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SUCCESSFUL GRANT WRITING. Sandra H. Harpole Director, Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Professor Emeritus of Physics & Astronomy Director, Corporate & Foundation Giving, MSU Foundation Sandy Williamson Director, Research Fiscal Affairs September 19, 2011.

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  1. SUCCESSFUL GRANT WRITING Sandra H. Harpole Director, Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Professor Emeritus of Physics & Astronomy Director, Corporate & Foundation Giving, MSU Foundation Sandy Williamson Director, Research Fiscal Affairs September 19, 2011

  2. Idea First or Opportunity First? • Opportunity • Find funding opportunity • Develop project in response to opportunity • Idea • Having an idea for a project • Find funding source to match idea • OR “There is no grantsmanship that will turn a bad idea into a good one, but there are many ways to disguise a good one.” -William Raub, former deputy director, NIH 2

  3. FINDING FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES Agency web sites Electronic resources Contact with agencies and foundations Networking with colleagues Developing relationships with other institutions

  4. Foundation Sources The Foundation Center http://www.fdncenter.org Education Foundation for America http://www.efaw.org/apply.htm The Council on Foundations 2000 member foundations http://www.cof.org/index.cfm?containerid=95 SPIN - Univ. of CA-Irvine http://spin2000.infoed.org/new_spin/spin.asp Guide Star – Provides Non-profit Information http://www2.guidestar.org/

  5. FINDING FOUNDATION FUNDING Identify companies in state and region that have foundations Identify foundations funding research presented at state, regional, and national meetings Search journals for research in your area funded by foundation Contact Sandra Harpole for assistance

  6. RESEARCHING A FOUNDATION What is the mission of the foundation? What has the foundation funded previously? What are they interested in funding now? Are there geographic limitations? What is their normal level of funding?

  7. RESEARCHING A FOUNDATION Are proposals solicited? What is the submission process? How are funding decisions made? Who are the key contacts?

  8. RESEARCHING A FOUNDATION Contact the MSU Foundation Has the foundation funded anything at MSU? Is the foundation being solicited? What is the appropriate funding level? Does the MSU Foundation have a relationship with someone at the foundation?

  9. NEXT STEPS… Develop white paper. Brief description of proposed research Rationale Qualifications of proposal and research team Budget Contact Sandra Harpole to determine foundation contact: sharpole@research.msstate.edu

  10. Federal Sources Granting Agencies Grants.gov - http://grants.gov Electronic alerts Announcements in last seven days Grant writing resources

  11. CALL FOR PROPOSALS Different for different agencies and foundations • Request for Proposals (RFP)… Environmental Protection Agency http://www.epa.gov/compliance/resources/publications/assistance/centers/healthcare-rfip.pdf • Request for Applications (RFA)… National Institutes of Health http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-RM-09-010.html • Program Solicitation (PS)… National Science Foundation/NIH http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2011/nsf11555/nsf11555.htm • Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)… Office of Naval Research http://www.onr.navy.mil/~/media/Files/Funding-Announcements/BAA/2011/11-001.ashx 11

  12. Call for Proposals Read and re-read solicitation CAREFULLY! Highlight important components

  13. RFP/RFA/BAA Information Purpose of program Priorities of program Eligibility requirements Funding mechanism Grant Contract Cooperative Agreement

  14. RFP/RFA/BAA Information • Cognizant Program Officer • Total funds available • Projected number of awards • Cost sharing requirements • Evaluation criteria for review process • Review process mechanism • Peer review • Agency review 14

  15. RFP/RFA/BAA Information • Preproposal/letter of intent • Required or suggested • Deadline • Deadline for proposal submission (local time?) • Submission process • Deadline for review completion • Sponsor’s award history • Who has received funding for what types of activities • Funding range 15

  16. Contact with Agency/Foundation “The number one factor that leads to funding of proposals is contact with the program officer.” Dr. Kathie Olsen, Former Deputy Director The National Science Foundation ORED Funding: http://www.research.msstate.edu/funds/ Contact for Foundation Funding Information: Dr. Sandra Harpole sharpole@research.msstate.edu 16

  17. CONTACT WITH AGENCY • Contact appropriate program officer • Set time for telephone appointment or • Schedule a visit • Send copy of concept paper prior to appointment (no more than two pages) 17

  18. CONTACT WITH AGENCY • Listen carefully and take notes during the appointment. • Take only as much time as necessary (A program officer’s time is valuable.) 18

  19. Project Team Select project team carefully! Determine expertise needed Consider personalities Agree to roles early on

  20. Sponsored Programs • Contact Sponsored Programs administrators at the beginning of the proposal process. • RFP and submission deadline • Special rules and regulations, allowable costs • Internal approval sheet (IAS) • IAS should document departmental/unit distribution of F & A (Facilities & Administrative cost or indirect) and cost sharing commitments • IAS Training Video http://training.spa.msstate.edu/view_video.php?id=173 • Budget for preliminary review • Subcontracts • Final submission of proposal 20

  21. Regulatory Compliance Contact regulatory compliance to determine procedure for involving human subjects or animals in research. Approval is required with submission in most cases 118 Designation

  22. Export Control • Contact Neil Lewis in the Research Security Office for information • Example: An issue when traveling to foreign country and taking a laptop • Can be an issue with doing collaborative research with other countries • Can be an issue when using foreign nationals including graduate students on projects 22

  23. The Proposal Determine content of proposal from RFP Typical proposal content Abstract/Project Summary Project description Qualifications of personnel Current and pending support Budget Budget explanation References

  24. THE PROPOSAL • Budget • Develop from project narrative. Do not include costs that do not directly benefit the completion of the statement of work. • Request funds allowed under various categories and in amounts required by the scope of work • Usually requires a budget for each year and a cumulative budget 24

  25. Example of Proposal Budget 25


  27. EXAMPLE OF PROPOSAL BUDGET –CONT’D • - 9 month vs. 12 month • - Raises • Fringe rates • “Student” workers during periods of non-enrollment • Tuition increases • Travel – include details. http://www.travel.msstate.edu/ • Equipment – items costing $5K or more • F&A rates • MTDC • http://spa.msstate.edu/ • Cost sharing budget

  28. Before Submitting • Get advice • Ask someone who has served on a review panel to assess the proposal • Have someone unfamiliar with the project to review the proposal • Proof carefully • Read and re-read 28

  29. Submitting the Proposal • Only Sponsored Programs Administration has the authority to submit the proposal on behalf of the university. • Communicate with SPA program administrator to determine deadline for submission to SPA. • Method of submission • Paper copies • Date - postmark or arrival • Number of copies • Include correct delivery address (not post office box) 29

  30. Submitting the Proposal Method of submission Electronic submission Register with agency well in advance of deadline Sponsored Programs must have access to submit Giving SPA access well in advance of deadline allows administrator to check budget, review allowable costs, review subcontracts, review checklist for missing items

  31. Submitting the Proposal Method of submission Electronic submission When proposal is completed, request that Sponsored Programs submit the proposal Call administrator and follow with e-mail request for written confirmation from PI that proposal is ready to be submitted

  32. What If You Are Funded? • Read the award letter carefully • Pay attention to requirements for continuation funding or renewal • Pay close attention to the terms and conditions related to re-budgeting and changes in effort • Conduct the project as closely to the stated proposal as possible. • Consult program officer about changes. • Produce - your reputation for future funding depends on it. 32

  33. What If You Are NOT Funded? • Do not be discouraged if not funded on the first submission • Study reviewers’ comments carefully • Consult with program officer • Resubmit after discussions with program officer about reviewers’ comments 33

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