Writing successful grant proposals
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WRITING SUCCESSFUL GRANT PROPOSALS. How to prepare strong grant proposals to compete effectively. . Workshop Goals. To provide general tips for preparing strong application packages. To provide an overview of general elements for successful proposals.

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Workshop goals
Workshop Goals effectively.

  • To provide general tips for preparing strong application packages.

    • To provide an overview of general elements for successful proposals.

    • To provide and discuss examples of strong and weak proposals.

Do you need to write a grant proposal
Do You Need to Write a effectively. Grant Proposal?

  • Do you have the talent and materials within your partnership to complete the project?

  • Could your problem be addressed by having local vendors provide materials or make other contributions?

  • Could a community fundraiser fulfill your needs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions … then you may NOT need to write a proposal. 

Yes i do need to write a grant proposal
Yes, I do need to write a grant proposal! effectively.

1. Begin researching funding sources

2. Collect materials to write your proposal

  • Your mission/purpose

  • Letters of support

  • Budget estimates

  • Project support

  • IRS documentation

Show me the money
SHOW ME THE MONEY effectively. 

How to work with funders

References and resources to find external funding

External funding sources
External Funding Sources effectively.

  • State/Territory fish and wildlife agency

  • Federal government grants

  • Friends associations

  • Local businesses

  • Universities

  • Local conservation organizations

Grant funding resource information
Grant Funding Resource Information effectively.

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance


  • Federal Register


  • Grants.gov


What is grants gov
What is Grants.gov? effectively.

  • A one-stop online shopping source to find and apply for Federal government-wide competitive grant opportunities

  • Houses 900+ grant programs from 26 grant-making agencies

  • Fund opportunities for more than 20 diverse grant categories

  • Over 1,100 active grant opportunities posted

  • Nearly 9000 grant applications submitted through the electronic system

Dummy bullet for transition

Find and apply
Find and Apply effectively.

  • “Find” feature allows users to:

    • Search for available grant opportunities

    • Register to receive notification of grant opportunities

  • “Apply” feature allows users to:

    • Search for and download application packages

    • Complete application packages offline

    • Submit completed application packages online

    • Track the status of submitted applications

Getting started register with grants gov
Getting Started – Register with Grants.gov: effectively.

  • A multi-step process with time required between steps for verification, authentication and confirmation

    • Register with Central Contractor Registry (CCR) - Organization

    • Register with the Credential Provider to receive username and password - Individuals

    • Register with Grants.gov to be designated as an Authorized Organization Representative - Individuals

    • Log in to Grants.gov to verify successful registration - Individuals

    • Download PureEdge viewer to be able to access and submit application materials - Individuals

Grants.gov registration/authentication processes—allow 7-14 days!

Help is available
Help is available… effectively.

  • Grants.gov provides numerous sources of help to guide you through the process

    • Online tutorials and training demos

    • Checklists and worksheets

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    • User Guide

    • Help line – telephone and e-mail support

Grant funding resources agency information
Grant Funding Resources – Agency Information effectively.

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    www.fws.gov (see “Grants at a Glance”)

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service


National fish and wildlife foundation
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation effectively.

  • www.nfwf.org

Other types of grants
Other Types of Grants effectively.



Foundations and corporations 213 billion
Foundations and Corporations $213 Billion effectively.

Where the money comes from:

Where it goes:

7% environmental

and animal

3% science and


25% education

65% other

4% Corporations

12% Foundations

76% Individuals


Foundations and corporations
Foundations and Corporations effectively.

  • Give locally

  • Don’t normally have applications

  • Personal contact is required

  • Fund very specific projects

  • Give to non-profits

How do we find foundations and corporations
How Do we Find Foundations and Corporations? effectively.

  • Internet

    • Foundation Center Online

    • Conservation Grants

    • Environmental Grantmaking Foundations Directory

  • Libraries

    • Foundation Center Collections

    • Foundation searches, 990s

    • Chronicle of Philanthropy

Does the grant opportunity work for me
Does the Grant Opportunity Work for Me? effectively.

  • Does your project meet the funder’s interest?

  • Are you an eligible applicant?

  • Does it support projects in your area?

  • Does the funder support all project needs?

  • What size grants are given?

  • What is involved in the application process?

  • What are the grant criteria?

  • Does the timing of funding meet your needs?

Budget your time
Budget Your Time effectively.


Solid partnerships

Innovative project

Define your budget

80% planning the project 20% writing the proposal

Get the award for a strong proposal
Get the award for a strong proposal effectively.

  • Do your homework

  • Know the big picture

  • Coordinate, establish partnerships

  • Communicate

  • Know the funder’s budget cycle

  • Determine how you will meet match requirements.

Pre-writing Phase

Basic grant application components
Basic Grant Application Components effectively.

For a more competitive application be sure to include:

  • Detailed methodology/description of activity

  • Detailed Budget include how match funds are will be used

  • Demonstrated partnerships with local communities and resource agencies

  • Relevant Principle investigator experience and expertise

  • Description of how information from project will be used to improve management.

  • Realistic description timeline with benchmarks for deliverables

Get the award for a strong proposal cont
Get the award for a strong proposal (cont) effectively.

  • Follow grant application instructions

  • Be succinct, well organized, on time

  • Specify your piece of the pie

  • Target funding agency’s priorities

  • Set a realistic budget

  • Provide real, legitimate match

  • Be innovative

  • Work with a proofreader

Writing Phase

Grant writing tools agency information
Grant Writing Tools – effectively. Agency Information

  • Updated Agency Websites

  • FWS/NCTC Grant Writing for Conservation Course

  • EPA Grant Writing Tutorial

  • NFWF Pre-proposal Form

  • NOAA Coastal Services Center

  • NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

  • NOAA Grants Management Division

Weak proposals
Weak proposals effectively.

  • Do not follow directions in the guidance

  • Are not proof read, have lots of errors

  • Have incorrect or insufficient match

  • Lack coordination and had duplication of activities.

  • Are submitted after the deadline.

Weak proposals cont
Weak proposals (cont) effectively.

  • Do not provide adequate description of PI’s relevant past experience or performance

  • Demonstrate that work begins or is completed before the grant is to be awarded.

Remember funders are partners
Remember, Funders Are Partners! effectively.

  • Build a relationship

  • Be courteous

  • Respect their time

  • Know their interests

  • Discuss opportunities

  • Follow up

What if you don t get the grant
What if You Don’t effectively. Get the Grant?

Follow up – ask:

  • Any hints to increase success next time?

  • Any other funders recommended?

You got the grant
You got the Grant!!! effectively.