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Teammates By Peter Golenbock Illustrated by Paul Bacon Genre :

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Peter Golenbock

Illustrated by Paul Bacon

  • Biography- A Biography is a true story about someone’s life. A biography can be about the person’s entire life or a part of it and is written by someone else. An autobiography is when a person writes their own story about their life.
prior knowledge
Prior Knowledge
  • How many of you like baseball?
  • What do you know about baseball cards?
  • How many of you collect baseball cards?
  • What does friendship have to do with baseball?
background information
Background Information

“Teammates” is a biography that shows the courage of three men: Jackie Robinson, who became the first African-American baseball player in the major leagues; Branch Rickey, who hired Robinson to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and Pee Wee Reese, who befriended Robinson and risked the rejection of his teammates and fans. This inspirational story sets an emotional scene as it relates how Jackie Robinson blazed the trail for African-American athletes in major league baseball. “Teammates” deals with the issues of segregation and prejudice.


apathetic-not interested; does not care

Many people were apathetic about racial problems.

exist to be around
exist-to be around

Laws against segregation did not exist in the 1940’s.

experiment a test used to discover something
experiment-a test used to discover something

Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson were starting on what would be known in history as “the great experiment.”

extraordinary remarkable very special
extraordinary-remarkable; very special

The negro league had extraordinary players, and adoring fans came to see them wherever they played.

humiliations things that cause someone to be embarrassed
humiliations-things that cause someone to be embarrassed

Initially, life with the Dodgers was for Jackie a series of humiliations.

intimidate to make someone feel bad by hurting their feelings
intimidate-to make someone feel bad by hurting their feelings

He would have to possess the self-control not to fight back when opposing players tried to intimidate or hurt him.