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Modern China

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Modern China. July,2004 NCTA Study Tour. Aerial view of the Forbidden City. The Imperial Summer Palace. Beijing license plate. Chinese graffiti on the Great Wall. Note the air quality issues !. A night shopping area in Beijing. Wanfujing – a pedestrian area. A very busy night spot.

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Modern China

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modern china

Modern China


NCTA Study Tour


The Chinese government is busy removing Hutong’s before the Summer 2008 Olympics come to Beijing. They are going to be a way of life from the past. They are crowded but offered a unique type of urban life.

Prince Gong was a bureaucrat who built several lovely homes for himself. Eventually he was charged, tried and executed for dishonesty.

The Chinese government is working hard to make Shanghai the financial center of all of Asia. They have spent a lot of money and time meticulously planning every aspect of its development at their Urban Planning Center. All housing, arterial roads, business areas, sports centers are placed carefully on a huge map .It was incredible to see their plan being built and well into construction.


We spent about 1 ½ hours talking to an architect involved in building Jin Mao Tower. The design comes from a Chinese pagoda. Feng Shui was incorporated into the design and landscaping. It is one of the 10 tallest buildings on Earth.


I traveled across China for 3 weeks, visiting 9 cities. There were very few bright and sunny days. The air quality across China was generally poor except right after a heavy rain when the air was washed clean of all the smog. I was grateful for the rain so I could breathe more easily.