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Wind Powering Oklahoma

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Wind Powering Oklahoma - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wind Powering Oklahoma. Wind Power For Landowners OCCC April 25, 2009. Angie Albers, Project Coordinator Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative (405) 325-8870 Who Is OWPI? What Do We Do?. OWPI formed in 1999 Funded by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce & Wind Powering America

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Wind Powering Oklahoma

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wind powering oklahoma

Wind Powering Oklahoma

Wind Power For Landowners


April 25, 2009

Angie Albers, Project Coordinator

Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative

(405) 325-8870


Who Is OWPI?

What Do We Do?

OWPI formed in 1999

Funded by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce & Wind Powering America

Collaborative project of OU and OSU

Named outstanding wind working group in 2007 by Wind Powering America

  • OWPI objectives:
    • Policy study
    • Research
    • Outreach
      • Educational programs
      • Community meetings
    • Wind resource assessment
      • Meteorological towers
    • Promote economic development
oklahoma wind resource map
Oklahoma Wind Resource Map

*at 50 meters above ground

Increased energy demand

Improved technology

Green energy mandates

Favorable economics

cost of wind energy
Cost of Wind Energy

Low wind speed sites

Bulk Power Competitive

Price Band

High wind

speed sites


Small (10 kW)

  • Homes
  • Farms
  • Remote Application
  • Intermediate
  • (10-250 kW)
  • Village Power
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Distributed Power
  • Large (660 kW - 2+MW)
  • Central Station Wind Farms
  • Distributed Power
  • Community Wind

Courtesy of USDOE


The Power In Wind

Wind Power Density

WPD = Pwr / A = ½ * ρ * V^3

Important Point

Power is proportional to CUBE of wind speed

As wind speed goes up a little, wind power density increases a lot!

Tribal Environmental Summit

November 20, 2008

how are wind farms developed
How Are Wind Farms Developed?
  • Development companies choose locations that are known for wind resources
  • Put up meteorological tower
  • Lease land
  • Environmental studies
  • Acquire interest from utility in purchasing power
  • Request for interconnection to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP)
  • Acquire financing
  • Power sold to utility
  • Construction begins
how can i get my land developed
How Can I Get My Land Developed

Check your wind resource

Talk to your neighbors

Has there been a developer in the area?

Are they interested in working together?

Contact OWPI or State Energy Program for developer information

Note: In general developers will seek you out!


Installed Commercial Wind Power In Oklahoma

831 MW

Coming Soon: “OU Spirit” near Keenan, OK ~100 MW

Blue Canyon expansion ~99 MW

10 West of Elk City, OK by Next Era Energy Resources 98.9 MW

oklahoma wind farms
Oklahoma Wind Farms

Blue Canyon I and II (northwest of Lawton)

74.25 MW 2003 (Western Farmers Electric Coop)

151.2 MW 2005 (Public Service Co.)

Woodward Wind Energy Center

51 MW 2003 (OK Municipal Power Authority)

51 MW 2003 (Oklahoma Gas & Electric)

Weatherford Wind Energy Center

106.5 MW 2005 (Public Service Co.)

40.5 MW 2005 (Public Service Co.)

Centennial Wind Energy Project (Fort Supply)

60 MW 2006 (Oklahoma Gas & Electric)

60 MW 2007 (Oklahoma Gas & Electric)

Sleeping Bear (Harper County)

95.5 MW 2007 (Public Service Co.)

Buffalo Bear (Harper County)

18.9 MW

(Western Farmers Electric Coop)

  • Red Hills (north of Elk City)
    • - 123 MW
    • -Market Power
how can wind power benefit rural oklahoma
How Can Wind Power Benefit Rural Oklahoma?

Photo Courtesy Of Horizon Wind Energy


Commercial Grade Wind

And Population-loss Counties

Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative

Allen Finchum

wind energy benefits
Wind Energy Benefits
  • Create jobs in the community
    • Could this bring people back to their hometowns?
  • Additional income for farmers, with little change in usable acreage
  • Ad valorem incentive brings money into the community schools, hospitals, roads, etc.
  • Businesses are booming during development
  • Reducing dependency on foreign oil?
weatherford wind energy center florida power light
Weatherford Wind Energy CenterFlorida Power & Light
  • Phase I: 106.5 mw
  • Phase ii: 40.5 mw
    • ~ 44,000 homes
    • Public service company of Oklahoma
  • 98 GE 1.5 MW turbines
  • $150,000 payment in lieu of taxes to Weatherford school district for 5 years
  • $16 million contribution from FPL over the next two decades
are wind turbines noisy
Are wind turbines noisy?

Properly maintained wind farms are no noisier than a kitchen refrigerator when sited 750 to 1000 feet from a residence.

Wind Turbine

45 Decibels


Wind Turbine Impacts on Birds & Bats



GAO 2005: “In the context of other sources of avian [mortality], it does not appear that wind power is responsible for a significant number of bird deaths.”

Bats may be a potential issue, currently there is an ongoing study at OSU looking at the impact of the wind farms on the bats.

Technology such as avian radars are now being implemented to “see” and classify the size of the migrating birds before they reach the wind farms.

DeTect Inc.


Do wind turbines effect the hunting industry?

Landowners at the Blue Canyon Wind Farm have said the turbines do not scare away the deer or elk.

the future of wind power in oklahoma35
The Future of Wind Power In Oklahoma

HB2813 signed into law in 2008

Enables Upgraded Transmission Cost To Be Past On To The Consumer

New OG&E Transmission line


Oklahoma utilities committed to increasing wind power

OG&E, PSO, and Western Farmers Coop. plans to increase wind generated electricity

PSO at 11% by end of 2009

OG&E has request for proposal out for 300 MW

OG&E recently stated no new gas, coal or nuclear plants until 2020.

As of June 2008, 8550 MW of requested development have been submitted to the SPP queue, 4450 MW of which are for the panhandle.


Who is Going To Build Oklahoma Wind Farms?

Oklahoma Wind Technician Programs:

Oklahoma City Community College

Oklahoma State University - OKC

High Plains Technology Center, Woodward, OK

Tulsa Community College

what about the state of the economy
What About the State of the Economy?

A 3-year Production Tax Credit (PTC) extension through the end of 2012. Can also be transferred to Investment Tax Credit (ITC) turning into 30% cash credit to use toward project.

A new $6 billion Department of Energy renewable energy and transmission loan guarantee program, which should fund around $60 billion in principal amount of guaranteed loans.


The Future of Wind Power In Oklahoma

  • NREL predicts OK 2nd largest generator in nation by 2030
  • NREL estimates more than $8.8 billion in property taxes and land leases between 2007 and 2030
  • Manufacturing & development is expected to bring 15,000 new jobs to Oklahoma by 2030
what does 20 wind look like
What Does 20% Wind Look Like?

The white square in the center of a state represents the land area needed for a single wind farm to produce the projected installed capacity in that state.

March 10, 2014

Oklahoma Department of Commerce from the U.S. Department of Energy State Energy Program

Wind Powering America


What is the estimated annual wind speed average at my house?

OWPI Wind Resource Map:

3Tier Firstlook:

AWS Truewind Wind Navigator:

Oklahoma AWS Truewind Map:


How can I get A list of known developers in Oklahoma?


OWPI (405)325-8870

State Energy Program (405)815-5249




Angie Albers, Project Coordinator

Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative

(405) 325-8870