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School Program

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School Program. Why handball should be part of your school program. Handball is probably the oldest ball game. Handball can be played using existing wall space. History. Handball is played on 1, 3 or 4 walls, indoors and outdoors by all ages. Who Plays Handball. Youngsters

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School Program

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school program

School Program

Why handball should be part of your school program

Handball is probably the oldest ball game

Handball can be played using existing wall space

who plays handball
Who Plays Handball


  • It is a great recreational and physical education activity.
who plays handball5
Who Plays Handball


  • There are many recreational and competitive avenues.
who plays handball6
Who Plays Handball

Mature Adults

  • It is a great lifetime sport!
who plays handball7

While known for his other skills the Babe could be found on the courts.

Who Plays Handball
why now
Why Now?
  • "It's easier to maintain your health than regain it." —Dr. Ken Cooper1
  • “Childhood and adolescence are pivotal times for preventing sedentary behavior among adults by maintaining the habit of physical activity throughout the school years.” 2
why now9
Why Now?
  • “A physically active lifestyle adopted early in life may continue into adulthood.
  • School-based and workplace based interventions have been shown to be successful in increasing physical activity levels.” 2
why handball
Why Handball?
  • Handball is bilateral. The skills needed include using both sides of the body and brain involving both upper and lower body parts.
  • Handball is active.There is little or no inactive time while playing.
why handball11
Why Handball?
  • Handball is a lifetime sport. Long after careers in team sports have come to an end lifetime sports, such as handball, are played and enjoyed.
why schools
Why Schools?
  • Handball instructional materials are aligned with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education standards.
why schools13
Why Schools?
  • Handball can be played recreationally or competitively. Courts are plentiful on the recreational level, and the USHA and local organizations offer a variety of avenues for competition. It is not only a sport but an activity.

Any Ball…Any Wall

why schools14
Why Schools?
  • Handball is a an activity for the masses. Courts are plentiful. Several city and school facilities are available at no cost. Most health clubs today include courts as do YMCAs. The game can be played on 1 wall, 3 wall or 4 wall courts.

Any Ball…Any Wall

why schools15
Why Schools?
  • Handball is available to everyone.

Size makes no difference.

All students can experience success!

why schools16
Why Schools?
  • Handball builds character.

The nature of the game;

The ethics of the game;

The mentors associated with the game;

All promote good character.

why schools17
Why Schools?
  • Handball develops fitness.

It develops and requires

cardiovascular and muscular endurance, muscular strength,


balance and


why schools18
Why Schools?
  • Handball is contagious.

Once the basics of the game are acquired the kids want to play all the time.

They can play before school, during recess, lunch, after school and on weekends.

why schools19
Why Schools?
  • Handball is inexpensive. No need for expensive equipment or lessons. The minimum requirement is a ball and a wall. The USHA will supply all the necessary starter equipment, training and lesson plans.

Any Ball…Any Wall

why florida
Why Florida
  • Florida's new law mandating elementary students spend 150 minutes weekly in moderate to vigorous activity is transforming some physical-education classes. Old team standards like kickball, dodge ball and softball have been shelved, and teachers are working to teach children individual skills and sports they can continue throughout their lifetimes *
instructional material
Instructional Material
  • Lesson plans
  • Instructional CD
  • Gloves
  • Balls
  • Eye guards
local programs
Lennox has 100 kids

playing at lunch time

Instructor Marcus Hough

Local Programs
share the passion
Share the Passion
  • The USHA youth player development program involves teaching handball to the teachers. Certified handball instructors conduct clinics to teachers who in turn provide instruction to others.

Playing it Forward

share the passion25
Share the Passion
  • Focus on player development
  • Identifying Mentors
  • Developing Coaches