ®.

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Dual Attack on Aging

Get your Bounce Back – Firmer skin than ever before

  • 1. Boost Elastin Production
  • Patented Ethocyn® returns firmness!
  • 2. Prevent Elastin Breakdown
      • Exclusive antioxidant network protects and prevents!

25% more


Inventor of Ethocyn®

Dr. Chantal Burnison is the inventor of Ethocyn and as a bio-chemist, has spent her life researching anti-aging solutions.



  • A fibrous protein
  • Important “Youth Protein”
  • Gives the skin its resiliency
  • Gives the skin the ability to stretch and snap back into shape

elastin structure



Elastin gives young skin it’s “snap back” firm quality


Production of Elastin:

  • When an androgen enters the fibroblast cell
  • It is converted to DHT
  • Binds to the DHT receptor
  • Translocates to the nucleus
  • Signals the nucleus to stop producing elastin

androgen converted to DHT

DHT receptor

as we age
As we age...
  • Elastin levels decrease
  • Skin loses contour and firmness
  • Skin sags
what is ethocyn
What is Ethocyn®?
  • Mimics a process that naturally occurs in the body when we are young
  • Is a competitive inhibitor - which blocks something from taking place.
  • Blocks what causes fibroblasts skin cells to stop producing elastin -- the important youth-rendering skin’s rubber bands--that we have when we are young.

The Development of Ethocyn®

  • Commenced during pharmaceutical research
  • Underwent 17 years of expensive research and development
  • Expensive 14-step organic synthesis
  • Enormous time and expense of applying for protective patents

Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

  • Ethocyn®:
    • “Topical BID application of Ethocyn™ by patients aged 40-77 years restores elastin production to levels normally obtained in youth (ages 18-25). The mean level of elastic tissue in Ethocyn™ treated individuals increased by 100% (in some patients over 500%) (P=.001). Every individual, male and female subject, had shown improvement and had smoother, tighter and less wrinkled skin.”

American Academy of Dermatology Medical Conference, San Francisco, California

Richard Strick, M.D.

Diplomate of American Academy of Dermatology

Clinical Professor of Dermatology, UCLA School of Medicine


Elastin Content of Older Skin Treated with Ethocyn vs. Untreated Young Skin

% Elastin Content of skin

Months of Treatment

Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results


Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

  • After using Ethocyn for 60 days, 77 year old had same elastin fiber content as his 21 year old grandson who was in the “control” 18-25 group
  • People who had elastin level of .1% before using Ethocyn, realized 15-18% elastin levels after 45-60 days of use.

Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

  • statistical significance: p=.001
  • means 99.99% certainty of Ethocyn users will experience and increase in elastin fiber content and equal to their levels of elastin at age 18-20
  • usually p values come in at .05 for FDA or MHW drug approvals

Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

  • But after stopping use of Ethocyn, people returned to the genetically programmed elastin content of the skin.
  • 80% of people over 25 years have low elastin levels and need the Ethocyn
  • 20% have good, firm skin and probably won’t need Ethocyn until 40-45 years of age.

United States National Television News Broadcasts

Covering Ethocyn Clinical Trials’ Medical Conference Publications

“A Major Breakthrough in the Fight Against Skin Aging” -Dr. Bruce Hensel, Channel 4

“A Miracle Cream” -National News Broadcast


“The compound actually

restores elasticity to aging skin”

-KTLA (Channel 5) Television News Report

“Studies show this product works differently from

others, and experts say it does work”

-NBC (Channel 4) Television News Report

“The fountain of youth in a bottle”

-Hard Copy Investigative News Report

“The compound actually restores elasticity to aging skin”

-KTLA (Channel 5) Television News Report


Karen Philips,decided to test Ethocyn Essence by using the Product on only one half of her face for 120 days.

  • The results of her “half face test” are seen in this picture.

With Ethocyn

Without Ethocyn

the power of the face demo
The Power of the ½ Face Demo

Do you Dare to Demonstrate the Difference?

tru face essence ultra23
Tru Face Essence Ultra

Preserve new elastin by blocking further elastin breakdown: Elastase Inhibitors

• CoQ10 promotes cellular energy while preventing elastin degradation

• Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate is a vitamin C derivative that helps protect elastin and collagen from degradation enzymes that can attack skin proteins

tru face essence ultra24
Tru Face Essence Ultra

•Tegreen 97® is clinically proven to help protect against the degradation of elastin• Colorless Carotenoids protects skin from environmental damage•Anti-oxidant network helps to correct and prevent aging free-radical damage caused by stress, environment and genetic disposition•25% more serum to treat face, neck & hands


Tegreen 97

Colorless Carotenoids


Vitamin E

Vitamin C

Antioxidant Network