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2005 projected IT spending on products and software are $1.3 trillion: US = $715 billion*. Canada = $35 billion. Rest-o PowerPoint Presentation
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2005 projected IT spending on products and software are $1.3 trillion: US = $715 billion*. Canada = $35 billion. Rest-o

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2005 projected IT spending on products and software are $1.3 trillion: US = $715 billion*. Canada = $35 billion. Rest-o - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2005 projected IT spending on products and software are $1.3 trillion: US = $715 billion*. Canada = $35 billion. Rest-of-world = $550 billion. * Dataquest . Amounts quoted in US $s. Channel members VARs, System Integrators, Resellers, Retailers, etailers, System Builders, etc.

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2005 projected IT spending on products and software are $1.3 trillion: US = $715 billion*. Canada = $35 billion. Rest-o

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Presentation Transcript

2005 projected IT spending on products and software are $1.3 trillion:

US = $715 billion*.

Canada = $35 billion.

Rest-of-world = $550 billion.


Amounts quoted in US $s


Channel members

VARs, System Integrators, Resellers,

Retailers, etailers, System Builders, etc.

will sell about

63% (~$475 billion) of all IT sales in Canada and the US!


Vendors will spend about

$21 billion telling end-users why

they should purchase their products.

To do this, these Vendors will employ

marketing specialists who will work with

consultants, advertising agencies,

public relations firms,

direct marketing houses

and other outside marketing specialists.


Vendors will spend about

$23 billion telling channel members why

they should recommend their products.

To do this, these Vendors will

empower their channel sales people

to work with their distribution partners

and resellers to determine

how these dollars are spent.



Who is controlling your share of the $23 billion channel marketing budget?

Your channel sales reps?

Your distributors?

Your channel reseller partners?








What are your


channel marketing plans?


For 25-years Integrated has been assisting Vendors who want to control their channel marketing.






We help Vendors:

  • Profile & identify targeted channel partners.
  • Engage appropriate partners.
  • Educate, motivate and reward partners.
  • Control their channel marketing messages and budgets.

We also help Vendors:

  • Develop & implement marketing programs.
  • Track results.
  • Spend channel marketing dollars more efficiently & effectively.
  • Increase channel sales!

As channel publishers we provide:

  • Access to 165,000 Canadian and US channel members every business day who read eChannelLine to get the news they need to know ….
  • Vendors with more channel touch points, more often than anyone else.

We are Integrated!

  • IT channel experts.
  • Channel marketers.
  • Channel publishers.
  • Your first step towards controlling your channel …
  • … is to engage as your channel partner!


Integrated is a strategic channel marketing and publishing company for the IT industry.

Experience:Since 1980 we have successfully implemented highly effective, cost-efficient channel, direct and hybrid marketing solutions for more than 325 IT companies … including many of the world's leading vendors, distributors and resellers.

Range:We provide a full range of customized marketing communications services.


How The Channel Works




HTML Mailers


Corporate End-Users



What The Channel Reads

Promoting to resellers througheditorial-focused

online channel publications

is themost effectiveway for

vendors and distributors

to communicate with Resellers!!!

Reality Research is a subsidiary of CMP Media, publishers of CRN

… the world’s largest publisher of IT Channel print publications.

Dini Cohen

Director, Account Services

16 Years Experience

our publishing background
Our Publishing Background

1993: Established division to provide technology-related editorial supplements in partnership with major publishers including: Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Readers Digest and Les Affaires.

1996: Launched CRN Canada in association with CMP Media.

1997: Launched eChannelLine® Canada

2000: Created suite of unique push/pull editorial vehicles

2001: Moved all publishing activities online

2003: Launched ConnectIT© SMB Daily eNewsletter

2003: Launched eChannelLine US

2004: Launched Channel Advisor eNewsletter for Vendors



The Channel Reads

  • North America’s leading IT channel eNewsletter.
  • Provides advertisers with tremendous channel awareness & branding opportunities.
  • Ideal for:
    • Creating top-of-mind preference.
    • Launching new or modified products.
    • Promoting channel partner program participation.
    • Promotions.

