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My Halloween Dia de los Muertos PowerPoint Presentation
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My Halloween Dia de los Muertos

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My Halloween Dia de los Muertos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Halloween Dia de los Muertos

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  1. My Halloween Dia de los Muertos

  2. Hola or Hello! • My name is Isabel. • I live in Mexico City, Mexico. • I am in the Fourth Grade. • My favorite holiday is the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).

  3. My Pen Pals • I would like to thank you for being my pen pal. • I loved the Power Point you sent me on Halloween. • I would like to tell you about a holiday that is like your Halloween, the day of the dead or in Spanish ‘Dia de los Muertos.’

  4. Dia de los Muertos • At my school, my teacher tries to teach us the “ancient traditions” of this holiday. • The holiday has progressed throughout the years. • The holiday celebrates my family and friends that have died. • It is joyous day with laughter, parades, and celebrations.

  5. Creating an Alter • The Day of the Dead is a time for my family to invite the dead to return home and visit us. • My family creates an Alter. • We put out offerings of food, bread, flowers, toys and other belongs of our ancestors who have died.

  6. My Family’s Alter

  7. Food and Drinks • My ‘madre’ or mother cooks ‘Bread of the Dead.’ It is the most delicious bread (egg-battered bread). • I sent your teacher a copy of the recipe so maybe you can taste it. • We also drink Mexican Hot Chocolate on this special holiday.

  8. Parades • I get to go to a parade on Dia de los Muertos and visit the cemetery. • The streets are filled with papel picado (confetti), flowers, candy calaveras (skeletons and skulls). • The Calaveras (skulls) are decorated with bright colors. The name of the departed is put on the head of the skull. • People present dances and walk the streets.

  9. Cemeteries

  10. Calaveras

  11. Halloween Children dress up in scary costumes to go trick or treating. A scary holiday Fearful Skeletons are hung as decorations. Visit cemeteries to get scared. Day of the Dead Make Calaveras to wear. A joyous celebration and laughter Love Skeletons are hung as decorations Visit cemeteries in respect. Halloween VersusDay of the Dead

  12. Sugar Skulls • In our classroom, we created sugar skulls which represent the calaveras. • I sent your teacher the directions to create your own sugar skulls to celebrate my favorite holiday. • Here is what my looked like after I finished.

  13. Dia de los Muertos Dia de los Muertos Have fun on my favorite holiday! Write Back Soon!