summer italy program pre departure orientation l.
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Summer Italy Program Pre-departure Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer Italy Program Pre-departure Orientation

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Summer Italy Program Pre-departure Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Summer Italy Program Pre-departure Orientation. Consortium of Universities for International Studies. Presented by:. The summer program begins in xx days!!! Are you ready? Here are some hints to help you prepare for your trip…. Taking care of details.

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summer italy program pre departure orientation

Summer Italy ProgramPre-departure Orientation

Consortium of Universities for International Studies

Presented by:

The summer program begins in xx days!!!

Are you ready?

Here are some hints to help you prepare for your trip…

taking care of details
Taking care of details
  • Apply for passport (all students) & visa (if required)
  • Turn forms into the Italy office
  • Make plans for bills and other financial issues
  • KU students
    • Pay any holds: parking, library, health, etc., otherwise you cannot be enrolled you in your Italy classes
    • Drop any classes on the KU campus if necessary

Italy Program Trivia

What is the difference between a converter and an adapter?



Because electricity voltage differs from country to country, converters/transformers convert the electricity voltage to make appliances work


Because plug configurations differ from country to country, an adapter is required to simply fit your appliance plug in to foreign wall outlet. Please note that adapter plug only changes the plug shape not the electricity

  • Electrical appliances
  • Converter & Adaptor

(necessary if you are bringing electrical appliances)

  • School supplies
  • Types of clothing
  • Appropriate dress for various occasions
    • Business professional for class presentations and tours
    • Dressy clothing for gourmet dinners
  • Prescriptions

(cannot be shipped so be sure to bring enough)

  • Travel and Living Guide

Italy Program Trivia

What is the current

exchange rate?


1.00 € = $1.35

(Summer ’07)


1 – 2 weeks before the trip

Money Issues

  • Currency
    • Know the exchange rate (1EUR=$1.37)
    • Bring some euros with you if possible
  • Debit cards and Credit Cards
    • International ATM fees
    • Let your bank and credit card company know that you will be out of the country
    • Pin # should not be more than 4 digits
    • Make copies of cards and leave with parents
    • Bring phone numbers for bank/credit card companies

in case of emergency

1 2 weeks before the trip
1 – 2 weeks before the trip

Other good tips

  • Make copies of all important items (passport, credit cards, bank cards, etc.)
  • Check your email before you go to find out about shuttles from Marco Polo Airport to campus
day of departure
Day of Departure
  • Arrive two hours ahead of your scheduled departure
  • Make sure you have necessary documents: passport, tickets, etc.
  • Carry on bag
    • Change of clothes
    • Essentials (money, medications, a good book, etc.)

Italy Program Trivia

What is the easiest way to get from the airport to campus?


Several CIMBA shuttle buses will run on the arrival date. Check your email the week before the program and sign up for one of the times if there is one that works with your arrival time. Otherwise, follow the detailed instructions in the back of the Travel & Living Guide.

marco polo airport
Marco Polo Airport
  • Pick up bags
  • If you were contacted about a shuttle, look for one of the CIMBA staff members who will be holding a sign
  • If there is no scheduled shuttle or if you are not planning on arriving during one of the scheduled pick up times…
making your way to campus
Making Your Way to Campus

Purchase a bus ticket for the Venice-Mestre Train Station at the ATVO booth in the Marco Polo Airport (it costs about $2.00)

making your way to campus19
Making Your Way to Campus

Once at Venice-Mestre, purchase a train ticket for Bassano del Grappa.

making your way to campus20
Making Your Way to Campus

Once you arrive in Bassano, you will need to take another bus to Paderno del Grappa (where the campus is located). You can also take a taxi.

you ve made it to campus
You’ve Made it to Campus!
  • Check in
  • Get your room assignment
  • Unpack
  • Attend welcome/orientation in the evening
  • Get some rest, it will be a busy four weeks!!!
get to know the italy staff
Get to Know the Italy Staff
  • Program Director: Dr. Al Ringleb
  • Associate Director: Cristina Turchet
  • Office Manager: Anna
  • Campus Life Coordinators: David, DJ, & Robert
  • Student Staff
  • Nurse Ivana
taking classes in italy faqs
Taking Classes in Italy - FAQs
  • How are the classes scheduled?
  • What are the classes like?
  • Do I need to bring my books with me?
  • Will I have to do assignments over the travel breaks?
  • Do I have to go to class?
behavior and safety
Behavior and Safety
  • Low crime rate in Italy, mainly theft
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t give into the “ugly American” stereotype!
  • Represent KU and the Italy Program well while you’re abroad
Living in

Paderno del Grappa


Italy Program Trivia

What is one of the least expensive

ways to call home?


Skype – it is currently free to call from one skype account to another. Rates are also very reasonable to call a landline.

the campus
Istituto Fillipin

Full-service facility

Recreation facilities

The Campus
the campus30
The Campus
  • Single & double room options
  • In-room internet access available & wired library
  • Computer lab
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dining Hall



Skype (computer software) is the cheapest way to call

home. Allows you to call from a computer to another or to a

landline. You will need a headset w/ microphone to use it.

There are also payphones available on campus and in



Internet access is available in the computer labs.

In-room internet access is available to those with laptops as

well as wireless access in the computer lab and library.

Post Office

Within walking distance of the campus.


Other Necessities


There is a nurse on campus and doctors are

available if needed. There is a pharmacy in town,

but plan to bring all medications with you.


Temperatures range from 70-80 Fahrenheit

(summer) during the day and from 50-60

Fahrenheit at night. There may be periods of rain

(4-5 days in a row).


Italy Program Trivia

True or False? You must know Italian in order to understand the

train schedule?


A trick question sort of…you will need to know the European names of cities and towns. Some differ from the English spelling and pronunciation.

For example:

Florence = Firenze

Venice = Venezia

travel opportunities
2 long travel weekends

Plan in advance because you will be very busy once you arrive!

Travel Opportunities

Popular Travel Destinations in Italy

Cinque Terre: Northwestern coast of Italy

Rome (Roma): Southern Italy - 8 hours by train

Florence (Firenze): Central Italy - 4 hours by train

Pisa: 1 hour from Florence

Lake Como: 4 hours by train

Venice (Venezia): 1.5 hours by train

useful websites
Useful Websites
  • (airline & train info)
  • (cheap flights in Europe)
  • (cheap flights )
  • (info about Paderno)
  • (Italian train info)
  • (our website)
Have a great time!!!

Contact Information:

Consortium Office

Phone: 785-864-7576