The news the channel needs to know, served fresh every business day!



  • Delivered daily to more than 165,000 channel members:
    • eChannelLine US – 130,000
    • eChannelLine Canada – 36,000
  • Using’s “two-minute” overview format, eChannelLine provides a daily synopsis of the day’s top IT news stories channel members need to know …

… from a Channel perspective.

Steve Wexler


25 Years Experience



  • Each issue contains's proven 6-25-400 format:
    • Easy-to-read, easy-to-digest “tell readers in 6 words, tell them again in 25 words and then tell them the whole story in 400 words” .
    • Five news stories plus news briefs – each one click away from the full feature article.
    • In less then two-minutes, recipients are able to determine which articles they want to:
      • Ignore
      • Read
      • Save
      • Forward to a friend


  • Online search engine lets recipients easily find articles on topics of interest to them.
  • All recipients have the option to easily opt out at any time.
  • Customized Canadian and US versions:
    • Ensures channel members get information that is most relevant to them.
    • Enables advertisers to:
      • Segment the audience they want
      • Create customized messages for each audience
      • Pay only for the country they are targeting.

We Reach The Channel

Open rates are based on November 2004.

eChannelLine is North America’s leading IT channel eNewsletter.

We provide a daily synopsis of the news channel members need to know!

95% of Canada’s top 6,000 Resellers receive eChannelLine. 80% of them read it on any given day.

60% of the US’s top 10,000 Resellers receive eChannelLine. 65% of them read it on any given day.


Why Advertise Online

  • Current, relevant information
  • Regular communication
  • In harmony with work flow
  • One click away from doing business

Rob Dutt

OnLine Editor

eChannelLine Daily News

Since 1997



  • eNewsletters (eChannelLine, ConnectIT, Channel Advisor, eFocused Reports) provide a wide array of advertising opportunities on:
    • Outbound emailers.
    • Web-based story pages.

Tab-U-Link Ads

Horizontal Banner Ads

Box Ads

Vertical Banner Ad

Key Word Ads



eChannelLine US

Amounts quoted in US $s


eChannelLine Canada

Amounts quoted in US $s


Do The Math

CRN Direct numbers as per 2005 Rate Card.

CMP’s only daily channel eNewsletter is CRN Direct. It has the lowest CPM of all their channel eNewsletters.

Amounts quoted in US $s


Tab-U-Link Ads

  • Locatedacross top of eChannelLine and ConnectIT.
  • Appear everyday.
  • Great for branding.
  • Logo and one – two word description.
  • Animated GIF or static JPEG.
  • 72 X 30 pixels.

Amounts quoted in US $s


Key Word Ads

  • Locatedon the story pages.
  • You select your “exclusive key word”.
  • Ad appears (in rotation) everytime “your” word appears in a story.
  • Estimated 150,000 views per year (depends on word selected).
  • Animated GIF or static JPEG.
  • 240 X 240 pixels.

Amounts quoted in US $s



  • Written by’s editorial staff with client involvement from 100’ level.
  • Client:
    • Selects topic.
    • Provides sources to be quoted.
    • Provides photos/graphics.
    • Approves article.
    • Determines where/when article runs.

Amounts quoted in US $s


Custom Push/Pull Vehicles

  • Custom vehicles that reach eChannelLine’s database.
  • Produced by in conjunction with a host sponsor.
  • Designed to increase sales flow-through by providing VARs with a suite of marketing tools that:
    • Educate channel members.
    • Provide select channel partners with end-user versions of these marketing tools that they can customize and send to their customers and prospects.
    • Through Dialog Marketing™ continuously encourages these select VARs to send these tools to their customers and prospects.

HTML Mailers

  • Static eAdvertisements delivered to eChannelLine's and/or ConnectIT's databases
  • Similar to inserting a flyer into a print publication.
  • Quick and effective way to promote a straight-forward message. Fast turnaround. Easy to modify. Used effectively to launch new products, announce promotions or price reductions, sell off excess, obsolete or returned inventory, invite audience to an event.

