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WAA-SwD Test Administration PowerPoint Presentation
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WAA-SwD Test Administration

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WAA-SwD Test Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WAA-SwD Test Administration Training of Trainers October 2007 Office of Educational Accountability Lynette Russell Phil Olsen Brian Johnson Kristen Kehoe Angela Dugas Special Education Team Sandy Berndt Eva Kubinski Barb Ebben Suzan Van Beaver Carol Schweitzer Jeremiah Holiday

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WAA-SwD Test Administration

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waa swd test administration

WAA-SwD Test Administration

Training of Trainers

October 2007

Office of Educational Accountability

Lynette Russell

Phil Olsen

Brian Johnson

Kristen Kehoe

Angela Dugas

Special Education Team

Sandy Berndt

Eva Kubinski

Barb Ebben

Suzan Van Beaver

Carol Schweitzer

Jeremiah Holiday


WAA-SwD: Wisconsin Alternate Assessment for Students with Disabilities

Department of Public Instruction

Please jot down any questions you have on note cards.

  • Background of WAA-SwD
  • Student Participation
  • Test Administration
  • Example Test Items
  • Accommodations
  • Sample WAA-SwD Administration
  • Test Security
  • Distribution/Retrieval/Scoring/Reporting
  • Educator involvement
    • WI special and general education teachers developed the Extended Grade Band Standards and reviewed new WAA-SwD test items
  • Extended Grade Band Standards
    • Grade bands: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 10
    • Instructional achievement descriptors defined for WAA-SwD Minimal, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced performance levels for Mathematics, Reading, and Science
    • Posted August 27, 2007: http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/assmtextstd.html




Reading, Mathematics and Science












student participation
Student Participation
  • IEP Team decision
  • 2007-2008: Previous Participation Checklist
    • Take part of WAA-SwD and part of WKCE (for a few students)
  • 2008-2009: New Participation Checklist
    • In 2008-2009 and beyond, student must take either WKCE or WAA for all tested subjects
    • Revised September 2007, found online at


    • To be used by IEP Teams after October 22, 2007 to make participation decisions for Fall 2008 test administrations
waa swd schedule
WAA-SwD Schedule

Test Administration

End of March and April: DPI is looking for special educators to participate in Standard Setting to determine WAA-SwD cut scores (call for educators on OEA website in November)

In 2008-9 & beyond, WAA-SwD & WKCE have the same test window.

test forms
Test Forms
  • Grade clusters 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 10
    • Separate test for each grade (one grade 3, one grade 4, etc.)
    • One test book for every student
      • all content areas in one book
    • Separate Teacher Test Book
      • all content areas in one book
    • One student answer document for every student
  • This year’s tests will include field test items; tests next year and beyond will be shorter (fewer items) than tests this year
  • Student Labels
    • Save labels from WKCE shipment
    • If no label, bubble in student information

Test Administration

who does what
Who Does What?

Test Administration

test administrators
Test Administrators
  • Test administrators: qualifications
    • Must be teachers or licensed staff (e.g., school psychologists, speech therapists, etc.)
    • Paraprofessionals and aides cannot administer WAA-SwD
    • Familiarity with student and the student’s response style and communication style is essential

Test Administration

test administrators15
Test Administrators
  • Prepare materials ahead of time, and familiarize yourself with the flow of test items
    • Consider manipulatives and accommodations for each student
    • Logistics: what makes sense for each of your students?
  • Stick to the script in the Teacher Test Book
    • Test Administrators must read, verbatim, what follows the SAY icon
    • Remain neutral while reading and pointing to test items and answer choices (e.g., no inflection of tone should be detectable, no lingering pointing, etc.☺)
  • Redirect students as needed
    • Test Administrators can re-read any section following the SAY icon; however, the entire section must be read, and it must be repeated verbatim; answer choices may be repeated as often as needed, with or without reading the question
  • Maintain test security

Test Administration

reading test
Reading Test
  • 2/3 of items in the Reading Test are to be read to students by the teacher
  • 1/3 of items are “read by STUDENT” items
    • Spread throughout test at different levels of difficulty
    • Encourage students to try their best on these independent reading items
  • Test administrators must pay close attention to which items are “read by STUDENT”
    • On these items, the test administrator will read prompts and can redirect students’ attention to the reading passage or answer choices; test administrators cannot readthe reading passage or answer choices… stick to the script!

