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Chinese Popular Fiction

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Chinese Popular Fiction. LIBR 545 Qiong Yang June 13 th , 2007. Chinese popular literature.

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chinese popular fiction

Chinese Popular Fiction

LIBR 545

Qiong Yang

June 13th, 2007

chinese popular literature
Chinese popular literature

Chinese popular literature has been a part of Chinese culture since ancient time, but compared to mainstream literature and serious literature, it has always been inferior to mainstream culture. It is a well-known fact that mainstream literature is for educated people and popular literature is just for illiterate people. Since 1980’s popular literature in Hong Kong and Tai Wan was introduced to Mainland China, Those works met the hidden needs for entertainment and freedom as well as curiosity of sex and power, they were widespread and acclaimed in Chinese-speaking areas from 1990’s. Now popular culture and literature are the most important part in Chinese entertainment industry.

major genres of chinese popular literature
Major Genres of Chinese Popular literature
  • Wuxia Fiction:
    • Chinese martial arts fiction: It is the most popular genre among Chinese popular fiction
  • Romance Fiction
    • Urban Romance Fiction
    • Campus Romance Fiction
  • War and military fiction:
    • This genre is about Chinese armies and has two popular time settings: during World War II especially when Japan invaded China as well as the peace time in Mainland China after 1990s. ( mainly written by Mainland China authors)
  • Crime Fiction
    • Police and criminal fiction mostly written in Mainland China
    • Police and gang mainly written by authors in Hong Kong
  • Nativist fiction.
    • Its story setting is in rural areas in mainland China
appeal of wuxia genre
Appeal of wuxia genre
  • Wuxia fiction entertains the young and old with stories of powerful, romantic swordsmen and superheroes and their adventures to get rid of evil. It is a phenomenon that is comparable to the popularity of science fiction and fantasy novels read by western readers.
  • Wuxia novels highly emphasize Chinese traditional values, such as proper relationships, loyalty and fairness.
  • Chinese nationalism is the strong theme in wuxia fiction, which is highly advocated in Chinese culture.
  • Wuxia novels’ timeline is from 6th century to 19th century.They are like mini-encyclopaedia on Chinese customs and culture, from traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Kongfu, music, calligraphy, chess, tea culture, to philosophical thoughts like Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, to ancient imperial Chinese history. Historical figures often intermingle with characters in wuxia fiction.
major wuxia authors and their works
Major Wuxia authors and their works
  • Jinyong: (Born: 1924) Hong Kong writer
    • One of the most influential wuxia writers
    • Founder of modern wuxia genre
    • Founder of Ming Bao Newspaper.
    • Has written 15 wuxia novels and each of his works has been made and remade into movies, TV series and video games
    • The best selling Chinese author alive so far. Over 100 million copies of his works have been sold.

The list of Jinyong’s wuxia fictions

TV series: The legend of Condor heroes

major authors and their works continued
Major authors and their works(Continued)
  • Liang Yusheng( Born: 1926, Hong Kong writer)
    • Founder of modern wuxia genre.
    • He wrote 36 wuxia novels from 1954 to 1984. Many of his works have been made into movies, TV series and video games
    • His most famous novel: The Bride With White Hair and Seven Swords.
other famous authors and their works
Other famous authors and their works
  • Gu Long: (1937-1985) A Tai Wan writer:
    • He had written 69 wuxia novels.
    • The list of his works.
  • Wen Ruian(Born: 1954), A writer from Malaysia. He has finished about 60 wuxia novels
    • The Four Detective Guards (1979)
  • Huang Yi: A Hong Kong writer.
    • The Legend of the Twin Dragons in Tang Dynasty. (1997)
    • Looking for the Country of Qing.(1997)
  • Bu Feiyan: (1981- ). A young writer from Mainland China. She has published 9 wuxia novels so far.
    • Martial Arts Inn (2005) (winner of Huang Yi Wuxia Novel Award in 2004)
review and magazine
Review and magazine
  • Reviews
    • Popular Literature Review (a journal)
    • Contemporary Literature Research.当代文学研究: A series of contemporary literature research including popular literature edited by Hubei Writers Association
  • Magazines publishing new wuxia novels
    • Changjiang Art and Culture (长江文艺》
    • Martial Arts Stories
    • Legendary From Ancient To Present: Martial Art
  • Department of Chinese Literature of Tamkang University(淡江大学) in Taiwan. (
    • It offers an undergraduate program in Wuxia Fiction It founded a website:Wuxia fiction website. It is an excellent source of wuxia fiction, from reviews, works and authors, to related information such as ancient Chinese culture, history, philosophy and customs.
awards for wuxia fiction
Awards for wuxia fiction
  • Wen Ruian Legendary Wuxia Awards
  • Huangyi Wuxia Literature Awards
  • National University Students’ Wuxia Fiction Competition
  • Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature.(Only for Hong Kong writers)
notable publishers
Notable Publishers

Publishing wuxia fiction is a booming business.

  • Publishers in Mainland China:
    • Beijing Sanlian Book Store
    • Shanghai Art and Literature Publishing House
    • Changjiang Art and Literature Publishing House
  • Publishers in Hong Kong:
    • Huangyi Publishing Co.Ld. (黄易出版社有限公司)
    • Crown Bookstore Company (
  • Publishers in Tanwan:
    • Crown Publishing Company: (
    • Truth, Kindness and Beauty Publisher Company.
online resources
Online Resources
  • Wuxia World: (
  • Wuxia Society: (
  • New wuxia novels It is a website similar to In the Novel section, there is a list of different subgenres,you can find many new and popular novels of this subgenre. There are also popular authors and this-month-newly-published subsection to help readers to find new novels.
  • Wuxia fiction online: