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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings PowerPoint Presentation
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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings

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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings. On Our Plate for Today…. Next Steps for the Strategic Plan Results from 2006 PARs and CARs Updated Roles and Responsibilities Let’s Hear It…. LTAP/TTAP Strategic Plan 5-7 year horizon. Strategic Planning Cycle. Highway Reauthorization Bill.

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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings

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Presentation Transcript
on our plate for today
On Our Plate for Today…
  • Next Steps for the Strategic Plan
  • Results from 2006 PARs and CARs
  • Updated Roles and Responsibilities

Let’s Hear It…



Strategic Plan

5-7 year horizon

Strategic Planning Cycle




Review Annual


Modify Tactics


Strategic Plan

Every 2-3 years

2007 strategic planning committee
2007 Strategic Planning Committee
  • Leonard Brown – OH
  • Renee Koller – CO LTAP
  • Ron Hall – CO TTAP
  • Lisa Harris – KS [NLTAPA President through July ‘07]
  • Cheri Marti – MN
  • Terry McNinch – MI
  • Marie Walsh – LA [Next NLTAPA President]
  • Cameron Ishaq – FHWA SPC liaison
2007 strategic planning committee meeting
2007 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
  • “Are we still doing things right, and are we still doing the right things?”
  • Robust discussion of the status of LTAP/TTAP and the Strategic Plan
  • First review of how far we have come since 2004 and where we are going in 2007 and beyond
  • First “new” members in Cheri and Leonard
  • Specific review of all performance measures
2007 spc meeting outcomes
2007 SPC Meeting Outcomes
  • New performance measures section
    • Edited and/or revised measures
    • New text for the Plan
  • Upgrades to the PAR to reflect the changes in the performance measures
  • New Section III in the CAR to better capture best practices from Centers
  • Out-of-date portions of the text of the Plan to be revised, with greater emphasis placed on strategy vs. “sales”
  • Focus area name changed to Operational Excellence
additional deliverables for spc
Additional Deliverables for SPC

Program Customer Survey

  • Determine the needs of local agencies
  • Align national Program resources to meet those needs
  • Incorporate emerging local needs into national planning and products
  • Use input from previously scheduled survey where appropriate, including the mailing list
2006 par and car overview
2006 PAR and CAR Overview
  • Just over 50% submitted on time [26 PARs and 34 CARs by January 31 – compare to nearly 90% in ‘04 and ‘05]
  • Integrity of PAR numbers much improved
  • Depth of discussion and quality of effort continues with CARs – keep up the good work!
  • Transition to new FHWA Clearinghouse offers greater opportunities for data assessment and use
  • Positive reaction to ease-of-use changes to forms
par and car data
PAR and CAR Data…
  • Enables sound management of the Program
  • Communicates the diversity of LTAP/TTAP efforts and Center challenges
  • Illustrates the impact of our Program to our stakeholders
  • Insures sound stewardship of taxpayer dollars
summary of 2006 par data
Summary of 2006 PAR Data
  • Total number of sessions = 4,978

[2005 total = 5,127]

  • Total participants = 136,808

[2005 total = 132,906]

  • Total participant hours = 901,829

[2005 total = 923,725]

summary of 2006 par data12
Summary of 2006 PAR Data
  • Total newsletter circulation = 461,377

[2005 total = 506,642]

  • Total number of FTEs = 196*

[2005 total =201]

*The average number of FTEs per Center remains around three

summary of 2006 par data13
Summary of 2006 PAR Data

Safety Remains the Primary Focus:

  • Total safety courses = 2,364

[of 5,127 total]

  • Total safety participants = 57,355

[of 132,906 total]

About Half Our Courses and Participants

summary of 2006 car data
Summary of 2006 CAR Data

Three Major Areas of Concern:

  • Funding
    • Overall LTAP/TTAP appropriation
    • DOT/University match
    • Other available program funds
  • Staffing
    • Hiring and keeping quality people
    • Maintaining ability to provide services
  • Instructors
    • Finding qualified instructors to meet training needs of locals
summary of 2006 car data15
Summary of 2006 CAR Data
  • Quality of CAR data continues to exceed expectations
  • FHWA is considering an effort to work with Centers to make wider use of some CAR data e.g. best practices
  • CAR remains a valuable tool for FHWA to better understand the needs and challenges of individual Centers
next steps for par and car
Next Steps for PAR and CAR
  • The FHWA goal for 2007 data is 100% submission of both reports by January 31, 2008
  • FHWA is considering a range of options to improve the submission rate, including financial penalties
  • FHWA will collect feedback on the draft 2007 PAR and CAR forms at the regional meetings
  • Final versions of the PAR and CAR will be released at the Chicago meeting

Roles and Responsibilities

recap of the 2003 05 rnr
Recap of the 2003-05 RnR
  • Ad hoc working group from across the community and reporting to the SPC
  • Asked to review and define:
    • Roles and responsibilities across LTAP/TTAP
    • Alignment of tasks, gaps and overlaps
    • Specific problem areas
  • Completed a series of “one-pagers” that clarified RnR for Centers, FHWA and NLTAPA
the need to update rnr
The Need to Update RnR
  • Change of leadership at FHWA
  • Growing role of NLTAPA
  • New contractor for the FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse
2007 roles and responsibilities working group meeting
2007 Roles and Responsibilities Working Group Meeting
  • Completed a line-by-line critical review of the existing “one-pagers”
  • Realigned these into critical Program tasks
  • Created new roles and responsibilities outlines for Centers, FHWA and NLTAPA
  • Recommended inclusion of this information in the Strategic Plan
your turn to shut me up
Your Turn To Shut Me Up
  • Any questions, comments or feedback?
  • Any new questions raised? Old questions unanswered?
  • Your participation in everything we do is vital to our continued collective success...
he s finally done talking
He’s Finally Done Talking

