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Istanbul Forum Country Exercise: LATVIA. Innovations and technology commercialization in Latvia National Innovation Programme. Step 1: Diagnosis . Current situation . Identified problems. Awareness, knowledge Infrastructure Financial resources. Awareness, knowledge.

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Istanbul ForumCountry Exercise:LATVIA

Step 1 diagnosis l.jpg
Step 1: Diagnosis

  • Current situation

Identified problems l.jpg
Identified problems

  • Awareness, knowledge

  • Infrastructure

  • Financial resources

Awareness knowledge l.jpg
Awareness, knowledge

  • Aging of the researchers

  • Small quantity of young people working in universities

  • Low industry awareness for the innovations

  • No clearly defined priorities of industrial development sectors

  • Low industry investments in research and development

  • Small high tech industry sector

Infrastructure l.jpg

  • Depreciated research infrastructure

  • Insufficient number of business incubators

  • Insufficient state support to the R&D infrastructure in the universities and scientific institutes

Financial resources l.jpg
Financial resources

  • No special financial instruments to support innovations

  • No state supported seed capital possibilities

  • No state supported venture capital schemes

Step 2 objective of the intervention l.jpg
Step 2: Objective of the intervention

  • To raise national innovation capacity by implementation of Innovation programme

    Improve technology commercialization to get more new products and to increase competitiveness of companies

  • Key institutions

    • Ministry of Economics

    • Ministry of Education and Science

    • Ministry of Finance

  • Target groups

    • Enterprises

    • Public and universities research centers

Foreseen activities awareness knowledge l.jpg
Foreseen activitiesAwareness, knowledge

  • Clearly defined priorities of industrial development sectors

  • Awareness campaign to the industry

  • State ordered applied research programs in priority industrial research fields

  • Reallocation of state funded university study places to engineering and natural studies

  • Create IPR protection system in Public Research institutes

Foreseen activities infrastructure l.jpg
Foreseen activitiesInfrastructure

  • Upgrade infrastructure in universities and scientific institutes

  • Develop technology transfer centers in Universities

  • Support for business incubators

  • Support for the Technology parks

Foreseen activities financial resources l.jpg
Foreseen activitiesFinancial resources

  • Improvement of current state support programmes to make it more attractive to innovative enterprises

  • Attraction of private capital to the financing of R&D

  • Increase volume for issued credit guarantees

  • Implement venture capital scheme

  • Develop and implement state supported seed capital programme

Step 4 institutions involved l.jpg
Step 4: Institutions involved

  • Roles and responsibilities of government ministries or agencies

    • Ministries together with industry define new priorities of research fields

    • Design research development strategy

    • Develop and implement state support programs

  • What other partners would be involved?

    • Implementing agencies as Latvian Guarantee agency, Latvian investment and development agency, e.t.c.

Step 5 results indicators l.jpg
Step 5: Results Indicators

  • Results

    • Growth rate of private sector investments in R&D to 1% of GDP

    • Total investments in R&D 2% of GDP till 2010

    • Growth rate of High tech industry

  • Indicators

    • Number of new companies created

    • Number of new jobs created

    • Number of students in engineering and natural sciences

    • Number of researchers in public and private sectors

    • Number of patents

    • Number of innovative enterprises

Step 6 background information l.jpg
Step 6: Background Information

  • Team members’ names

    Toms Baumanis

    Anrijs Matīss

    Una Vanaga

    Maija Bundule

    Anatolijs Melnis

  • Contact information