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Southgate anderson high school PowerPoint Presentation
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Southgate anderson high school

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Southgate anderson high school
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Southgate anderson high school

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  1. Southgate anderson high school A Presentation of Progress Erika Bailey Liz Hanna-Minni John Rama Adam Seneski Catherine Russell

  2. MME / ACT • The MME & ACT tests are given to all students in the spring of 11th grade. • The Class of 2010 will take the MME and ACT next week. • These tests are mandated by the State of Michigan. • Student achievement on these tests is used as an indicator of school progress. • Curriculum in all classes is aligned with the state curriculum that is assessed with these tests.

  3. PLAN Test • The PLAN test is given to all students in the fall of 10th grade. • The school spends approximately $4000 yearly for the administration, scoring, and reporting of this test. • The PLAN test is used as an indicator of student achievement on the ACT test. • Each department analyzes PLAN results and implements strategies to better prepare students for the ACT and graduation.

  4. Advanced Placement Classes • Advanced Placement classes are rigorous, college-level courses that prepare SAHS students for the AP exam in May of each year and for the rigors of classes at the university level. • Students who pass the AP exam, earning at least a 3 on a 5 point scale, have the possibility of earning college credit. • Each core subject department offers two AP courses.

  5. Class Ownership • Each course at the high school is “owned” by one or more teachers. • The teacher that owns a course is responsible for the curriculum of the course, the pacing and the major assessments. • Course ownership encourages consistency in a course that is taught by multiple teachers.

  6. English Presented by Liz Hanna-Minni

  7. MME English Language Arts

  8. ACT English Language Arts

  9. PLAN English – 2007 - 2008

  10. PLAN Reading – 2007 - 2008

  11. AP Language & Literature

  12. EdPerformance - English The EdPerformance test is an online assessment given to all students. Although SAHS is no longer using this test, data accumulated through 2007 shows statistically significant improvement; scores rose an average of 70 points per year of schooling.

  13. EdPerformance Results 2007

  14. English Class Ownership

  15. English Conclusion • SAHS students showed large improvements over the state average in the second year of implementation of the MME. • An important thing to notice is that, when all students took the ACT test, average scores for the state dropped about 2% in each ELA category, but SAHS scores rose between 2-4% in each ELA category. • All available data shows improvement in SAHS students’ English Language Arts skills from year to year.

  16. Mathematics Presented by John Rama

  17. MME Math

  18. ACT Math

  19. PLAN Math – 2007 - 2008

  20. Advanced Math • Our department offers AP Calculus, Calculus and AP Statistics classes for students interested in taking an advanced math class during their senior year.   • Each year, we generally have 50 students take either AP Calculus or Calculus and an additional 50 take AP Statistics.

  21. Math Class Ownership

  22. Math Conclusion • Students at AHS improved significantly in their MME and ACT results from 2006-2007 to 2007-2008.   • Factors contributing to improvement include: • More rigorous classes • 75% of overall grade in core classes comes from formative assessments. (Piloting an increase to 90%) • All tests are cumulative. • We have developed common assessments for each class. • Tests are formatted to be ACT test format.  (60 M.C. Questions / 60 minutes)

  23. Math Conclusion • Factors contributing to improvement continued: • All core classes are aligned to Michigan's H.S.C.E's. • Cognitive Tutor classes are offered to provide students with an alternative to a traditional learning environment. • Moving Forward • We are making a change from the traditional sequence for offering math classes.  Traditionally students take Algebra 1 in 9th grade and Geometry in 10th grade.  In the future students at AHS will take Geometry in 9th grade and Algebra 1 in 10th.

  24. Math Conclusion • Moving Forward (continued) • We are going to discuss ways to improve / change instruction in classes to deepen the understanding students have of the math concepts they are taught. • We are going to discuss more efficient and effective ways to package the concepts taught in each class. • We will continue our discussion related to the best way to offer Algebra 2 to students to help them succeed in this difficult class.

  25. Science Presented by Catherine Russell

  26. MME Science

  27. ACT Science

  28. PLAN Science – 2007 - 2008

  29. AP Biology & Physics

  30. Science Class Ownership

  31. Science Conclusion • We predict that our scores will continue to rise as: • Students become less affected by the transition to trimesters • Additional changes in the state mandated curriculum are implemented in science classes • ACT Prep class is improved • Better review of material covered at the junior high level is developed • Students become more comfortable with standardized test questions and formatting

  32. Social Studies Presented by Adam Seneski

  33. MME Social Studies

  34. AP U.S. History & U.S. Government • The Social Studies Department offers AP Government and AP History courses which rotate every other year. • Last year in AP Government 85% of the students who took the test scored high enough to earn college credits.

  35. AP U.S. History & U.S. Government

  36. Social Studies Class Ownership

  37. Social Studies Conclusion • Improvement strategies that have been implemented to improve and keep consistent standardized scores: • Department-wide tests given by each teacher in every core Social Studies class. • Every strand of Social Studies given by the state is covered in each unit of core classes. • Tests are similar to the format of MME tests and every test includes a selection of maps, graphs, and reading selections helping the student become comfortable with those aspects of standardized tests.

  38. Social Studies Conclusion Cont. • The goal of every Social Studies teacher is to make sure that struggling students receive the proper guidance to improve academic grade and MME scores through: • Communication with parents • Communication with all departments to pinpoint struggling areas • Communication interdepartmentally to ensure that everyone is constantly implementing department strategies

  39. Anderson High Presented by Erika Bailey

  40. MME Results The following slides show a comparison of the scores on the MME of Southgate Anderson students to the scores of students throughout the state of Michigan. The data is from the 2006 - 2007 and the 2007 - 2008 school years.

  41. 2007 MME Results

  42. 2008 MME Results

  43. MME Comparison2007 vs. 2008

  44. ACT Results The following slides show a comparison of the scores on the ACT of Southgate Anderson students to the scores of students throughout the state of Michigan. The scores represent both the 2006 - 2007 school year and the 2007 - 2008 school year.

  45. 2007 ACT Composite Scores

  46. 2008 ACT Composite Scores

  47. ACT Comparison2007 vs. 2008 Scores

  48. Thank YouFor Your Time