Thanks for your hospitality

Cameron R. Ishaq

Fasterhorse LLC

FHWA Office of Professional

and Corporate Development

(703) 235 0525



  • About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff
  • FHWA Clearinghouse Steering Committee
  • Current and Upcoming Initiatives
  • LTAP/TTAP Website Upgrades
  • Exhibit and Regional Meeting Schedule
  • About ARTBA and ARTBA-TDF
about the fhwa clearinghouse and staff
About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF) began managing day-to-day operations of the LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse for FHWA last September.

about the fhwa clearinghouse and staff27
About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff
  • Alison Premo Black, Program Director
  • Lisa Kelley McCluskey, Program Manager
  • Sarah Crane, Program Assistant
about the fhwa clearinghouse and staff28
About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff

The LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse provides program support to the LTAP/TTAP. The primary tasks in the contract between FHWA and ARTBA-TDF include:

  • Maintain the LTAP/TTAP website
  • Distribute materials to the 58 centers
  • Offer exhibit materials and support for relevant meetings
  • Operate a clearinghouse of technology transfer materials
  • Provide real-time information and material support for the community.
about the fhwa clearinghouse and staff29
About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff

Technical and website services are provided to the LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse under a subcontract with the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University.

  • North Dakota State University
  • UGPTI Staff:
  • Tom Jirik
  • Patrick Nichols
  • Julie Rodriguez
fhwa clearinghouse steering committee
FHWA Clearinghouse Steering Committee
  • The Clearinghouse Steering Committee ensures that the LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse develops services that meet the needs of the centers and the national program community in accordance with the national strategic plan.
  • 2007 Clearinghouse Steering Committee Members:
  • Lisa Harris, KS LTAP- Current NLTAPA President [transition to Marie Walsh in following the 2007 LTAP Conference]
  • Juli Kobayashi, HI LTAP
  • Janet Leli, NJ LTAP
  • Terry McNinch, MI LTAP
  • Jim Self, OK TTAP
  • Donna Shea, CT LTAP
current up coming activities
Current & Up-coming Activities
  • Primary action item: Rebuild and upgrade the LTAP/TTAP web site
  • Continue to provide Centers with publications and other materials
    • Over 1,600 publications sent in April
    • Quarterly mailings of new Clearinghouse materials
  • Publish issues of the LTAP/TTAP e-news, an update from the FHWA Clearinghouse to the community
  • Working to finalize LTAP 101 for the national LTAP/TTAP meeting in Chicago
    • Scheduled for Monday, July 23
ltap ttap website upgrades
LTAP/TTAP Website Upgrades

The Clearinghouse is redesigning the website for LTAP/TTAP.

This is the first generation of revisions that updates the

design and navigation tools of the site only.  Content on the site is still

under review and redraft process.

  • May 3 - Rolled out a draft navigation to LTAP/TTAP Centers for comments
  • Reviewed comments with FHWA and CSC to revise
  • June 15 - Rolled out new website at
Planned second generation of upgrades include:

An updated database of resources that is easier to use with more search options

New links to other groups that provide training materials

Conversion of the instructor list to a new database format

A password-protected area for Centers only to update their contact information and submit PAR/CAR data

A new Program list-serve and additional communities of practice

LTAP/TTAP Website Upgrades

the clearinghouse exhibits on behalf of ltap ttap at national transportation conferences

Exhibit and Regional Meeting Schedule

The Clearinghouse exhibits on behalf of LTAP/TTAP at national transportation conferences.
  • 2007-2008 Exhibits:
  • NACE, April 22-26, Milwaukee
  • National Scenic Byways, May 21-22, Baltimore
  • AASHTO, September 27-Oct. 1, Milwaukee
  • ARTBA, INA 2007 and National Traffic
  • Management and Work Zone Safety Conference
  • Oct. 10-12, Ft. Lauderdale
  • League of Cities, Nov. 13-17, New Orleans, LA
  • TRB, Jan. 13-17, Washington, D.C.
exhibit and regional meeting schedule
Exhibit and Regional Meeting Schedule

The Clearinghouse staff traveled to all regional meetings in 2007 to present information to the community.

Region 6 March 6-7 Texarkana, TX

Region 4 May 6-9 Gainesville, FL

Region 8 May 15-16 Boulder, CO

Region 5 May 23-24 Chicago, IL

Region 9 May 30-31 Boise, ID

Region 7 June 5-6 Kansas City, MO

Region 3 June 5-6 Morgantown, WV

Region 2 June 12-13 Sitka, AK

Region 1 June 18-19 Storrs, CT


Breckenridge, Colorado

Site of 2008 LTAP National Conference

about artba and artba tdf
  • American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)
    • Located in Washington, D.C.
  • ARTBA is an association with over 5,000 members.
    • LTAP/TTAP directors have been designated as members of ARTBA’s Research and Education Division.
  • ARTBA conducts conferences, publishes newsletters, a magazine, educational materials, and maintains a comprehensive website.
  • ARTBA’s Transportation Development Foundation, (ARTBA-TDF) was established in 1985 as a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt entity to support research, education and public awareness.



how to contact us
How to Contact Us

FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse



1219 28th St.

Washington, D.C. 20007

  • Alison Premo Black, Program Director

  • Lisa Kelley McCluskey, Program Manager

  • Sarah Crane, Program Assistant


Sharing Knowledge

and Improving Communities