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Canadian Swim Patrol Update

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Canadian Swim Patrol Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Canadian Swim Patrol Update. Revised Program - March 2009. AGENDA. Welcome and Introductions The why and how… Seamless transition methodology Strokes, First Aid & Lifesaving Sport Activity: Trace the Progressions Resources and Recognition Canadian Swim Patrol Contest details Wrap Up.

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canadian swim patrol update

Canadian Swim Patrol Update

Revised Program - March 2009


Welcome and Introductions

The why and how…

Seamless transition methodology

  • Strokes, First Aid & Lifesaving Sport

Activity: Trace the Progressions

Resources and Recognition

Canadian Swim Patrol Contest details

Wrap Up

why was the program revised
Why was the program revised?

To ensure a seamless flow and integration between the 6 Swimmer levels of Swim for Life® and the 3 Swim Patrol levels (Rookie, Ranger and Star).

To ensure seamless flow from the Swim Patrol levels into the Bronze medal awards. Swim Patrol provides the skill foundation that optimally prepares candidates for success in the Bronze family of awards.

how we got here
How we got here…

Revisions included a barrier analysis process. This ensured that the candidates perceive the items as being ‘fun’.

Barrier analysis involved testing evaluation criteria. This ensured that the “purpose” of the item could be achieved without including arbitrary “must sees” that cause “failures”.

for example
For example…

Object support: removed the ”must see” requiring the object to be held at the surface.

The “purpose” is to be able to support and carry the weight.

Therefore where the candidate supports the object is irrelevant to achieving the “purpose”.

what stays the same
What stays the same…

Content it still broken down into 3 modules:

  • Rescue and Recognition
  • H20 Proficiency
  • First Aid

Focus continues to be on the development of lifesaving skills needed in the Bronze family of awards.

what has changed
What has changed…
  • Some content has been realigned to enhance flow and progressions throughout the Canadian Swim Patrol levels.
    • For example: The sequencing of object support and object carry items.

What we found?

Rookie – carry 5 lb. object

15 m – choice of kick

Ranger – 5 lb. object

1 min. in deep water

Star – carry 10 lb. object

25 m – choice of kick

Bronze Star – 10 lb object

3 min. in deep water

  • Object Support

Research found candidates learn best how to support an object if they carry (distance) the object through water and then progress to supporting (time) an object.

what has changed9
What has changed…

Some content has been realigned to reinforce progressions and remove duplication.

For example: Entries – stride jump is taught in learn to swim so it has been removed as a stand alone item and developed into a sequence. (Ranger # 2 – Stride entry and swim head-up)

what has changed10
What has changed…

Based on Affiliate feedback some content was eliminated. For example:

  • Whistle signals were eliminated from Star Patrol. Feedback indicated three concerns:
    • Noise distraction during lessons
    • Disinfection required and risk of disease transmission
    • Added cost if candidates are required to provide their own whistle
what has changed11
What has changed…

3 areas that have been developed as part of this seamless transition:

  • Strokes
  • First aid
  • Lifesaving Sport
seamless transition strokes
Seamless Transition - Strokes

Front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke items have been added to each Swim Patrol level.

The “purpose” is to develop effective swimming strokes.

strokes cont d
Strokes - cont’d

To improve effectiveness, instructors are encouraged to:

  • Increase the distance swimmers can travel with each stroke (distance per stroke).
  • Use the drills provided in the Award Guide.
  • Create their own drills; keeping the “purpose” in mind.
seamless transition first aid
Seamless Transition – First Aid

Items that require application of CPR chest compressions or rescue breathing were deleted.

This removes the items that conflict with the 2005 ILCOR Lay Responder guidelines.

first aid cont d
First Aid - cont’d

The items that remained were selected for the Swim Patrol age group specifically.

