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Prepared by Stuart Boekeloo

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Prepared by Stuart Boekeloo.

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Aleydis Centers LLC has the mission of increasing access to care while decreasing costs for certain segments of the population.  It is a radical new way of delivering care on site with the patient as the focus.  The Aleydis Center will be the hub where various providers of care will deliver treatment. An Aleydis center can be designed to fit an existing facility or new construction.


Layout of the Center

  • Dimensions of the room should be a minimum of 12’ X 12’ and a maximum of 15’ X 15.
  • This will allow for adequate treatment space, and room for the resident to navigate easily.

Components of the Center

  • All casework components have a substrate of 18 gauge stainless steel that is powder coated. The base color is Pebble Gray.
  • The Panels are made of chemical free MDF board, and are thermal foil sealed with the Aleydis colors.
  • Solid Surface Corian is standard.
  • * These features provide for a durable, esthetic and easily maintained environment for resident care. It is also a very green environment that meets CARB standards.

Left Side Storage and work surface

Rear Work station

Right Side Storage and Sterilization


Rear Treatment Console

  • Provides instrument storage and work surface for multiple Dental and Medical disciplines.
  • Also contains Air, water and vacuum controls for high and low speed air tools and instruments.

Right side Sterilization and Storage unit

  • Provides a focused area for infection control and instrument processing.
  • Provides ample storage for infection control barriers, disinfectants and other PPE.
  • Provides for more instrument storage for all providers.
  • Need Hot and Cold water and power for Ultrasonic Cleaner and Sterilizer unit.

Patient Chair and Surgical Light

  • Patient chair provides for multi-use and patient comfort.
  • Surgical light allows for medical and dental procedures, both routine and complex, to be done in the Aleydis Center.
  • Both use 120V.

Air Compressor and Vac Units

  • Works off of a 220V supply.
  • Both are Oil-less and require little to no Maintenance.
  • Will need to be plumbed to the room from a different location. (i.e. Crawl space, basement)

Consistent and predictable work environment in every facility.

  • Focused towards increased access to treatment and infection control.
  • Allows for a multi-function treatment center.
  • Resident treatment and experience increased.
  • Facility expense control.
  • Showroom in Versailles, OH
  • Design help for new and existing space.
  • Lead times 4-6 weeks for production and implementation.

A facility with an Aleydis Center will give the resident and their family members the assurance that care is given to the highest standard, with dignity, and with the necessary infection controls.