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Teaching Assistants

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Political Science and International Organization Licence 3ème année The Politics of International Economic Relations Session 1 Manfred Elsig World Trade Institute Berne & Graduate Institute of International Studies Geneva Teaching Assistants

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Teaching Assistants

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Political Science and International OrganizationLicence 3ème annéeThe Politics of International Economic RelationsSession 1Manfred ElsigWorld Trade Institute Berne &Graduate Institute of International Studies Geneva

teaching assistants
Teaching Assistants

Jérôme Bachelard,, 022 908 59 48Rachelle Cloutier,, 022 908 59 41Lucile Eznack,, 022 908 59 51Jonas Hagmann,, 022 908 59 47

Omar Serrano,, 022 908 59 47Thorsten Wetzling,, 022 908 59 51

course requirements
Course requirements
  • Students are expected to write one short essay (take home exam) before the Christmas break and to take a two-hour exam at the end of the semester. The essay will count for 40% and the final exam for 60% of the overall grade.
  • Students are expected to prepare for the lectures. A reader will be available for the mandatory texts. Further information on where to purchase it will be provided by the assistants
  • For those who intend to take the exam at the end of semester, seminars and lectures are mandatory
course objectives
Course objectives
  • Become accustomed to theories, perspectives, and approaches in global economic politics
  • Improve analytical skills by applying theory-based arguments to real world politics
what do we call the area of study
What do we call the area of study?
  • The Politics of International Economic Relations
  • International political economy
  • Global political economy
what is it about
What is it about?
  • International political economy (IPE) developed as a subfield in the study of international relations
  • IPE is about the interaction between the state (politics) and the market (economics) at various levels
  • IPE studies the interrelationship between public and private power in the allocation of scarce resources
  • “Who gets what, when, and how“ (Harold Lasswell 1936).
general research questions
General research questions
  • How, when and why do states choose to open up themselves to transborder flows of goods, services, capital, people
  • How does integration into the international economy affect interests of actors and eventually national policies
  • What explains cooperation in GEMs or regional and bilateral economic agreements
  • IPE emerged as a heterodox approach to international studies during the 1970s as the 1973 world oil crisis and the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system alerted academics, particularly in the U.S., of the importance, contingency, and weakness of the economic foundations of the world order. IPE scholars asserted that earlier studies of international relations had placed excessive emphasis on law, politics, and diplomatic history. Similarly, neoclassical economics was accused of abstraction and being ahistorical. Drawing heavily on historical sociology and economic history, IPE proposed a fusion of economic and political analysis. In this sense, both Marxist and liberal IPE scholars protested against the reliance of Western social science on the territorial state as a unit of analysis, and stressed the international system. (wikipedia: free encyclopedia)
  • IPE: emerging true interdiscipline
  • Multi-level governance

Interest, Ideas Institutions


Global economy /

international politics

(e.g. international bargains, IOs)


Interest, Ideas, Institutions (Policies)

  • WTO in Crisis
  • Affect domestic interests?
  • Affect domestic institutions?
  • Affect domestic ideas?
  • Affect the global economy?
  • Affect other global trade fora, regional and bilateral trade agreements?
i approaches and concepts in global international political economy
I: Approaches and Concepts in Global/International Political Economy
  • 24 October 2006 Introduction: What is IPE
  • 31 October 2006 Different perspectives to study IPE
  • 7 November 2006 On Hegemons and the development of regimes
  • 14 November 2006 Cooperation and International Institutions
  • 21 November 2006 Domestic sources of foreign economic policies
ii the evolution of the international political economy
II: The Evolution of the International Political Economy
  • 28 November 2006 The Post-1945 International Economic Order

(first paper: questions)

  • 5 December 2006 Evolution of Monetary and Trade Regimes

(paper due)

iii globalization and contemporary issues in the international political economy
III: Globalization and Contemporary Issues in the International Political Economy
  • 12 December 2006 Globalization and the State
  • 19 December 2006 MNCs and non-state actors (private actors)
  • 9 January 2007 Regionalism
  • 16 January 2007 Developing countries and IPE
  • 23 January 2007 Global Economic Institutions and Law
30 January 2007 Exam
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