astronomical spectroscopy and the virtual n.
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Astronomical Spectroscopy and the Virtual Observatory Pedro Osuna PowerPoint Presentation
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Astronomical Spectroscopy and the Virtual Observatory Pedro Osuna

Astronomical Spectroscopy and the Virtual Observatory Pedro Osuna

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Astronomical Spectroscopy and the Virtual Observatory Pedro Osuna

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  1. Astronomical Spectroscopy and the Virtual Observatory Pedro Osuna Research and Scientific Support Department ESAVO Project European Space Agency

  2. The objectives of the workshop • To gather together scientists from the different branches of the Astronomical Spectroscopy community and get their wishes for a useful Virtual Observatory • To transmit to scientists from the Spectroscopy community what the Virtual Observatory is, how it could help them, and what there is already available • To get inputs from the community to improve current IVOA standards and applications so that the VO starts to be known as a helpful tool in everyday’s work. • Expected deliverables: workshop proceedings and report with inputs from the community to be presented to the IVOA community in next IVOA interop meeting

  3. Topics for discussion • Spectroscopic Surveys: present and future needs, tools, algorithms and facilities • VO Standards to access spectroscopic • Spectral visualisation and analysis tools in the VO context • Interface between spectroscopic data, laboratory databases and theoretical models • Photometry and calibration standards

  4. Format of the Workshop • In order to ensure an intense debate and a high level of interaction, a substantial fraction of the Workshop will be dedicated to round-table discussions focused on each of the above topics. • A short number of invited and contributed presentations will help provide the Workshop participants with the current scientific and technological context. • Morning session: Spectroscopic surveys • 09:00-09:15: P.Osuna, Workshop presentation09:15-09:45: C.-W. Yip, Spectroscopic surveys: present (invited) 09:45-10:00: E.Martin, The IAC ultra-cool dwarf catalog10:00-10:15: C.Foellmi, The Variable Star One-shot Project10:15-10:30: D.Lennon, Spectroscopic surveys of stellar populations10:30-10:45: W.Freudling, The European Hubble Legacy Archive10:45-11:15: Coffee/tea break11:15-11:45: M.Cropper, Spectroscopic surveys: future (invited) 11:45-12:00: A.M.Mickelian, The Spectroscopic Database of the Digitalized First Byurakan Survey12:00-12:15: M.Sharina, VLT spectroscopy of globular clusters in dwarf galaxies12:15-12:30: C.Gonzalez-Fernandez, IR Spectroscopic survey of the inner MW12:30-12:45: R.Gonzalez-Riestra, X-ray high-resolution spectra in the VO:the case of RGS12:45-13:30: Round table discussion (Moderators: L.Colina, P.Rosati)13:30-15:00: Lunch break

  5. Organisation: STOC STOC members (red star in badge) Matteo GUAINAZZI (co-chair) (ESA) Pedro OSUNA (co-chair) (ESA) Mark ALLEN (CDS) Tamas BUDAVARI (JHU) Igor CHILINGARIAN (SAI) Luis COLINA (CSIC) Piero ROSATI (ESO) Jesus SALGADO (ESA) Petr SKODA (Ac. Sci. Czech Rep.) Caroline SOUBIRAN (Obs. Bordeaux)

  6. Organisation: LOC • LOC members (yelow star in badge): • Jesus SALGADO (Chair) Asa ERICSON Isa BARBARISI Pedro OSUNA Matteo GUAINAZZI ESAC Site Services group

  7. Workshop Details • Web pages can be found at: • The workshop has been organised by the ESAVO Project in the framework of the EURO-VO Data Centre Alliance and EURO-VO Facility Centre.