The focus is on treating conditions or injuries that they are likely to encounter while at home, at school, or playing with their peers.

first aid rookie patrol
First Aid – Rookie Patrol
  • Assessment of a conscious victim
  • Accessing EMS
  • Simple external bleeding
first aid ranger patrol
First Aid – Ranger Patrol
  • Assessment of an unconscious breathing victim
  • Treating shock
  • Treating a conscious obstructed airway
first aid star patrol
First Aid – Star Patrol
  • Treatment of simple fractures and dislocations (simple closed injuries of lower arms & legs).
  • Treatment of respiratory distress caused by asthma or severe allergic reaction (retrieving medication so victim can self-administer and activating EMS).
seamless transition lifesaving sport
Seamless Transition – Lifesaving Sport

Integration of other lifesaving areas such as Junior Lifeguard Club, Lifesaving Fitness and Lifesaving Sport.

Exposing candidates to other areas may lead them to continue in lifesaving and become the instructors of the future.

activity trace the progressions
Activity: Trace the Progressions


  • Divide into small groups
  • Reference material: Award guide (March 2009) or Curriculum At-a-glance handout (Rookie, Ranger & Star)
  • Report back to the entire group and discuss your findings
activity trace the progressions21
Activity: Trace the Progressions
  • Trace the progression of skills throughout the Canadian Swim Patrol levels. For example:
    • Object carry / support
    • Lifesaving kick
    • Stroke development
  • Now, what progressions can you trace from:
    • Learn to Swim levels
    • Bronze family

Affiliates will now have a choice of 3 options for recognition:

Swim Patrol Kit

Award Crest

Award Seal (NEW)

recognition swim patrol kit
Recognition – Swim Patrol Kit

Swim Patrol Kit includes:

Personal wall chart

Recognition Seals

  • H2O Proficiency
  • First Aid
  • Rescue

Award Crest

recognition award seal
Recognition – Award Seal


One sticker for each of the Swim Patrol levels

Note: differs from the 3 recognition seals (H20 Proficiency, First Aid & Rescue)

recognition progress report
Recognition – Progress Report

Note: Hardcopies will be available in black and white only

canadian swim patrol contest
Canadian Swim Patrol Contest

One item has been chosen from each of the revised Swim Patrol levels for the contest.

Instructors will time their candidates and then submit their times on the provided results sheet.

contest details
Contest Details

Only Swim Patrol candidates are eligible for participation in the contest.

All items correspond to the revised Award Guide (March 2009) and applicable Must Sees unless otherwise noted.

For all items, candidates must start in the water.

canadian swim patrol contest rookie patrol
Canadian Swim Patrol Contest Rookie Patrol

Item 7 - Obstacle swim - 25 m or yd.

  • Swim 25 m or yd. using any stroke. Demonstrate the ability to swim under an obstacle located at the halfway point.

Must See

  • Candidate swims under the obstacle
  • Distance completed
canadian swim patrol contest ranger patrol
Canadian Swim Patrol Contest Ranger Patrol

Item 8 - Lifesaving medley

  • Swim 100 m or yd. individual medley as follows: 25 m or yd. each of lifesaving kick, back crawl, breaststroke, front crawl.

Must See

  • Non-stop medley

** For timing purposes – pulse check is not required

canadian swim patrol contest star patrol
Canadian Swim Patrol Contest Star Patrol

Item 5 – Object carry

  • Carry a 4.5 kg (10 lb.) object 25 m or yd. using swimmer’s choice of lifesaving kick

Must See

  • Basic lifesaving kick mechanics with control of direction
  • Distance completed non-stop
  • Head remains above the surface
contest prizes
Contest Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the male and female with the fastest time each session.

Winners and the applicable Affiliate will be contacted by the Lifesaving Society.

The prize will be sent to the Affiliate for presentation to the winner.

deadline for submissions
Deadline for submissions

Note: To be eligible, all result sheets must be received no later than 4:30 pm on the date indicated.

wrap up

Questions and Feedback

Revised worksheets are available on the Lifesaving Society website:

canadian swim patrol update40

Canadian Swim Patrol Update

Revised Program - March 2009