HTML Mailers

Amounts quoted in US $s

Note: End-user delivery to 42,000 SMBs via ConnectIT’s database = additional $3,200.

Promotional flash eAdvertisements delivered to eChannelLine's and/or ConnectIT's databases.
  • Similar to inserting a brochure into a print publication.
  • Provides the same functionality as an HTML mailer, in a more entertaining venue. Ideally suited to situations where longer, more complicated messages such as product launches and roadmaps, updated products, solutions and new programs.

Working with a lead sponsor, these promotional driven, interactive vehicles feature multiple screens that can incorporate flash presentations and audio.

  • Some online examples of
  • Interactive ePostCards created by
      • LexmarkPalm
      • DaisytekMoca
      • SamsungBest Power

Amounts quoted in US $s

Note: End-user delivery to 42,000 SMBs via ConnectIT’s database = additional $3,200.

Customized, single-vendor reports written by's editorial staff in conjunction with a lead sponsor.
  • will develop, program, write and distribute report.
  • Sponsor is involved, from a 100 foot level, in determining overall topic, focus and timing.
  • Similar to inserting a customized report into a print publication.
  • Exceptionally strong for educating channel members and corporate end users on the benefits of your technology and/or solutions, technology road maps and opportunities you provide to channel members and/or end users.

Single Vendor

Single Sponsor

Multiple Vendor

Distributor Sponsor

Multiple Vendor

Reseller Sponsor


Amounts quoted in US $s

Note: End-user delivery to 42,000 SMBs via ConnectIT’s database = additional $3,200.


Customized Vehicles

Integrated will work with you to develop and produce customized vehicles, including:

  • Electronic advertising
  • Electronic or print solutions guides
  • Custom electronic or print magazines
  • Editorials and advertorials
  • Electronic or print newsletters
  • White papers
  • Customized events & road shows
  • Focus groups & round tables
  • Dialog Marketing™ and public relations
  • Electronic or print program guides
  • Trade shows & events production/management

Mark Cox


21 Years Experience


An editorial-based corporate end-user daily business eNewsletter.

  • Circulation: 42,000.
  • Primary editorial direction focuses on providing management with useful tips on:
    • Management, personnel, sales, marketing, advertising, accounting, financing and overall logistics.
    • How technology can help them gain a competitive edge.

Editorial-based eFocused Reports produced in association with Gartner Group’s Vision Division.

  • Electronic Circulation emailed to:
    • Gartner’s Channel Database ~ 25,000
    • eChannelLine US ~ 130,000
    • eChannelLine Canada ~ 36,000
    • Total ~ 191,000
  • Print Circulation (Report on System Builders and VARs)
    • Delivered each morning to all 1,000 attendees hotel rooms


  • Problem: Today’s conservative approach to business frequently creates a self-fulfilling prophecy: potential new opportunities do not receive sufficient marketing funds until they prove to be winners … but without marketing funds the opportunity is guaranteed not to succeed.
  • Solution: Due to our confidence in our vehicles and abilities, has developed a unique performance-based marketing program that:
    • Provides qualifying Vendors with upfront marketing dollars.
    • Creates a virtually risk-free scenario for Vendors where invests based on forecasted sales.
    • Vendors pay a 15% service fee and repay the other 85% based on an agreed upon percentage of actual sales.


  • Qualifications:
    • Successful Vendors that are currently not active in Canada and/or the US.
    • Products in Canada and/or the US that do not have significant IT channel presence.
    • Companies that believes it can play an integral role in helping them achieve rapid growth. Key qualities normally include:
      • Mass appeal.
      • Relatively easy for the IT channel to sell.
      • Ability to track sales.