Test Administration

social studies and language arts
Social Studies and Language Arts
  • Social Studies and Language Arts/Writing
    • Occurs during January 2008 test administration (this year only)
      • Can be done before January test window; save the score to record on WAA-SwD student answer document
    • Document score on back of WAA-SwD student answer sheet
    • Rating Scale format (checklist)
      • No evidence collected
      • Only one rater (no second rater needed)
      • Items do not need to be IEP-aligned
      • Download from the WAA-SwD (Special Education) website:


Test Administration

questions so far
Questions so far?
  • Coming up after break:
    • Accommodations
    • Sample test items and administration
    • Student answer sheets
    • Test security
    • Distribution/Retrieval/Scoring/Reporting
  • Braille graphics descriptions: contact Jeremiah Holiday at DPI
    • jeremiah.holiday@dpi.state.wi.us, 608-266-3522 or 800-441-4563
  • Assistive technology
    • Allowed, as long as it is recorded in the student’s current IEP and it does not alter what a particular test item measures
  • Not allowed:
    • Paraphrasing, rewording, explaining, etc.; stick to the script to keep the results of the test valid
    • Returning to a test item after it has already been administered
    • Calculators
  • Accommodations on WAA-SwD
    • Must be allowable on WKCE (hand-out)
    • Some WKCE accommodations are not applicable to WAA-SwD
      • extended time, small group administration, calculators, etc.
accommodations manipulatives
Accommodations: Manipulatives
  • Allowable manipulatives
    • Guidelines (hand-out)
      • Draft; final version with input from trainings will be posted on the OEA website by the end of October
    • It is important for test administrators to review the test ahead of time to prepare manipulatives for each individual student
    • Remember – only use manipulatives that your student uses regularly in class; do not introduce new manipulatives during test administration
  • Ruler required for grade 10 Mathematics Test
    • Use the ruler that your student uses in class
sample waa swd administration
Sample WAA-SwD Administration

Mock-test administration: now it’s your turn!

  • In pairs at your tables, take turns administering the sample test items to each other
    • What manipulatives would be allowable? Not allowable?
      • Fill in the “Examples of Manipulatives” table
    • What questions arise as you administer these items?


    • In the Student Test Book, there are 2 pages for every Reading item; 1 page for every Science and Mathematics item
    • The Sample Item Teacher Test Book includes extra information in top (gray) bar about each test item, for training purposes only; this information will not appear in actual WAA-SwD Teacher Test Books
    • Student Test Books will be bound so that they open flat like a book

These sample items will be posted to WAA-SwD website

student answer document
Student Answer Document
  • Only answers bubbled onto student answer document will be scored
    • Answers recorded in the student test book will not be scored
    • If answers are not bubbled correctly on the student answer document, AYP can be affected
    • Test administrators may choose initially to document answers in the Teacher Test Book and then to transfer answers onto the student answer document (bubble sheet) after administration
usability study
Usability Study
  • Test administration of sample items
  • Three students at grades 4, 5, and 6 with varying cognitive disabilities; IEP Teams determined that all three students will participate in the WAA-SwD
  • Lessons learned:
  • Use of manipulatives
  • Redirection
  • Test setting
  • Incorporate test into the learning environment
  • Practice patience!
waa swd test security
WAA-SwD Test Security
  • Teachers will be utilizing the test in their classrooms and will be able to have access to the test before testing begins
  • Teachers administering the WAA-SwD are able to maintain possession of individual student tests and administration guides until all content areas are complete
  • All tests must remain in locked storage when not in use
  • After test administration, test books must be collected, counted, and returned to the School Assessment Coordinator (SAC) for storage in a secured-and-locked room and/or cabinet
  • ALL test booklets and answer documents must be returned. Districts CANNOT keep a copy or copies of the WAA-SwD
    • Each CESA will retain one copy for reference
distribution and retrieval
Distribution and Retrieval
  • Important dates
    • Dec. 17-21: receive materials at school/district
    • Feb. 8: deadline toreturn materials to CTB
  • Receiving test materials
    • Districts will be sent WAA-SwD materials based on the number of students in each district who participated in WAA-SwD last year
    • Order additional materials through RSNs
  • Student labels
    • Two labels with WKCE shipment
      • Keep one label for WAA-SwD
      • Attach one label to blank WKCE student answer booklet
  • How to pack and return materials
    • Similar to WKCE (specifics will be in DAC Supplement)
    • All WAA-SwD materials must be returned
      • Copies of tests cannot be kept by school/district
scoring and reporting
Scoring and Reporting
  • No separate RES window this year (2007-2008) only
  • Reporting of WAA-SwD scores is similar to WKCE
  • Scan sheet information
    • Student answers must be bubbled in for Mathematics, Reading, and Science
    • Student label (or bubble in all student info)
    • SS and LA Performance Levels
    • Accommodations
    • WAA-SwD Student Performance Level Survey
      • To verify cut scores for new WAA-SwD tests
      • Important that test administrators review Performance Level Descriptors before completing survey on the student answer document
for more information
For More Information…
  • Visit the WAA-SwD pages on the DPI website

http://dpi.wi.gov/oea/waa.html (OEA page)

http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/assmt-waa.html (Special Education page)

  • These PowerPoint slides will be posted to OEA page after October 16
  • Watch the Webcast of this presentation
    • will include answers to frequently-asked questions
    • to be posted by early November


  • Call us…
    • DPI Office of Educational Accountability


    • DPI Special Education Team