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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler. By Sean Smith Dr. Tillman. The Great Accomplishment. The great depression was worldwide. Hitler got the world out of the worst economic downturn in history. He did more to boost the American economy than all of the New Deal programs combined . How he did it.

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adolf hitler

Adolf Hitler

By Sean Smith

Dr. Tillman

the great accomplishment
The Great Accomplishment
  • The great depression was worldwide.
  • Hitler got the world out of the worst economic downturn in history.
  • He did more to boost the American economy than all of the New Deal programs combined.
how he did it
How he did it
  • Stopped war reparations
  • Built factories
  • Made jobs
personality and goals
Personality and goals
  • Saw himself as a man of destiny, whose vision of the future was infallible.
  • He believed that it was he and he alone who possessed the political and military insight to restore Germany to her rightful place among the other nations of the world.
  • This type of personality did have draw backs though.
  • Inability to accept criticism
a career characterized by power
A career characterized by power
  • His career was characterized by the awesome power that he achieved over the German people.
  • This was partly because of his extraordinary orator skills
unknown author
Unknown author
  • “His speeches were an instrument of political intoxication that inspired a degree of fervor in his listeners that seems to defy definition and explanation. Hitler was a master at the use of the spoken word and a genius at he art of manipulating mass propaganda for his political ends. His uncanny ability to appeal to the subconscious and irrational needs of his audience and to solicit the desired response made him a formidable political figure.”
  • Uncanny ability to commit precise details to memory
  • Such as: historical information, technical facts, economic statistics, and past personal experiences
  • His incredible memory caused him to distrust his generals
  • This is one of the reasons that he took it upon himself to control every aspect of “his” war.
no retreat policy
No retreat policy
  • On October 14, 1942, Hitler issued this order to his troops:
  • “Every leader, down to squad leader must be convinced of his sacred duty to stand fast come what may even if the enemy out flanks him on the right and left, even if his part of the line is cut off, encircled, overrun by tanks, enveloped in smoke or gassed.
  • Vitamultin
  • Hitler’s private doctor had been giving him a substance called vitamultin that contained methamphetamine and strychnine.
  • Later the doctor began prescribing cocaine eye drops for Hitler’s vision.
the fall of the dictator
The fall of the Dictator
  • The drugs caused several health problems:

Irregular heartbeat and aggressive tremors;

Seizures and later Parkinson's disease.

  • He could no longer make sound decisions because of his addictions and ailments.
  • High Hitler: History channel
  • Dr. Block