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Proposal To Hold

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Proposal To Hold. The 13th International Congress of Toxicology in Seoul, Korea in 2013. ( 사 ) 한국독성학회 서울 관악구 봉천동 4 동 875-1 관악캠퍼스터워 508 호 전화 ) 02-888-3248 팩스 ) 02-888-3249 E-mail: The Korean Society of Toxicology Gwanak Campus Tower, Rm. 508,

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Proposal To Hold

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Proposal To Hold The 13th International Congress of Toxicology in Seoul, Korea in 2013

    2. (사) 한국독성학회 서울 관악구 봉천동4동 875-1 관악캠퍼스터워 508호 전화) 02-888-3248 팩스) 02-888-3249 E-mail: The Korean Society of Toxicology Gwanak Campus Tower, Rm. 508, 875-1 Bongchhun-4-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-836, KOREA Tel) 82-2-888-3248 Fax) 82-2-888-3249 E-mail) January 10, 2007 International Union of Toxicology Executive Committee Invitation of the 13th International Congress of Toxicology to KOREA Dear Members of the Board, The Korean Society of Toxicology (KST) cordially invite the 13th International Congress of Toxicology (ICT XIII) to Korea. We propose to host the ICT XIII at COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center) in Seoul, in June, 2013 (adjustable). COEX is capable of holding any type of convention and exhibition with most updated communication systems, and has been used for the ASEM (Asia Europe Summits Meeting). The complex provides the most exciting accommodation, shopping, amusement, as well as convention experiences. KST is an active member of IUTOX and plays a central role in Asian toxicologist community. It has successfully hosted the 2nd Congress of the Asian Society of Toxicology in 2000, and held various international meetings of toxicological subject every year. It would be 27 years since the Japanese Society of Toxicology organized ICT IV in 1986 thus it is meaningful for the members of IUTOX to return to Asia for the Congress. It will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy Asian hospitality in 2013. Our steering committee for the ICT XIII consists of experienced as well as younger generation of toxicologists and prepared the proposal to show that Seoul would be an excellent choice for the 13th ICT. The government of Korea, including the city of Seoul and the National Institute of Toxicological Research, Korean Food and Drug Administration, has expressed strong intersts to support the congress. It would be a great honor for the Korean Society of Toxicology to host the 13th International Congress of Toxicology in 2013. Sincerely, Sang Seop Han Jin Ho Chung President of KST Chair of the Steering Commettee 1

    3. about KST

    4. About the Korean Society of Toxicology • The Korean Society of Toxicology was established in 1984 to promote research collaboration, opinion exchange, and professional training regarding toxicological concerns. The Society has currently 730 members encompassing academia, industry, research organization, and government. Toxicology community is growing fast in Korea. The community consists of toxicologists in various fields including but not limited to clinical, occupational, environmental, ecological, food, consumer product, and public health. • KST publishes quarterly journal, “the Korean Journal of Toxicology and Public Health”, and a newsletter published on the web. It also organizes biannual scientific meetings to promote research communication among national and international toxicologists. KST is an active member in both IUTOX and ASIATOX. It helped found Asian Society of Toxicology (ASIATOX) and organized 2nd meeting of ASIATOX in 2000, in Jeju, Korea. • KST also concentrates on the education and training of younger generation of toxicologist. The society offers intensive training courses and operates certification board for the “toxicology expert”. It also offers GLP training courses. The younger generation of the toxicologists will no doubt play major role in organizing ICT XIII in 2013. • Council of the Korean Society of Toxicology, 2007. • Dr. Sang Seop Han, President • Dr. Jin Ho Chung, Vice President • Dr. Hoonjeong Kwon, Secretary in Chief • Dr. Byung-Hoon Lee, Secretary General • Dr. Jung Duck Park, Secretary of Academic affair • Dr. Ja-Young Jung, Treasurer • Dr. Hai-Won Chung • 2

