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Advertising for the Global Market The key to global success in branding, advertising and/or marketing is not homogeneity. It is, in fact, localization. SDSU EDTEC 700  |  SP2010  |  Erica Preston. Global Branding.

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sdsu edtec 700 sp2010 erica preston

Advertising for theGlobal MarketThe key to global success in branding, advertising and/or marketing is not homogeneity.It is, in fact, localization.

SDSU EDTEC 700  |  SP2010  |  Erica Preston

global branding
Global Branding

Here we will take a look at several commercials, with some being less globally sensitive than others. We will discuss each commercial's strengths and weaknesses in terms of the possibility of connecting with a global audience.

Depicting a war zone?

At first glance this may seem like a cool take on an action film, until the commercial provoked thoughts about its relativeness to a war zone. It is hard to imagine this commercial airing in a country such as Iraq or Afghanistan, as it would seem to come across as insensitive to their local reality (unless desensitization was at a level that this might be taken as cynical humor, but that scenario seems far fetched).

Showcases agility and speed 

From a branding standpoint, the point attempted to be made is advertising the car's speed and agility. A suggestion would be to swap out the paintball shots raining down from above to some other common obstacle, that is less violence-oriented.

Parody on well-known political event

Seen around the world -- this video clip of an Iraqi television journalist throwing both of his shoes at President Bush was of symbolic measure, according to correspondents. Columbian laundry detergent maker Blancox uses the clip in a satirical way here, aside from positive Columbian - U.S. relations. Interestingly, this commercial may work in many more parts of the world than one might expect. Supporters and non-supporters of Bush alike, even in the states, might get a kick out of it.

Does your detergent smell as soft as flowers?

From a branding standpoint, the makers of detergent could have used something more relevant to their product, such as dirty clothes, instead of a bouquet of flowers in place of the pair of shoes....

czech republic

First, talk about "don't try this at home"!  In the U.S., real candles are not used to light and decorate Christmas trees, because it's a fire hazard (as seen here).  However it is custom in the Czech Republic to use real candles.

Second, Skoda is a make of an auto, and also happens to mean "danger" in Czech. It's like having a car named "watch out" in the U.S. Interesting facts so far, right?  Not to mention the fact that the character representing Yeti catches on fire!

Lost in Translation

Something must have gotten lost in cultural translation, because it doesn't seem to have a connection to the product being advertised, especially not in a positive way.  Is the point that Skoda Yeti autos are resilient?  Fun to have around?  Cause commotion?

Czech Republic

For low-context cultures such as the U.S. and Germany for example, this might be more effective by including more linear messaging, such as showing or mentioning the actual product somehow.

Cultural body language

The brand name may be "Thums Up", but the logo itself denotes a "thumbs up".  In Iranian culture, this ad would convey flipping people off, as the middle finger does in the United States.

Well known, name brand backing

This is a Coca-Cola brand of cola for the India market.  As un-local as the thumbs up logo may be for one country, it is quite the opposite for another.  The logo was based off the Thums Up mountain in India.


The saving grace here is that Coca-Cola has numerous brands under its parent company name, many of which are like Thums Up - branded specifically for the local market.

australia taking the idea of global branding well global
Australia Taking the idea of global branding, well, global.

There has been an influx of social, human connections across cultures in recent advertising. Absolut Vodka created a "Pay with Hugs" campaign, and here the Australian beer Tooheys takes an olympic relay sport and puts their own spin on it.

There are visible contextual differences between the five commercials. For instance, the South Africa relay is very honest and depicts the pride of its people, whereas the Morocco-based ad is filled with jokes (i.e. MC Hammer pants) and has a lighter tone. Again, finding a local voice seems to be the key.

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