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Stadium Surface Committee Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Stadium Surface Committee Information

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Stadium Surface Committee Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stadium Surface Committee Information. Stadium Surface Committee. Reconvened committee from 2002-2003 Focus: Research the viability of artificial surfaces and track replacement projects at each school.

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Stadium Surface Committee Information

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stadium surface committee
Stadium Surface Committee
  • Reconvened committee from 2002-2003
  • Focus: Research the viability of artificial surfaces and track replacement projects at each school.
  • Committee representation – Board, Administration, Teachers, Community members, resource experts.
  • Sub-committee structure:

- Usage - Safety

- Maintenance - Cost

synthetic turf systems
Synthetic Turf Systems
  • Components:
    • Drainage layer (composite or multi-layered backing system
    • Grass-like fibers/blades
    • Various products include infill system composed of sand and/or rubber.
stadium field usage current
Stadium Field Usage - Current
  • Current under-utilization of Stadium field space (used 5% of allowable time)
    • Used primarily for athletic contests:
      • Varsity/JV Boys-Girls Soccer
      • Varsity/JV Boys Football
      • Varsity Lacrosse
    • Physical education classes excluded from use
    • Limited access for Band and Spirit groups: 0 to 2 sessions per week in the fall and spring.
stadium field usage projected
Stadium Field Usage - Projected
  • Increased usage of Stadium field space (projected use at 78% of allowable time)
    • Increased contest use (fewer cancellations)
      • Reduces off-site needs; saves time, transportation,

and rental fees.

    • Physical education classes daily use
    • Reduces over-use of current practice facilities (allows for frequency of field rotation)
    • Regularly scheduled Band and Spirit group use
    • Summer use (curricular, athletic, activity, summer leagues)
safety considerations
Safety Considerations
  • Risk of injury
    • Many injury risks are related to the type of sport or activity rather than the type of field surface.
    • Concussions, sprains, twists and jams are common to all sports.
  • Risk of exposure to MRSA & other infectious diseases
    • MRSA infections are commonly linked to abrasions.
    • Proper treatment of abrasions limits exposure.
    • Prevention/reduction of risks factors/Communication to users.
safety considerations9
Safety Considerations
  • Risk of Exposure to Extreme Heat
    • Synthetic fields can generate heat issues.
    • District 211 heat index procedures limit exposure.
  • Risk Related to Sanitary Conditions
    • Major sources of the problem
    • Prevention/education
  • Risk Related to Exposure to Small Particles
    • Respiratory concerns
    • Facts to address concerns (crumb rubber, sand)
field maintenance
Field Maintenance
  • Field & Running Track Considerations
    • Soccer field width (65-75 yds.)
    • 6 Lane/8 Lane tracks
    • Field event locations
  • Product life expectancy
    • Product life 8 yrs. (warranty period)
    • Based on volume of projected use – planning for 5 yr. replacement of field turf (carpet only) surface. O/M budget planning
site engineering services
Site Engineering Services
  • Underground storm water management
  • Site planning (topography)
  • Survey
  • Permitting (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District)
other maintenance considerations
Other Maintenance Considerations
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Field lighting (new and/or relocated)
  • Communications
  • Ancillary items
    • Hard wired systems (PA, internet, security)
    • Irrigation
    • Utilities
funding considerations
Funding Considerations
  • Outright purchase - $1.3 million per site. Use of O/M Fund undesignated restricted balance
    • Meets capital improvement criteria
      • Existing program commitments are functional and support a systematic approach to provide equity among all five high schools.
      • Renovation of existing buildings are systematically assessed and scheduled for capital site improvements.
      • Future programs.
other funding options
Other Funding Options
  • Other funding options discussed, but not recommended:
    • Lease/purchase option
    • Business/Community partnership – Fundraiser
    • Grants
next steps
Next Steps
  • Develop product selection specifications (turf types, fiber, backing systems, infill, base materials, lines/markings)
  • Meet with school parent groups to provide information about the Stadium Surface project consideration and request feedback.