    5. Toxicological Research in Korea Toxicology community in Korea consists of researchers with various affiliations. Researchers in universities are working in the fields of pharmaceutical, veterinary, medicinal sciences, and public health. Scientists from industry work not only in pharmaceutics but also in cosmetics, consumer products, etc. Government scientists are also important members of the society. The research area includes in vivo and in vitro toxicological tests, toxicological methods development in various areas, toxicological mechanistic studies, risk assessments, etc. Alternative toxicology is now expanding area. Toxicology Experts KST has operated registration program for the “toxicology experts” since 2000. The society offers extensive review courses twice a year, and a qualifying exam once a year. A candidate must have a college education in a related field and seven years of experience in the field of toxicology, and pass a qualifying examination. The certification board reviews the qualification of the candidates and recommend for the certification. There are currently 91 experts registered in Korea. GLP Training Programs KST has launched GLP personnel training program in 2005 for the toxicological testing laboratories. 3

    6. about Congress

    7. Topics of the ICT XIII in 2013 The International Congress of Toxicology in 2013 will include multidisciplinary topics from the traditional toxicology themes as well as the latest toxicological issues. However, the main theme will be “the Safety of the Consumers” Possible program may include ▫Clinical toxicology ▫Preventive toxicology ▫Alternative toxicology ▫ Environmental toxicology ▫ Comparative toxicology ▫ Toxicogenomics ▫ Regulatory issues ▫ World trade and toxicological concern ▫ Toxicology and economic issues ▫ Etc … Continuing Education Program will offer a wide range of courses that cover state-of-the-art knowledge in toxicology, as well as new developments in toxicology and related disciplines. The arrangement will be made to applicable to certifying and licensing board requirements by contacting with the American Board of Toxicology (ABT), EU Registry of Toxicologist or the Japanese Board of Toxicology. Both basic and advanced course topics are offered. The basic course is intended to provide a broad overview of an area or to assist individuals in learning new techniques or approaches. The advanced course is intended to be of interest to individuals with previous knowledge of the subject or already working in the field. Possible topics of the Continuing Education Programs may include: ▫ Risk assessment ▫ Toxicokinetics ▫ Particle Toxicology ▫ International Regulatory Toxicology A commercial exhibition connected to the field will be organized in conjunction with the congress 4

    8. Proposed dates for the Congress  June in Seoul is warm and bright, and very active period just before the Summer begins. It is best month to avoid hottest days of July for the meetings. However, the date is adjustable for the convenience of the international travelers. Since all of the Korean buildings and transportations are well climate-controlled, the travel and meetings in Korea will be quite comfortable in any season. 5

    9. Proposed Organization of the ICT XIII - The steering committee members have initiated the proposal and will participate as key members for the organization of the congress. However, more national and international members will be appointed in each committee as the preparation proceeds. Professional Conference Organizer Organizing Committee Chaired by Dr. Jin Ho Chung Scientific Program Committee Chaired by Dr. Sang-Gun Kim Steering Committee Chaired by Dr. Jin Ho Chung Dr. Hoonjeong Kwon Finance Committee Chaired by Dr. Il Je Yu International Liaison Office International Advisory Board Chaired by Dr. Young-Joon Surh 6

    10. Current International Advisory Board • Includes • ▫ Dr. Mohammad Abdollahi • ▫ Dr. P.K Gupta • ▫ Dr. Barbara Hales • ▫ Dr. Wallace Hayes • ▫ Dr. Ali Esat Karakaya • ▫ Dr. Curtis Klaassen • ▫ Dr. Abdalla Gomaa Radwan • ▫ Dr. H.S. Sandhu • ▫ Dr. Tetsuo Satoh • ▫ Dr. Aristidis M Tsatsakis • ▫ Dr. Kendall B. Wallace • As the preparation progress, we will seek advice from broader spectrum of scientist, worldwide. 7

    11. Draft Budget • registration fee is based on early bird registration: on-site registration will be higher. • The budget is drawn on the basis of 2006 rate. • The surplus of the funds, if any, will be contributed to IUTOX and KST monetary funds 8

