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IEEE Region 8 Student Branch Congress PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE Region 8 Student Branch Congress

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IEEE Region 8 Student Branch Congress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE Region 8 Student Branch Congress. WELCOME!. IEEE Student Membership & Region 8 Student Activities. Who is talking to you?. Başak Yüksel IEEE Region 8 Student Representative Ankara/Turkey e-mail: basak . Why Do We, Students, Join IEEE?. Why Do We, Students, Join IEEE?.

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IEEE Region 8

Student Branch Congress


IEEE Student Membership


Region 8 Student Activities

who is talking to you
Who is talking to you?

Başak Yüksel

IEEE Region 8

Student Representative


why do we students join ieee
Why Do We, Students, Join IEEE?
  • Perceived value of local community experience
  • Function of student branch leadership and continuity
why do we students join ieee5
Why Do We, Students, Join IEEE?
  • Underclassmen:
    • Sense of community
    • Advocacy
    • Local issues
      • Professor involvement
      • Credits
      • Programs
  • Upperclassmen:
    • Career/Leadership opportunities
    • Networking with professionals/potential employers
    • Resume enhancer
  • Graduate Students:
    • Technical Societies
    • Review/acceptance of research
ieee global
IEEE Global

The IEEE is truly global…

(‘transnational’ in IEEE terms)

Are we taking the advantage of being GLOBAL?

region 8 europe middle east africa



R7 - ~3,500



R10 - ~15,500

R1-6 ~30,000


R9 - ~4,500

R8 – ~12,500

Non-US - ~36,000

TOTAL – ~66,000

Region 8: Europe, Middle East & Africa
ieee region 8 student membership
IEEE Region 8 Student Membership

Do you know …?

… that there are more than 12.500 Student Members in Region 8?

… that there are >150 Student Branches in Region 8?

ieee region 8 student membership10
IEEE Region 8 Student Membership

That means:

… that Student Members represent 26% of allour Members in Region 8!

… that every 4th Member of IEEE in Region 8 is a Student!


student membership
Student Membership

Increase the student membership

value in IEEE…


  • IEEE is GLOBAL – take advantage of being a member of a global organization!
  • IEEE is a BIG FAMILY –student members: 12.500 in R8, 66.000 totally – we have the potential!
  • We want to increase the VALUE of student membership in IEEE – How!
other student organizations
Other Student Organizations

Let’s look at their aims & activities...

jade european confederation of junior enterprises
JADE – European Confederation of Junior Enterprises
  • Aim: To encourage students to gain INTERNATIONAL practical experience in management, leadership and professional work at an early stage.
  • Activities: To consult projects (technical, IT, …) for companies in various sectors that integrates state-of-the-art knowledge from universities with practical business experience.
aegee association des etats g n raux des etudiants de l europe
AEGEE - Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe
  • Aim: To promote INTERNATIONAL cooperation and avoid creating any physical or mental borders within Europe.
  • Activities: Action days, case study trips, projects, summer universities, trainings.
aiesec association internationale des etudiants en sciences economiques et commerciales
AIESEC - Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales
  • Aim: To facilitate INTERNATIONAL traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide:
    • practical learning experiences for trainees,
    • and that facilitate the learning of the members and other stakeholders.
eestec electrical engineering students european association
EESTEC-Electrical Engineering Students' European association
  • Aim: To promote and develop INTERNATIONAL contacts and exchange ideas, as well as improve the technical knowledge of electrical engineering students.
    • so introduce students to the industry and the educational system of other countries.
  • Activities: Workshops, exchanges and conferences.
best board of european students of technology
BEST- Board of European Students of Technology
  • Aim: To promote communication, INTERNATIONAL cooperation and exchange between students of technology throughout Europe and to make technology students more international minded by encouraging their mobility and intercultural communication.
  • Activities: Organizing academic and non-academic courses and involvement in the European educational system.
estiem european students of industrial engineering and management
ESTIEM – European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Aim: To increase communication and INTERNATIONAL cooperation between students and institutions of technology in Europe within the field of Industrial Engineering and Management.
  • Activities: Exchanges, conferences, case competitions, lectures and workshops.
iaeste international association for the exchange of students for technical experience
IAESTE - International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
  • Aim: To operate a high quality practical training exchange programme between members in order to enhance technical and professional development and to promote INTERNATIONAL understanding and goodwill amongst students, academic institutions, employers and the wider community.
ieee global21
IEEE Global

What are the common aims of students to join all these student organizations including IEEE Student Body?

ieee global22
IEEE Global
  • Mobility
  • International cooperation
  • Improving personal skills
  • Technical and professional development
  • Get to know people from other countries
  • Learn about different universities
  • Learn about different companies for our future career
  • ...
ieee global23
IEEE Global

What “Internet” and “Information Technology” can NOT achieve to do is “mobility” of students.

ieee global24
IEEE Global

The most important thing at that point is to take the advantages of being a part of an INTERNATIONAL organization:


ieee region 8 student activities
IEEE Region 8 Student Activities

Let’s turn back to IEEE Region 8 Student Activities and look at FUTURE…

ieee region 8 student activities26
IEEE Region 8 Student Activities
  • Local Activities
  • Section/Country Base Activities
    • Country-Base Student Branch Congresses

(Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, …)

  • International Activities
    • Student Branch Exchanges,
    • Intl. Competitions

(Chess Contest, Student Paper Contest, …)

    • IEEE Student Exchange Program
    • IEEE Job Site/Internship
  • IEEE is GLOBAL – take advantage of being a member of a global organization!
  • IEEE is a BIG FAMILY -student members: 12.500 in R8, 66.000 totally – we have the potential!
  • We want to increase the VALUE of student membership in IEEE – How!
r8 student activities
R8 Student Activities

What else we can do?

r8 student activities29
R8 Student Activities

We can extent our current local activities to an international level slowly and gradually:

  • First, invite other student branches in your local region or country to your ongoing activities
  • Then, invite one,two or more foreign IEEE student members to your activities depending on your budget
  • Lastly, extent your activity to an international level…
r8 student activities30
R8 Student Activities

How to reach others and

announce our activities?

region 8 student news
Region 8 Student News

r8 student activities32
R8 Student Activities
  • Go to GOOGLE and search for the student branch web pages

... Better to have a web page and update the contact information...

  • R8 SAC Web Page

(Send an e-mail to me to update your student branch info on R8 SAC Web Page…

  • Student Web PORTAL
r8 student activities34
R8 Student Activities

R8/Global Competitions and Activities that are organized by voluntary student branches…

coming soon
Coming Soon…

Robotics Competition

For details:

Workshop 2

Tomorrow, 9.00 AM

ieee global key words
IEEE Global- Key Words
  • Mobility
  • Sharing knowledge, ideas and experience
  • Networking
  • Share problems we faced in our student branches
  • International Cooperation
  • Organizing Joint Events
last words
Last Words…

Improve your relations with your section:

  • Learn more about IEEE, its entities and the existing opportunities
  • Organize joint activities with your section
  • Get personal contacts from your section
  • Career guidance
after graduation
After Graduation…

To continue IEEE life you have as a student, JOIN/ACTIVATE GOLD in your section after graduation:


… connecting young professionals…

Why are we here?

Just For FUN!