taking your tripology experience to the next level 2 25 09 l.
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Taking your Tripology Experience to the Next Level 2/25/09 PowerPoint Presentation
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Taking your Tripology Experience to the Next Level 2/25/09

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Taking your Tripology Experience to the Next Level 2/25/09 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taking your Tripology Experience to the Next Level 2/25/09. Brought to you by.

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Taking your Tripology Experience to the Next Level 2/25/09

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    1. Taking your Tripology Experience to the Next Level2/25/09

    2. Brought to you by CCRA International is a travel services provider for over 22,000 agencies worldwide. Through our web booking tool, CCRAtravel.com, we are able to provide services and discounts for travel suppliers such as hotel, car, limo, and our sales leads service through Tripology! If you are not already a registered user for our website, please go to www.ccratravel.com and join today!

    3. The Tripology Solution Cruise Traveler MexicoTraveler S. AmericanTraveler AfricaTraveler MexicoSpecialist AfricaSpecialist Cruise Specialist S. AmericanSpecialist

    4. How Specialists Find Perfect Clients

    5. How the Matchmaking Works

    6. Webinar Incentive Webinar Incentive All specialists who attended this webinar are entered into a drawing for a chance to win: 10 FREE Tripology leads, a $50 USD value!  5 lucky winners will be selected on March 4th . Must be a registered Tripologist and be in attendance for this entire webinar to be eligible to win.

    7. Travel Specialist Registrationwww.tripology.com/agent Online Brochure Current CCRA Incentive Webinars Tripologists Blog Animated Product Overview

    8. Tips for Success

    9. Be Selective Only respond to those leads that interest you and which you can fulfill.

    10. Create a Compelling Profile A link to your profile will be sent to every consumer we connect you with, so: • Ensure your business description is complete and current • Include your key assets: years in business, expertise, credentials, affiliations, etc… •  Refrain from using all CAPS while writing • Feature a photo on your profile: it helps build a connection with the consumer Example on next slide

    11. Compelling Profile Example

    12. Personalize Your Initial Emails Important tips for your introductory emails: • Include specific details from the trip request • Prove you are the expert and the best choice for this itinerary • Provide some initial ideas for the trip • Offer a timeline for when you’ll get back to the consumer with concrete trip details

    13. Respond in Multiple Ways • Avoid spam filters used by consumers and use our contact form to send emails  • Follow up with a second email from your own email account • If the consumer included a phone number, call at an appropriate time taking into consideration the time zone of the consumer Examples on the next slide!

    14. Key Email Tips Lead Confirmation Email Purchase Confirmation Email

    15. Successful Tripologists

    16. Winter Promotion Tripology/CCRA Winter Incentive • WHAT: $15 in lead credits for travel specialist referrals. CCRA-affiliated agents who refer other qualified travel specialists get $15 in lead credits during the incentive period. • WHEN: 1/1/09 – 3/31/09 • HOW: Simply refer another travel specialist and once the referred travel specialist registers with Tripology and makes a first lead purchase, you’ll receive $15 in free lead credit in your Tripology account. Visit www.CCRATravel.com for more details.

    17. Contact Information Contact Us Our staff is here to assist you from 9AM – 6PM EST Monday – Friday • Phone: 1-800-924-0722 • Online: Complete our form at www.tripology.com/agent/contacts • Email:contact@tripology.com

    18. Brought to you by To learn more about CCRA International’s partnership with Tripology, visit the CCRA Travel Partners page on CCRAtravel.com