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SNAP E&T Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training Orientation

SNAP E&T Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training Orientation. Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley 3991 East 29 th Street Bryan, Texas 77805 979-595-2800 www.bvjobs.org. Equal Opportunity Statement.

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SNAP E&T Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training Orientation

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  1. SNAP E&TSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training Orientation Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley 3991 East 29th Street Bryan, Texas 77805 979-595-2800 www.bvjobs.org

  2. Equal Opportunity Statement “The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) as a recipient of Federal financial assistance is prohibited from discriminating against any individual in the United States, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation,and belief”

  3. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (SNAP E&T) The goal of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) is to assist SNAP recipients by improving their ability to obtain regular employment and reduce their dependency on public assistance. Reference SNAP Guide 5.19 page 7

  4. SNAP E&T • Promotes long-term self-sufficiency self sufficiency and independence • Prepares recipients for employment through work-related education and training activities • Assists in gaining work skills • Increases ability to gain and retain employment

  5. Benefits of Employment • Guaranteed income and possible benefits • Positive Impact on your children • Better lifestyle • Independence and Self-Sufficiency • Securing a place in a productive society • Positive self-image • Positive role model

  6. To be a willing, hopeful and excited participant • To accept change • To acknowledge that it will be as easy or hard as you decide to make it • To Communicate any barriers that you are facing with the SNAP Talent Development Specialist • To be ready to work Our Role • To assist employers by connecting them to a trained and qualified workforce • To motivate and assist you in your job search and or career path • Assess your skills • Determine your interests • Develop jobs Your Role

  7. Mandatory - ABAWDs Mandatory work registrants at least 18 but less than 50 years of age without dependents are classified as ABAWDs. (Able Body Adults Without Dependents) • Receives only 3 months of SNAP benefits in a 36 month period, unless: • Employed at least 20 hours per week; or • *Successfully participating in SNAP E&T (or other allowable services such as WIOA or TAA) *Successful participation means the recipient is participating in E&T only, or is co-enrolled in SNAP E&T and WIOA or TAA for a minimum of 30 hours weekly. Failure results in denial or reduction of SNAP benefits.

  8. Mandatory – General Population Mandatory work registrants are part of the SNAP E&T General Population if they are: • At least 16 but less than 60 years of age; and • Not classified as ABAWDs Those in the General Population who are mandatory work registrants are required to participate in SNAP E&T for a minimum of 30 hours weekly. If a SNAP recipient is outreached and fails to cooperate, he/she will be sanctioned. Reference: SNAP Guide A-204

  9. Participation SNAP E&T participation must be documented. All SNAP E&T clients must document 30 hrs. of participation per week until 120 hours are reached to receive benefits and avoid a penalty. An ABAWD who is not employed by the end of the 4 week job search period is offered a workfare placement with a public or private nonprofit entity. The number of hours an ABAWD must work each month will be determined by HHSC. Your first participation log is due on Monday 9am, or at your scheduled appointment. If the mandatory SNAP recipient is outreached and fails to cooperate with SNAP E&T services, he or she will be sanctioned if a good cause reason is not provided. Snap Guide 5.19: B-107: SNAP E&T Hourly Participation Requirement B-108.e Workfare

  10. Participation In Texas, all populations can participate in any of the following SNAP E&T activities: • Job search • Vocational Training • Non-vocational education • Work experience • Workfare (ABAWDs only) • Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) work program • Unsubsidized employment (allowable only if enrolled in other SNAP E&T activities) Support Services are available to participants who are actively looking for work or who become employed. Reference: SNAP Guide B-108

  11. Job readiness activities/workshops: • Self-esteem building • Job search skills • Labor market information • Employment goal setting • Resume writing • Interviewing techniques • Workplace expectations • Job retention skills • Support Services • Transportation expenses; • Work-related expenses; • Child care (SNAP E&T General Population) • Other job related expenses What Can We Offer? Services are available based on need, funding,and eligibility. Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley

  12. Copy/Scanner machines • Fax machines • Phones • Computers • Accessible Equipment • TTY’s (Tele-Typing Device) • Screen-Reader Software • ASL Interpreters - Local career centers must receive a 24 hour notice for ASL interpreters Resource Room Tools

  13. Labor Market Information https://lmci.state.tx.us/ (Labor Market and Career Information) • Analyze Trends in Texas • Educational Resources • Job Descriptions • Top Paying Industries • Emerging & Evolving Occupations • Unemployment Rates Brazos Valley Unemployment Rate April 2019 – 2.40% https://texaslmi.com/LMIbyCategory/LAUS

  14. Construction & Extraction Supervisor: Construction Trades/Extraction Workers $18.44 - $34.00 per hour Electricians $13.67 - $22.55 per hour Health Care Pharmacy Technicians $11.52 - $16.24 per hour LVN $16.41 - $21.26 per hour Office & Administrative Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant $18.70 - $28.84 per hour Production Machinist $13.60 - $22.64 per hour Installation, Maintenance, Repair Automotive Service Technicians $10.93 – $24.46 per hour Industrial Machinery Mechanic $15.17 - $26.98 per hour Emerging Occupations http://bvjobs.org/about-us/integrated-plan Updated FY19 /

  15. Job Search Job search is a SNAP E&T activity that: • requires SNAP recipients participating in SNAP E&T to search for employment; • and includes but are not limited to: • Career counseling • Job search skills training; • Information on local available jobs; • Occupational exploration; • Interviewing skills; • Assistance with applications and resumes; • Job fairs • Labor Market Information (LMI) • Setting employment goals Snap Guide B-108.a: Job Search

  16. After You Go To Work……… You must report when and where you go to work to Workforce Solutions and to HHSC. • Earned income may reduce the amount of SNAP you receive. • Participants who work less than 20 hours/weekmust document the remaining hours through additional SNAP E&T activities, to meet the 30 hour weekly requirement. • For ABAWDs working 20 or more hours/week, but less than 30cannot be penalized but may voluntarily participate. • Participants working 30 hours or moreare not required to participate. If funding is available, job retention services may be available for a limited time. B-106.e:, A-204, A-203, A-203.c

  17. Job Retention Services • Extended or ongoing case management • Support services • Job search and job placement • Mentoring • Additional career planning and counseling SNAP E&T participant may be eligible for job retention services after employment is accepted for up to 90 days. Services are available based on need, funding, and eligibility. Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley

  18. Co-Enrollment • You will be able to participate in more than one program at a time. • SNAP E&T hours/contacts usually will also count for other programs. Each program will want to see the information on their forms. • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) can pay for any number of things needed to secure or maintain employment but especially training/education. * You may not be co-enrolled in Choices program.

  19. You must be active in Work-in-Texas Assistance is available in the Workforce Center to complete a profile

  20. Appeals regarding the denial or reduction of SNAP benefits should be addressed to HHSC. Appeals and complaints regarding SNAP E&T workforce services should be submitted in writing to: Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley Center Project Director PO Box 4128 Bryan, Texas 77805 Fax: (979)-595-2810 Right to Appeal Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley Board Policy: Integrated Complaints, Hearing, and Appeals Policy A-104: Appeals of SNAP E&T Activities and Support Services Decisions

  21. Contact Information Snap E&T Talent Development Specialist 979-595-2801 E-mail: Snap@bvcog.org Brenda Burns – Lead Talent Development Specialist (Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson, and Washington Counties) 979-595-2801 ext. 3651 E-mail: Brenda.Burns@bvcog.com Victoria Farr – Lead Talent Development Specialist (Brazos County) 979-595-2801 ext. 2103 e-mail: Victoria.Farr@bvcog.org Thank you! Equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Relay Texas (800) 735-2989,  TDD (800) 735-2988 Voice, TTY (979) 595-2819 A Proud Partner of the American Job Center Network

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