    12. about COEX and City

    13. Conference Facilities: COEX, Seoul • Site for International Exchange" – COEX • State of the art Convention & Exhibition Facilities • Over 17,000 square meters of flexible convention and banquet facilities • Multi-function Convention Hall with a capacity of 7,000 people • Over 50 meeting rooms for wide variety of meetings and events • Cutting edge audio-visual technology support • Everything You Need is under on roof • over 30,000 hotel rooms and suites • cultural and commercial space • easy access to International Airport through City Air Terminal 9

    14. Easy Access From the International Airport Safe and comfortable service: City Airport Terminal located in the Trade Center operates the non-stop limousine bus between COEX and Incheon Int'l Airport/Kimpo Airport (Operating Hours: 05:20 - 22:30 (5-10 min. interval), and Korean Airline, Asiana Airline and Singapore Airline are offering kind and quick service for check-in and immigration. COEX Getting around in Seoul COEX is located in the real core of Seoul, the green line and the other connected subway system can take you to the site of your interest 10

    15. Seoul: City of Gathering The nation's capital Seoul is the hottest place to host an international meeting in Asia, second only to Singapore. Even in global terms, it ranks among the top ten.Seoul is fast-emerging as a leading world destination for conventions. Figures by the Union of International Associations show Seoul ranked as the ninth most popular convention city in the world last year, holding some 100 events. Fifty top-notch hotels are located in Seoul, and 100 professional convention organizers are operating here.Under its five-year plan, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to create convention paradise, by nurturing professionals in the field and designing attractive tourism products. Heart of the Asia-Pacific region instantly connected to 121 cities worldwide • 84 airlines connect Seoul with 121 cities worldwide through 2,846 flights 272 routes every week. • 2,628 domestic flights on 18 routes connect Seoul with 13 cities every week • Incheon International Airport (IIA) and Gimpo Airport can be reached within 40~60 minutes from downtown Seoul. • New Airport Railway will connect IIA, Gimpo Airport and Seoul Station in 2007. Convenient public transportation system • Dynamic City of Joy and Diversity • The capital city of 600-year-history houses 266 cultural properties including five major palaces. • 68 galleries, 344 performance facilities, and 200 cultural events • Cheonggyecheon, theme parks, Han River, and hiking & walking trails - tourist courses where the city meets with the nature. • Dazzling night view from Namsan Tower, 63 Building, and Star Tower, Cruise tour in Han River, clubbing streets near Hongik Univ. and Itaewon. • Colorful city for shopping - seven duty-free shops, Insa-dong, Market, Namdaemun Market, Itaewon, Myeong-dong, Cheongdam-dong, Yongsan Electronics Market, Gyeong-dong Market, Dongdaemun Folk Market, Noryangjin fisheries Market, Yangjae Floral Market 11

    16. Seoul; City of Old & New The Greatest traditional attractions of Seoul are the royal palaces. Seoul’s historical legacy as the capital city of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) is visible in these beautifully designed structures dotted around downtown Seoul, offering oases of tranquility in the midst of the city’s bustle. Korean Cuisine has unique aromas and tastes. Being chiefly made of vegetables, Korean food is low in fat and calories and considered one of the healthiest diet in the world. Nutritious, delicious, and beautiful, Korean foods are popular with foreign visitors. As night falls, Seoul lights up. Views are spectacular with the glow of lights from high rise buildings, roads filled with cars and illuminated bridges across the Han River. Seoul offers fascinating nightlife with many nightclubs, pubs and restaurants 12

    17. Letters of Support

    18. 13

    19. A letter of support from the Mayor of Seoul will be submitted. 14

    20. The Korean Society of Toxicology Gwanak Campus Tower, Rm. 508, 875-1 Bongchhun-4-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-836, KOREA Tel) 82-2-888-3248 Fax) 82-2-888-3249 E-mail)