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  1. DHAKA DOCKYARD & ENGINEERING WORKS The Premier Ship Builder & Ship Repairer A Unit of Amcee Group Corporate Presentation 2007 Last updated: August 2007 Maintaining today, creating tomorrow

  2. A Road to Dhaka Dockyard …. Presented by : Gazi R Rabbani & Tapas K Bodak

  3. Geographical Demarcation

  4. Who we are ? One of the Leading Shipyards in Southeast Asia and best among the privately owned shipyards in Bangladesh What is our back ground ? More than 50 years experience in ship building, repairing and related products handling. Our debut started in the year of 1954, while Late Mr. Gazi Sirajul Haque single headedly took the initiative to establish and run this heavy engineering in the form of Ship building and Ship repairing. What is our historical track record? For more than two decades, the name of Dhaka Dockyard & Engineering Works has been synonymous with excellence in ship repairs and ship building.

  5. Where we exist? It is privately owned and one of the leading shipyard in Bangladesh, Southeast Asia. The Largest among the shipyards in Bangladesh. What is our location? Located in the far east of Buriganga Bridge No.1, Dhaka. Bangladesh. Therefore it has the location advantage than that of any market players

  6. Innovative Business Areas Vessel types produced by the Specialized business area :

  7. Industry Analysis What is the present Market Scenario and status of the Ship building? • Shipbuilding capacity is growing • Outlook for freight rates is increasingly uncertain – the delivery of lots of new ships will cause supply pressure • Demand has been growing very strongly as the world economy has surged

  8. Industry Analysis What is the Last 10 years trend in the investment by the builders ?

  9. Industry Analysis What is the future forecast for the business? • For the future year the delivery would be based on order book • 2007 and onwards would be profitable for shipyards

  10. Infrastructural Facilities Yard Office Furnished offices with conference room Design Office CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design Slipway 2 x Slipway Winch Machine Diesel Power Engine Lofting Hall 50m x 10m Shipbuilding Hall 1x 100m x 25m with 5ton,25 ton EOT Fabrication Hall 1.5 ton EOT and CNC Cutter, pipe and plate bender Aluminium Boat Hall 100m x 20m x 10m Open Shipbuilding area 20,000 sq m Welding/Cutting Gas Welding, Aluminium welding, Automatic cutting, MIG, TIG Electrical Workshop 300 m³ Machine shop 1000 m² workshop facilities and machineries. Diesel Engine workshop 10m sq up to 1000bhp engine overhaul Warehouse 100m x 20mPower Source1000 KW Generator 250 KVA, 80 KVA, 400KVA x 3 Mobile Crane 25 Ton, 5 Ton Fork Lift Sand Blasting Machine 2 nos.

  11. Market Driven Value Chain

  12. Project Milestone

  13. Corporate Strategy Our objectives Centre of Excellence aims to build a repository of expertise, experience and knowledge that will equip the local offshore and marine industry to meet growing challenges in the global arena. Our mission To establish Dhaka Dockyard and Engineering Works as a leading provider globally of high quality, good value Ship building and repairing in all our chosen areas of activities. Our vision To be the provider of Choice for Design, Ships and Boats, Shipyard Services and Products to the Offshore and Marine Industries, and in the segments we choose be in today’s International Market.

  14. Vision & Values

  15. Core Competency • Compact in size • New generation’s technology & Facilities • Mature technical stuff • Previous historical track record • Efficient management • Location

  16. BCG Matrix The 2/2 Matrix reflects that Dhaka Dockyard & Engineering Works is holding the STAR position in the Ship-Building business in Southeast Asia, Bangladesh.

  17. Target Market

  18. Target Market • To manufacture the industry best product • To act as a Shock-absorber • To penetrate in the European as well as globally within year • We will be the messenger of the new generations…technology and services • Our aim is not as a player... but as a market leader

  19. Our Challenges • To manufacture the industry best product • To act as a Shock-absorber • To penetrate in the European and other market within 2008 • We will be the messenger of the new generations technology and services

  20. Next Generation Tools & Technology • Shaped by a new wave of software technology • Dynamic key i.e. production versus manpower • Data-centric and rule-driven software solutions • Truly multidisciplinary environment • Trend to cut down high labor costs, and high cost of space

  21. What we offer? • Ship building and ship repair services at a competitive price • Within the shortest time period • Timely deliveries • Highest quality standards • Understands and cares for our customers

  22. Management Hierarchy

  23. Project Management Technique ARGOS Optimization Suite • Shipbuilding is a labor-intensive industry that requires relatively skilled and expensive labor • Approximately 30% of the cost of a new ship is labor • Existing scheduling systems are not designed to improve the overall efficiency of labor utilization

  24. TQM & Inventory Control • Shortcomings • Trouble shouting • Time management • LOB (Line of Balance) • Six Sigma analysis • TQM (Total Quality Management) • Analysis of inbound and outbound logistics

  25. Risk Management • Risk identification • Risk mitigation • Risk Financing through derivatives & Financial engineering • Corporate crisis management philosophy • Risk based software • Effective beta measurement for different projects • Enterprise Risk management technique

  26. Health & Safety Management • We strive to achieve an Incident Free workplace- Zero incident- Zero Loss- No harm to people- No damage to property and environment. • We will achieve this by • Ensuring that no activity takes priority over (HSE) • Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment • Continuous improvement and learning • Educating every employee, subcontractor and customer representative • Promoting technical and operational solutions • Identifying and eliminating hazards

  27. Human Resource Management • Collaborative method • Management development • Leadership development • Skills management • Performance improvement / 360 degree appraisal • Process improvement • Training & Development • Organizational culture? Industrial relationship • Our reward and remuneration • Quality of knowledge / Human Capital

  28. Corporate Social Responsibilities Our Corporate Social Responsibility is about opportunities, not about obligations and rules. • The advantages of our company are: • Better Reputation and Customer Loyalty • Increasing Competitiveness • Improved Risk Management • Higher Satisfaction and Motivation levels among Employees • Enhanced Stakeholder Trust

  29. Career at Dhaka Dockyard • We are a company • Characterized by a willingness to learn • Innovate • Implement new ideas • Technology • Systems and processes ultimately • Improve upon our service quality • Betterment of our customers

  30. Contacts Details Corporate Office 7/2 Larmini Street, Wari. Dhaka-1203. Bangladesh. Tel - +880-2-7116973 Fax - +880-2-7110174 Email - mct@bangla.net ______info@dhakadockyard.com Shipyard Office Charmirerbag, Keranigonj Dhaka. Bangladesh. Tel - +880-6224-88442 Cell - +880-1711-522-918 Email - dacdoc@bangla.net ______dacdoc@dhakadockyard.com Regional Office 250 Central Ave Unit - 423 Newark, NJ 07103. USA Tel - +1-973-622-0849 Cell - +1-551-358-4591 Email – g.r.rabbani@dhakadockyard.com www.dhakadockyard.com

  31. THANK YOU Your journey to Dhaka Dockyard & Engineering Works is ongoing… and ever lasting because “ You set up the track and we perform on it ”