  • Vendor Responsibilities:
  • Sufficient internal resources to support the initiative.
  • Strong integrated go-to-market strategy, sales and business plan.
  • Necessary infrastructure (directly or via distribution, REP, agency relationships, etc.) to ensure:
    • Product availability
    • Distribution
    • Warranties
    • Service and Support


  •’s Key Responsibilities:
  • To provide a front-loaded marketing program that will enable brand recognition and accelerated growth.
  • If required, to work with Vendor to help ensure adequate distribution and representative relationships exists.
  • Leverage’s relationships, vehicles, databases and experience.
  • Work with Vendor to develop and implement a strong go-to-market (channel, direct or hybrid) program.
What: International e-Newsletter targeting marketing & channel sales people at IT Vendors.
  • Frequency: Published by Integrated every 3 weeks in consortium with about 20 IT channel marketing experts.
  • Format:’s proven 6-25-400 formula for eNewsletters
  • Focus: Assisting recipients to successfully develop and implement strategic go-to-market programs (channel, direct and hybrid), including:
    • Use of distributors, agents, representatives, consultants
    • Direct, retail, e-tail, VAR, system integrators and hybrid strategies
    • System Builders
    • Vertical markets strategies
it marketing budgets
IT Marketing Budgets

High tech vendors tend to use advertising agencies, public relations companies, direct marketers, events specialists, etc. to assist them with their end-user marketing programs. Yet, although ½ their budgets are channel focused, they tend to allow sales reps and distributors to control these vital dollars.

Carl Laywine

VP Finance

48 Years Experience

ownership of marketing s
Ownership of Marketing $s

Michelle Dimick

VP, Strategic Marketing

20 Years Experience


Channel Marketing

  • Integrated was founded in 1980 as a full-service marketing communications company focusing on the IT&T industry.
  • We develop and implement strategic channel marketing programs for forward-looking technology-driven companies that possess the vision, drive and energy required to achieve and sustain growth.
  • We have worked with about 325 IT&T companies, including: associations, software application vendors, components manufacturers, electrical, computer & power distributors, hardware manufacturers, ISPs, telecommunications companies, retailers, e-tailers, service providers and software developers.
  • We will help you grow your channel business!
channel marketing services
Channel Marketing Services
  • Segmentation, target market selection, positioning and branding.
  • Establishing relationships and engaging channel partners – reps, distributors, resellers, retailers.
  • Go-To-Market positioning grid.
  • Go-To-Market strategy, recruitment, and program design.
  • Go-To-Market evaluation and audit services.
  • Go-To-Market co-marketing and demand creation.

Integrated provides a full range of services designed to increase Clients’ ROI, including:

channel marketing services57
Channel Marketing Services
  • Internet/e-business strategy and management.
  • Launch strategies and rollouts.
  • Awareness and demand creation.
  • Customer retention programs.
  • Leadership and management training programs.
  • Channel publications.
  • Channel events.
channel marketing services58
Channel Marketing Services
  • Research & SWOT analysis.
  • Channel Positioning Audit Survey™.
  • Strategic marketing.
  • Branding.
  • Go-to-market strategy development & implementation.
  • Public relations.
  • Database management.
channel marketing services59
Channel Marketing Services
  • Dedicated project/account management and budgeting.
  • Web development, eCommerce, online training, etc.
  • Advertising.
  • Design & production.
  • Collateral and sales material.
  • Partnership/alliance marketing.
  • Direct marketing/telemarketing.
  • Coop & MDF (program development and tracking).
key channel messages
Key Channel Messages
  • Integrate channel messages with corporate messages.
  • Educate channel on who you are.
  • Create top-of-mind brand awareness.
  • Motivate and reward for recommending your products.
  • Manage channel partners.
  • Continuously refresh and remind.
channelline advisory board
ChannelLine Advisory Board
  • Active executive level steering committee consisting of about 95 people. Board helps guides the development, overall direction and evolution of the IT channel.
  • The Board ensures Resellers are informed about the industry they work in and educated on how to successfully run their business.
  • Members are:
    • Owners
    • C-Level Executives
    • Channel Specialists
    • VPs, Sales or Marketing

Robert Cohen


25 Years Experience


Alliance Partners

To enable us to better service our Clients, Integrated has developed a network of alliance partners, including:



How can we assist with your


channel marketing plans?